Boo Repellant

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Boo Repellant is an item found solely in the game Mario Party 3. It has a similar effect to Mario Party 4's Gaddlight.

When a Boo tries to steal coins or a Star from a player holding a Boo Repellant, the item automatically activates, spraying gas at the Boo, causing it to flee. Boo Repellant can used only once. It is also possible for a player to throw away a Boo Repellant at the start of their turn to make room in their inventory, although it would count as using an item during the user's turn.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese テレよけスプレー
Tere-yoke Supurē
Boo Repellent Spray (-yoke comes from 「虫除け」 mushiyoke, meaning "bugspray")
French Reopousse Boo Boo Rejector


  • In the manual, it is spelled as Boo Repellent, with the third E in place of the letter A.