Trio Kite

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Trio Kite
Paper Mario running to elevate the Trio Kite.
BP/SP/CP needed 8
Location Doop Doop Dunes
First appearance Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam
Paper Jam description Press each character's button as fast as possible when indicated. The faster you push the buttons, the higher the kite will fly. When Paper Mario climbs up the string, that's your sign to attack. When all of the Paper Mario copies stack up, use Y to smash your enemies!

Trio Kite is the second available Trio Attack for Paper Mario in Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam. It becomes available for Paper Mario to use after completing all initial Paper Toad missions in Doop Doop Dunes. It costs 8 BP to use, and hits a single target.

As with all trio attacks, Mario, Luigi and Paper Mario will strike the enemy with a giant papercraft hammer, before the background changes to a grass and sky area. The targeted enemy is flattened onto the bottom of a kite. After pressing Y Button, the player must mash A Button as quickly as possible, to make Mario run as far as possible with the kite, before repeating the process with Luigi and the B Button button, Paper Mario with the Y Button button, and finally Mario with A Button again. After running as much distance as possible, Paper Mario will walk up the string of the kite, before he and his copies strike the enemy attached to the kite with a well-timed press of Y Button. The game measures the amount of distance Paper Mario falls while slamming the enemy into the ground up to a maximum of 2,000.

With the height of about 1,400 above (also the height when the number's texture changed), and well-timed with Paper Mario hammer smashing, it will yield "Excellent!".

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese トリオカイト
Torio Kaito
Trio Kite
French (NOE) Cerf-volant trio Trio Kite
German Trio-Drachen Trio Kite
Italian Aquilone trio Trio kite
Spanish (NOA) Volantín Trío Trio Kite
Spanish (NOE) Cometa Trío Trio Kite