Trio Meteor

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Trio Meteor
Paper Mario, jumping off his meteor during Trio Meteor.
BP/SP/CP needed 15
Location Lakitu Info Center
First appearance Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam
Paper Jam description As each meteor drops, you can control it using the Circle Pad. The meteors generate wind that you can use to collect the enemies in one spot. For maximum impact, use the wind to gather all the enemies in the central crater. Once they're in the crater, the enemies won't blow around much, so it's easier to hit them. As the meteors get close, start aiming directly for the enemies. Press each character's button to jump off his meteor at the last second. Hitting all the enemies at once deals huge damage! If each meteor hits an enemy, you'll get a bonus attack! Press A, B and Y to jump.

Trio Meteor is the final Trio Attack for Paper Mario in Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam. After the bros collect all the Paper Toads in the game, they're presented with this attack by a Toad from Peach's Castle. It costs 15 BP.

Once the attack is initiated, the scene changes to outer space, with the three characters standing on top of paper meteors hung from the ceiling. Pressing Y Button drops the first one, at which point the view changes to that of a tower with the paper forms of foes lying around in random places. At this point, a shadow is visible, which gets larger as the meteor falls. The player has to move it with the Circle Pad to push as many of the enemies together as possible, while making sure the meteor falls on at least one of them. Once this is done, they press Y Button to smash it downwards.

The cycle then repeats twice more, with Mario and Luigi riding red and green meteors respectively. The player has to press A Button or B Button respectively when these meteors are about to hit an enemy.

If all three meteors hit a target, then another shadow appears that has to be lined up like the previous ones. This turns out to be a huge meteor with Mario, Luigi and Paper Mario riding on top of it, and once it's about to hit an enemy, the player has to press A Button, B Button and Y Button at the same time. If this is done successfully, the whole tower and background will be smashed to pieces.

Hitting enemies with one, two, three, and four meteors will yield an "OK", "Good", "Great", and "Excellent" rating respectively.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese トリオメテオ
Torio Meteo
Trio Meteor
French (NOE) Météore trio Trio Meteor
German Trio-Meteorit Trio Meteorite
Italian Meteora trio Trio meteor
Spanish Meteorito Trío Trio Meteorite