Koopa (Mario Party DS)

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Koopa with his grandfather

Koopa is a Koopa Troopa and the grandson of Koopa Krag. He appears in Mario Party DS as a supporting character and is first seen when Mario and his friends travel to Kamek's Library. Mario finds out Koopa Krag has been trapped in a book by Kamek. Koopa asks Mario and his friends to help free his grandfather. When they free him, Koopa Krag and Koopa give Mario and his friends the fourth Sky Crystal.

Koopa also appears as a board figurine. To unlock his figure, the player must earn 24,000 Mario Party points. If the player earns 23,000 points, they can obtain Koopa's friend badge. Koopa is one of the five characters with a friend badge. The other four are Diddy Kong, Toadette, Donkey Kong, and Wiggler. Koopa appears as a normal green Koopa Troopa. He has a green shell and a pair of boots with yellow skin.