Jungle Rumble

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Jungle Rumble
Appearance Mario vs. Donkey Kong: Minis March Again!
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Jungle Rumble, also called Floor 4 (Floor 3 in the British English version), is the fourth floor in Mario vs. Donkey Kong: Minis March Again!. The focus of this floor are the Color Blocks, which can be changed from solid to clear and vice-versa by pressing a Color Switch of corresponding color. Color Switches can also be used to turn some enemies, such as Shy Guys and Polterguys, into harmless blocks. Snifits and Polterguys are introduced on this floor while Shy Guys, Capture Kongs and Circus Kongs make a return. Defeating Donkey Kong on this floor grants access to the Jungle Rumble Construction Kit in the Construction Zone, which contains all the elements present on this floor.

The background consists of a dense palm tree jungle over a blue sky painted on a wall. The music is the same as in Jungle Hijinks from Mario vs. Donkey Kong 2: March of the Minis, being a rendition of the "DK Island Swing" track from Donkey Kong Country.

Normal Mode[edit]


Level Description Enemies and obstacles encountered
Room 4-1 A course with several Shy Guys, which can be turned into harmless blocks by pressing a Red Color Switch. Shy Guys
Room 4-2 A course with Conveyor Belts, a Blue Spring and a blue Box Spring Spikes
Room 4-3 A course that introduces Color Blocks. Spikes
Room 4-4 A course that introduces Snifits, whose bullets can be blocked with Pop-up Gates. Snifits
Room 4-5 A course that introduces red and yellow Polterguys. Polterguys
Room 4-6 A course where the minis have to be brought down to the exit with Pipes, Pink Blocks and, eventually, a Blue Spring. Spikes
Room 4-7 A course with several monkey robots and Hammers to stun them. Spikes, Circus Kongs, Capture Kong
Room 4-Key A Key Mini Mario course. The regular Mini Marios must help the Key Mini Mario overcome some Polterguys by pressing switches of corresponding color and disabling them. Spikes, Polterguys
Floor 4 Donkey Kong The fourth and final boss battle with Donkey Kong on Normal Mode. The minis have to be shot at banana bunches and drop them on Donkey Kong's head to damage him while avoiding several enemies. Donkey Kong, Snapjaws, Nitpicker
Room 4-SP A course where the minis must reach and press a Red Color Switch to turn some red Polterguys leading to the Goal Door into harmless blocks. Spikes, Polterguys

New elements[edit]

This floor contains a single tutorial level that showcases Color Blocks. The player can access and play it by tapping on the "?" icon in the bottom right corner of this floor's level select screen.

Color Blocks[edit]

In-game description American English version British English version
Color blocks have two forms, clear and solid.

When the blocks are clear, Mini Mario can walk through them. When the blocks are solid, he can walk on them.

When Mini Mario jumps on a switch of matching color, each block will change to its alternate form.

Colour blocks have two forms, clear and solid.

When the blocks are clear, mini toys can walk through them. When the blocks are solid, they can walk on them.

When mini toys jump on a colour switch, each block of that colour will change to its alternative form.

Tutorial overview The player should activate the mini and wait for it to walk past some clear Red Color Blocks arranged like a staircase, press a Red Color Switch at the other side of the course to turn these blocks solid, then change direction and climb the Color Blocks in order to reach the Goal Door.

Plus Mode[edit]

In Plus Mode, this floor is subtitled Floor 4+ (Floor 3+ in the British English version). Conveyor Belts, Rotate Pipes, Pokeys and a Thwomp, which were absent in the floor's Normal Mode counterpart, make an appearance in the Plus Mode version. Beating Jungle Rumble in Plus Mode adds all of these elements to the floor's corresponding Construction Kit.

The backdrop of this floor is nearly identical to the Normal Mode counterpart, except for the light-purple sky. The soundtracks that play in Rooms 4-1+, 4-2+, 4-4+, 4-5+, 4-7+, 4-Key+ and 4-SP+ are arrangements of the first two soundtracks of Fire Mountain from Mario vs. Donkey Kong, while the track that plays in Rooms 4-3+ and 4-6+ is an arrangement of the fourth soundtrack of Twilight City, also from Mario vs. Donkey Kong.


Level Description Enemies and obstacles encountered
Room 4-1+ A course where the minis have to use a Red Color Switch to activate some Red Color Blocks before the exit, then use Pink Blocks to reach it. Spikes
Room 4-2+ A course where the minis have to toggle Polterguys between their harmful and harmless states to reach the goal. This course features blue Polterguys for the first time in the game. Polterguys
Room 4-3+ A course with Pink Blocks, yellow Box Springs and a system of green Pipes that lead to the goal. Spikes
Room 4-4+ A course where the minis have to avoid Snifits on their way to the goal. Spikes, Snifits
Room 4-5+ A course with Springs, Box Springs, Ladders and a single Thwomp at the top. Spikes, Thwomp
Room 4-6+ A course with Pokeys which can be turned into harmless blocks (and used to cross spike gaps) by pressing on Yellow Color Switches. Spikes, Pokeys
Room 4-7+ A course with Circus Kongs, Split Pipes and Hammers. Spikes, Circus Kongs
Room 4-Key+ A Key Mini Mario course where the minis need to use Pink Blocks and Split Pipes to reach the goal. Spikes, Shy Guys, Capture Kongs
Floor 4+ Donkey Kong A more difficult version of Floor 4 Donkey Kong Donkey Kong, Snapjaws, Nitpicker
Room 4-SP+ A course where minis need to seek and push different Color Switches in a maze to progressively free other minis from their confinements. Spikes