Rocket Rascals

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Rocket Rascals
“Welcome to Rocket Rascals! Reach the rocket first! Build a bridge to the center before your rivals do!”
Narrator, Mario Party DS

Rocket Rascals is a four-player minigame competition in the Minigame Mode of Mario Party DS. The players must win minigames to acquire and place bridge pieces on the square 5x5 grid. The first to make a path from their corner of the grid to the rocket with the bridge parts is the winner. If multiple players have paths to the rocket made at the same time by a third party, the players roll Dice Blocks to decide who actually wins, the highest roller winning. If one of the multiple players finished the bridge, then the one who did wins without a Dice Block roll. Additionally, the game will end without a winner if 20 turns pass without anyone making a route to the rocket.

At the start of each turn, a roulette randomly decides which bridge piece will be up for grabs in the next minigame, which gets decided by a minigame roulette. The player who wins the minigame gets the previously shown bridge piece and can place it on any unoccupied space of the 5x5 grid, and the turn will end afterwards, the cycle repeating until someone makes a path to the rocket. If the minigame ends with multiple winners, or if nobody wins, nobody gets the piece. If a player has all ways of reaching the rocket prevented for them, the blocking pieces will be removed.

Occasionally, Bowser Jr. may show up after a bridge part is decided and will do one of the following, as decided through a roulette spin:

  • Crosspiece Crisis: Every minigame, the player will play for a Crosspiece.
  • Turnaround Madness: Bowser Jr. will scatter the pieces in different areas.
  • Tiebreaker Trouble: Bowser Jr. gets to choose where to place the piece if a tie occurs.
  • Bridge Breaker: Bowser Jr. takes away all the pieces up to that point, making everyone start again from scratch.
  • Final 5 Frenzy: The game is skipped to the last five turns.

In-game description[edit]

"Build a bridge to a rocket! Win your pieces by playing minigames!"

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ミニゲームブリッジ
Minigēmu Burijji
Minigame Bridge
Spanish Carrera espacial Space Race