Lucky Jar

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A figure of a Lucky Jar.
A figurine of a Lucky Jar
A figure of a Cursed Jar.
A figurine of a Cursed Jar

Lucky Jars are one of the collectibles that appear in Mario Party DS. They are exclusive to the board, Kamek's Library. These jars appear throughout the board. Each one holds a different item. One holds a star, one holds five coins, and one eats the player and spits them to the start of the board. Jars that spit the player to the start are called Cursed Jars. Each time a player finds the jar with the star, three more Lucky Jars are relocated to different spots on the board. Should the player have a star pipe, it will always lead to the jar with the star.

The Lucky Jar can be unlocked as a board feature figure. To unlock it, the player must open the jar with five coins three times. In the description for the Lucky Jar figure, it states only Koopa Krag knows what each jar holds. Cursed Jars also appear as a board feature figure. It is unlocked when the player opens a Cursed Jar three times.