Boo Stack

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This article is about the Boo Stack fought in Paper Mario: Sticker Star. For the Boo Stacks in Paper Mario: Color Splash, see Boo 10-Stack.
Sticker Star enemy
Boo Stack
The Boo Stack
Location(s) The Enigmansion
Max HP 82
Attack 3
Defense All damage is reduced to 1
Moves Roll (3), Slap (4), Scare (10, Dizzy)
Stickers N/A

The Boo Stack is a group of eighty-two Boos that appear in The Enigmansion in Paper Mario: Sticker Star. When Mario searches the mansion for Boos to trap within the Book of Sealing, he comes across a large cabinet in a room on the second floor. When Mario opens the cabinet, all eighty-two Boos that were hiding in there fall out at once, covering Mario. They then combine into the Boo Stack and engage Mario as a single enemy.

The Boo Stack attacks by dropping to the ground and rolling into Mario, an attack which deals 3 damage. Every attack Mario lands on the Stack will defeat one Boo, permanently dropping its max HP by one. As such, the Infinijump sticker can be used to effectively defeat it. Once the last Boo is defeated, the stack is bested and all eighty-two Boos are trapped within the Book of Sealing. This enemy is similar to Whomp from the same game.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese たばテレサ
Taba Teresa
Stack Boo
Chinese (Simplified) 束束嘘嘘鬼
Shùshù Xūxū Guǐ
Stacky Boo
Chinese (Traditional) 一疊害羞幽靈
Yìdié Hàixiū Yōulíng
A Stack of Boos
French Tas d'Boo Stack of Boos
German Buu-Stapel Boo Stack
Italian Risma di Boo Ream of Boo[s]
Spanish (NOA) Bús apilados Stacked Boos
Spanish (NOE) Boos apilados Stacked Boos