Kamek's Library

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Kamek's Library
Appears in Mario Party DS
Availability Default

Kamek's Library appears as the fourth gameboard in Mario Party DS. It is a library themed board which belongs to Kamek. The board is based in his laboratory and is abundant with magic books and teleporters in it. The board has two disconnected levels, and the only way to get from one to another is to use the warp books on the right and left and side of the lower level and the left side of the upper level.

Special Features[edit]

This board has the same way to collect stars in Neon Heights in Mario Party 7. There are three magic jars which a character could open up by using ten coins. The jars could have a star, five coins, or a magic spell that sends the player back to the start point. Once the star is collected, the jars will reappear in a random place.

If a player lands on the three Green Spaces where the crystal ball is, Kamek appears in the crystal ball and casts a spell on the player that can be one of two spells, either Kamek's Spell Number 8 or Kamek's Spell Number 88. Kamek's Spell Number 8 takes away the player's current items, replaces them with three Halfway Dice Blocks, and swaps the player's position with another player. Kamek's Spell Number 88 is similar, but instead of swapping the player's position with one player, everyone switches places. The Green Spaces near the picture frames allows the player to wipe the dust off the pictures, but with a time limit. If the player can clean it in time, they will receive twenty coins. Landing on a Green Space near one of the books will teleport the player to another Green Space near a book. Landing on a Green Space near the sphere with dots on it will let the player draw a constellation. Doing so will result in the player receiving a prize. Prizes can range from thirty coins, a Star Pipe, or a Star.

There are domino books at the center of board where the player can take a shortcut by paying 3 coins. This shortcut takes the player to the other side of the board.

Story Mode[edit]

In story mode, it is the second to last board played. The heroes have three Sky Crystals and spot Bowser's Castle. They run to it when a Koopa Troopa stops them, asking for help as Kamek trapped his grandfather, Koopa Krag, in a book. After the player has completed the board and has the most stars and coins, Kamek will appear in the boss minigame, Book Bash. If the character defeats Kamek successfully, the player can venture on to the final stage, Bowser's Pinball Machine.


On this board there are three jars. Two are Lucky Jars and one is the cursed jar. In one jar, there are five coins, while in another jar, the player gets a mouthful of teeth that sends him or her back to the start. In the third jar, there is a star, which players may want to pick up most. The jars move in different locations when they are all opened. To open a jar costs ten coins.


Type of Space Number of Spaces
Blue Space
Blue Spaces
Red Space
Red Spaces
? Space
Green Spaces
Friend SpaceDuel Space
Friend Spaces/Duel Spaces
Bowser Space
Bowser Spaces
Total of Spaces 49


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese カメックのとしょかん
Kamekku no Toshokan
Kamek’s Library
French Étude de Kamek Kamek's Study
German Kameks Bücherkabinett Kamek’s Book Cabinet
Italian La Biblioteca di Kamek Kamek's Library
Korean 마귀의 도서관
Magwi ui Doseogwan
Kamek's Library
Spanish La biblioteca de Kamek Kamek's Library