Boo Repellant

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Boo Repellent
“(Cough), (cough), (cough). There was weird gas all over the place! I feel awful!”
Boo, Mario Party 3

Boo Repellant (spelled Boo Repellent in the manual) is an item found in Mario Party 3.

When Boo tries to steal coins or a Star from a player holding a Boo Repellant, the item automatically activates, spraying gas at Boo, causing him to flee. Boo Repellant can only be used once. It is also possible for a player to throw away a Boo Repellant at the start of their turn to make room in their inventory, although it would count as using an item during the user's turn.

The AI is not programmed to check if a player has a Boo Repellant before attempting to steal from them; they will even attempt to steal Stars from players who have one.

Mario Party 4's Gaddlight, Mario Party 5's Bone Capsule, and Mario Party 6's Boo-Away Orb have a similar effect.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese テレよけスプレー
Tere-yoke Supurē
Portmanteau of「テレサ」(Teresa, Boo) and「虫除け」(mushiyoke, insecticide) + "spray"

French Reopousse Boo
Boo Rejector