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One of the Musical Notes
A figure of some Musical Notes.
All of the Musical Notes
“Eeeeee! Sorry, I'm a wee bit jumpy! I'm the Musical Note E!”
Musical Note E, Mario Party DS

The Musical Notes are five eighth notes that appear only in Toadette's Music Room in Mario Party DS. They are all apparently living beings. They are capable of speech, as they talk to the player when their character runs into them. Each of them often uses words that start with the same letter as its note. They offer a coin trade for a Star. They seem connected to the place, yet they do move around willingly across the entire place whenever a metronome is ticking.

  • Musical Note E (C in the PAL version): smallest of the Musical Notes; hands out a Star for a trade of five coins
  • Musical Note G (D in the PAL version): second-smallest of the Musical Notes; hands over a Star for 10 coins
  • Musical Note B (E in the PAL version): middle size of the Musical Notes; gives a Star in trade for 15 coins
  • Musical Note D (F in the PAL version): second-biggest of the Musical Notes; trades a Star for 20 coins
  • Musical Note F (G in the PAL version): biggest of the Musical Notes; hands the player a Star for 30 coins

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese 音符