Trio Shuriken

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Trio Shuriken
Luigi just threw a paper shuriken to Wiggler's head during Trio Shuriken.
BP/SP/CP needed 13
Location Peach's Castle
First appearance Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam
Paper Jam description Aim the cursor at the falling enemies with the Circle Pad. The cursor will lock on to an enemy. At that point you can release the Circle Pad. Depending on who is holding the shuriken, throw it with either A or B. As the shuriken nears an enemy, press Y to deal a lot of damage. The character holding the shuriken will switch each turn. Keep throwing the shuriken to attack by pressing A Y B Y A Y B Y. Throw a giant shuriken at the end with A, and don't forget to press Y. Aim for when the enemies overlap to deal a lot of damage at once.

Trio Shuriken is the fourth Trio Attack for Paper Mario in Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam. It is received upon returning to Peach's Castle after defeating Bowser Jr. and Paper Bowser Jr. It uses 13 BP.

When the attack is initiated, Mario and Luigi appear in a Japanese style dojo with a line of Paper Mario copies to the left and right of them (the amount depends on how many active copies Paper Mario had before the attack started). Their enemies will now then start falling down the screen, with the Mario Bros using a crosshair to aim and fire shurikens at them (with A Button for Mario and B Button for Luigi). The player can also press Y Button as the shuriken approaches the enemy to make Paper Mario attack it with more power.

If the Mario Bros. hit six enemies with shurikens, the Paper Mario copies will form into a giant shuriken that Luigi grabs hold of. At this point, any remaining enemies will start falling down the screen en masse, and the final shuriken can be thrown at them to take them out. Hitting at least one enemy with this shuriken will give the player an excellent rating and blast down the back wall of the dojo, revealing a night scene with a large full moon and hills. Mario or Luigi can only lock onto one enemy (or segment of an enemy) with the large shuriken, and cannot choose a different enemy after locking on, so they must wait until as many falling pieces of paper are within the shuriken's range before firing. There is always a pivotal moment where all pieces of paper merge together, meaning it isn't too challenging to hit all enemies at once.

Striking one, three and five enemies in the initial stage of the attack will yield an "OK", "Good" and "Great" rating respectively. The amount of times Y Button is pressed does not affect the "Excellent" rating, despite it causing a considerable difference in damage caused.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese トリオシュリケン
Torio Shuriken
Trio Shuriken

French (NOE) Shuriken trio
Trio Shuriken
German Trio-Shuriken
Trio Shuriken
Italian Shuriken trio
Trio shuriken
Spanish (NOA) Estrella Trío
Trio Star (in Spanish Shuriken is also Estrella Ninja (Ninja Star))


  • If the final shuriken goes in a straight line after hitting an enemy (i.e. not above the screen), then it'll also tear through the moon and hills in the backdrop.
  • Not unlike Cannonball Chuck, if the player gets an Excellent rating, Luigi will fly off the screen, along with the shuriken.