Plunder Chest

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The Plunder Chest

The Plunder Chest is Princess Peach's favorite item in Mario Party 2 and Mario Party 3. It is a treasure chest that can steal an item from another player.

In Mario Party 2, when used, the Plunder Chest randomly chooses another player that is holding an item, steals their item and gives it to the player. In Mario Party 3, players can choose who they want to steal from; however, if the person being targeted has two or three items, the item that is stolen is picked at random.

In Mario Party 2, the stolen item can be used on the same turn.

There is a much rarer version of the Plunder Chest in Mario Party 3, called the Barter Box, which swaps all of the player's items with all of the targeted player's items.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese よこどりボックス
Yokodori bokkusu
Robbing box
French Coffre Butin
Coffre Pillage
Booty Coffer (Mario Party 2)
Looting Coffer (Mario Party 3)