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Extension Corps
The Extension Corps in Mario & Luigi: Brothership
First appearance Mario & Luigi: Brothership (2024)
“Full Extension!”
Extension Corps, Mario & Luigi: Brothership

The Extension Corps is an army of sentient electrical cord-like beings set to appear as the main antagonists in Mario & Luigi: Brothership.


Members of the Extension Corps are based on different types of electrical connectors, which is reflected by their collective name, a pun on "extension cord". Among its members is the apparent leader of the group wearing a cloak held together by what appears to be a wire cutter, a tall hat that has two cables coming out of it with one being red and the other green, and a masquerade mask, three high-ranking members which include a lanky purple one resembling a headphone jack with their head resembling a male connector and one of their arms resembling a female connector, overall giving the appearance of a stereotypical Japanese delinquent, a stout turquoise/blue one whose body resembles a VGA connector, and a floating magenta one who has arms that resemble coaxial cables and wearing a yellow cape, and lastly, small, bluish gray footsoldiers that resemble either male or female USB cables. In the game's announcement trailer, one of the higher-ups attacks Mario and Luigi with an electrical orb in battle.

The trio of higher-ups in particular share many similarities to the Best Fitness Friends from the Bowser Jr.'s Journey side mode of Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story + Bowser Jr.'s Journey, and have a similar eye design to Antasma from Mario & Luigi: Dream Team.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ボルドルド隊
Borudorudo Tai
The Voldoldo Squad; partial voicing and repeating of「ボルト」(boruto, volt) +「隊」(tai, squad)

Dutch Extensiegroep
Extension group; pun in that a groep is also a circuit in an electrical installation
French (NOE) Disjoncteur[1]
Circuit breaker
German Ausfall-Brigade
Outage Brigade, possibly referring to power outages.
Italian Skonnettieri
Portmanteau of sconnettere ("to disconnect") and possibly moschettieri ("musketeers") or guerrieri ("warriors")
Spanish (NOE) Comando Alargador
Extension Cord Commando