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Lucky Jars are a board feature and a collectible in Mario Party DS. Three of these jars are spread throughout Kamek's Library, each containing a different item: one has a star; one holds five coins; and the Cursed Jar eats the player and spits them to the start of the board. Each time a player finds the jar with the star, three more Lucky Jars are relocated to different spots on the board. Should the player have a Star Pipe, it will always lead to the jar with the star.

Profiles and statistics[edit]

Figurine Image Description How to unlock

Lucky Jar A figure of a Lucky Jar. These small jars scattered around Kamek's library hold Stars or coins. Only Koopa Krag seems to know what the treasure inside each will be. Open the Lucky Jar with 5 coins in it three times.
Cursed Jar A figure of a Cursed Jar. You'll get a mouthful of teeth and a trip back to the start if you open one of these jars. Everyone wishes that there was a way to tell these apart from a lucky jar! Open the Cursed Jar three times