Yoshi's Tropical Island

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Yoshi's Tropical Island
Appears in Mario Party
Mario Party Superstars
Difficulty ★★☆ (Mario Party)
★☆☆☆☆ (Mario Party Superstars)
Availability Default
Description "Use your Star Power to reunite the two Yoshis." (Mario Party)
"Explore two islands connected by bridges. Pay attention to which you want to be on!" (Mario Party Superstars)
Music sample
Mario Party:

Mario Party Superstars: Mario Party Superstars (Homestretch):

Not to be confused with Yoshi's Island.
“This is where the Yoshis live..., Watermelon Island and Cantaloupe Island. The Yoshi on the middle island is surrounded by whirlpools, and can't get off the island! That Yoshi's best friend is worried, and watches from the shore. Please, do something! I have one piece of advice! Beware of Bubba! He plays tricks on the ? Space.”
Koopa Troopa, Mario Party

Yoshi's Tropical Island is Yoshi's board in Mario Party. It consists of Watermelon Island on the left, Cantaloupe Island on the right (both islands are shaped like two Yoshis), two adjoining bridges, and a small island in the middle.

Many Yoshis are said to live here, though only two are shown on the board. A Pink Yoshi is on the small island and is surrounded by whirlpools, while a Blue Yoshi is watching from Watermelon Island, unable to do anything about it. Players need to collect Stars to get rid of the whirlpools and reunite the two Yoshis.

At the end of the game, the winner's Stars get rid of the whirlpools and form a bridge for the Blue Yoshi to cross to meet his friend on the small island. The winner quickly comes to the island as well, and the players in second and third place, Toad, Koopa, Boo, a Thwomp, and the Star follow. The player in fourth place tries to join them, but is captured and taken away by Bubba. Unlike other boards, the individual Stars do not merge into one big Star, and the whole board is not shown.

This board returns in Mario Party Superstars. In this game, the Yoshi on the central island is red, the island is surrounded by Cheep Cheeps instead of whirlpools, and Bubba is replaced by Cheep Chomp. Several Urchins can be seen floating in the water, and there is a Huckit Crab on the beach of Cantaloupe Island. There is now an Item Shop run by Yellow Toad on Watermelon Island.


The board is divided into two islands with two one-way toll bridges between each one, with no other branching paths. This ensures that a player must pass either Toad or Bowser every time they circle an island, and must remain on the same island if they cannot afford to pay the toll to cross.


  • Stepping on the Happening Spaces will cause Bubba the fish (in Mario Party) or Cheep Chomp (in Mario Party Superstars) to take Toad/Toadette to the opposite island, and Bowser will come to the spot where Toad/Toadette was.
  • If a player passes Bowser, he will force them to buy a defective Bowser Tube for 30 Coins in Mario Party and a random number of coins in Mario Party Superstars. In Superstars, he may instead forcibly sell a Cursed Dice Block to the player who passes him for 11-20 coins; if that is the player in the last place, he may give them 5 coins.
  • Two Thwomps block the bridges to the opposite island, and request a fee from players if they want to pass to the other island. The fee always starts at 1 Coin, but goes up by at least one Coin each time (at payers' discretion) until it reaches the limit of 50 Coins (in Mario Party) or 999 Coins (in Mario Party Superstars) to pass. In Mario Party Superstars, it is possible to half the Thwomp's fee through a Lucky Space event.


The following tables show how many spaces there are on the board, and how many there are of a certain type.

Mario Party[edit]

Type of Space Number of Spaces
Blue Space
Blue Spaces
Red Space
Red Spaces
The Event Space from Mario Party
Happening Spaces
The Miracle Space from Mario Party
! Spaces
The Minigame Space from Mario Party
Mini-Game Spaces
The Mushroom Space from Mario Party
Mushroom Spaces
Bowser Space
Bowser Spaces
Total 55

Mario Party Superstars[edit]

Type of Space Number of Spaces
Blue Spaces 23
Red Spaces 5
Event Spaces 7
Item Spaces 3
Chance Time Spaces 1
VS Spaces 2
Lucky Spaces 11
Bowser Spaces 3
Total 55


Mario Party[edit]

Mario Party Superstars[edit]


Mario Party[edit]

  • "Did you see the whirlpools? You can't cross over to the middle island."
  • "That Yoshi by the seashore is crying because he can't go see his friend."
  • "They're torn apart, those two Yoshis. They were the best of friends."
  • "As long as the whirlpools are there, that Yoshi can't see his friend. Oh, it's so sad!"
  • "If only some kind of strength could make that whirlpool go away!"
  • "Those poor, poor Yoshis. If only somehow, we could get them together."
  • "As a toll for passing, you must pay more than X Coins. Will you pass?" -Thwomp
  • "You're going to help the Yoshi in the middle, right? Here, take this. This is a mystical item, the Bowser Tube. You can use this! What happened? It broke? It must've been the wrong size. ...Have you gotten fatter? Well, that'll be 30 Coins!" -Bowser
  • "You're going to help the Yoshi in the middle, right? Here, take this. Oh! You don't have enough Coins! Oh well, I'll just take them all! See ya! Wah, hah, Hah, HAH!" -Bowser
  • "You're going to help the Yoshi in the middle, right? Here, take this. Oh! But you haven't got a single Coin! I'm outta here!" -Bowser
  • "Due to Bubba's trick, Toad and Bowser switched places."

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ヨッシーのトロピカルアイランド
Yosshī no Toropikaru Airando
Yoshi's Tropical Island
Chinese (Simplified) 耀西的热带岛屿
Yàoxī De Rèdàidǎoyǔ
Yoshi's Tropical Island
Chinese (Traditional) 耀西的熱帶島嶼
Yàoxī De Rèdàidǎoyǔ
Yoshi's Tropical Island
Dutch Yoshi's tropische eiland Yoshi's Tropical Island
French L'île tropicale de Yoshi Yoshi's Tropical Island
German Yoshis Tropeninsel Yoshi's Tropical Island
Italian Isola tropicale di Yoshi Yoshi's Tropical Island
Portuguese Ilha Tropical do Yoshi Yoshi's Tropical Island
Russian Тропический архипелаг йоши
Tropicheskiy arkhipelag yoshi
Yoshi's Tropical Archipelago
Spanish Isla tropical de Yoshi Yoshi's Tropical Island