Goomba Lagoon

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Goomba Lagoon
Goomba Lagoon in Super Mario Party Jamboree
Appears in Super Mario Party Jamboree

Goomba Lagoon is a board that appears in Super Mario Party Jamboree. It is set on a large tropical island, featuring a shipwreck and a large volcano shaped like a Goomba. The tide changes on this board, causing various aspects of the board to change as it is played, both aesthetically and physically, changing the available paths. Additionally, the volcano in the center of the board may erupt, spewing out many Gold Goombas.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese クリボーアイランド
Kuribō Airando
Goomba Island

Chinese (traditional) 栗寶寶島
Lì Bǎobao Dǎo
Goomba Island

Dutch Goomba-baai[1]
Goomba Bay
French Île Goomba
Goomba Island
German Gumba-Lagune
Goomba Lagoon
Italian Isola Goomba
Goomba Island
Portuguese Ilha Goomba
Goomba Island
Spanish Isla Goomba
Goomba island