Bomb Derby

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Not to be confused with Bob-omb Derby.
Bomb Derby
Bomb Derby as it appears in Mario & Luigi: Dream Team.
BP/SP/CP needed 9 (Dream Team)
7 (Paper Jam)
Location Driftwood Shore (Dream Team)
Gloomy Woods (Paper Jam)
First appearance Mario & Luigi: Dream Team
Latest appearance Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam
Dream Team description Slide right on the Circle Pad to toss bombs then hit 'em with the A Button! Don't delay your swings! Toss a bunch, feel the tempo, and hit all the bombs!
Paper Jam description Slide right on the Circle Pad to throw a bomb, and then press A to hit it towards an enemy. The faster you go, the more damage you can do. Make it to the end to launch a giant bomb!
Screenshot of Mario & Luigi: Dream Team
Mario and Luigi performing the move in Mario & Luigi: Dream Team
Bomb Derby being performed in Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam
Bomb Derby in Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam

Bomb Derby is the third available Bros. Attack that Mario can use in Mario & Luigi: Dream Team and Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam. In the former, Mario obtains this Bros. Attack after gathering 10 Attack Pieces in Driftwood Shore. In the latter, Mario obtains this Bros. Attack after throwing a Bomb Bud at Nabbit during the first visit in Gloomy Woods.

Immediately after initiating this attack, Mario and Luigi run into the foreground, and Mario will chuck a bomb into the sky, which causes twelve bombs to fall on to Luigi, all of which Luigi catches in a stack. The player must move the Circle Pad to the right to pass the bombs to Mario, and press A Button to make Mario hit the bomb toward the enemies with his hammer, each exploding upon contact. If Luigi takes too long to pass the bombs to Mario, any remaining bombs will explode and the Bros. Attack will end. The bombs will also bounce out of sight if Mario fails to hit them. At the end of the stack lies a big bomb, which will do regular damage like the other bombs and end the attack. Hitting five, seven, nine and twelve bombs will result in a "OK!", "Good!", "Great!" and "Excellent!" rating respectively. In Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam, the last bomb deals higher damage and all the bombs do fire damage.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese スピードボム
Supīdo Bomu
Speed Bomb

Dutch Bommenmepper
Bomb Wacker
French (NOA) Derby de Bombes
Bomb Derby
French (NOE) Rapibombe
From rapide ("fast") and bombe ("bomb")
German Bombenderby
Bombs Derby
Italian Bomba rapida
Rapid Bomb
Korean 스피드폭탄
Seupideu Poktan
Speed Bomb

Portuguese Bomba rápida
Quick bomb
Russian Бомбомет
From бомба (bomba, "bomb") and метать (metat, "to throw")

Spanish (NOA) Bombástico
Pun on bomba ("bomb") and bombástico ("bombastic")
Spanish (NOE) Velocibomba
From velocidad ("speed") and bomba ("bomb")