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The Trio Hammer in Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam.
Mario, Luigi and Paper Mario using Trio Hammer to break a Rock Block in Doop Doop Dunes.

Trio Hammer is a Trio Move featured in Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam. It is the second Trio Move to be introduced, and is first learned in Doop Doop Dunes. It can be used to destroy large rocks as well as flip over flat objects.

During the course of the game, the gang discovers Nabbit in Doop Doop Dunes and chases after him to retrieve some lost Bros. Attacks. After they have reached him to the top of a quicksand hill, two giant Pokeys suddenly fall from the sky, which makes the hill impossible to climb up and launches the trio into a small, secluded area, where a large stone blocks the exit.

After getting up and dusting off, Mario attempts to break the rock by hitting it with his hammer, which he finds impossible to do. Luigi and Paper Mario then try to help by also hitting the rock with their hammers, but they are not able to affect it at all. The trio then try using their hammers one at a time, inspiring the idea for a new Trio Move. The trio uses this newly discovered move to break the rock blocking the exit, allowing them to continue their adventure.

This move can be activated by first pressing R Button, or simply by tapping the hammer icon on the bottom screen. Then, the buttons A Button, B Button, and Y Button must quickly be pressed in order to use this move. The Trio Hammer can be practiced at any time in the "World" section of the guide.

The Trio Hammer can be used numerous different ways, most commonly to break larger, stronger gray stones which are blocking the trio's path. This move can also to be used to flip over flat objects by creating a small shock wave. For instance, paper flowers in groups can be flipped over using this move, and if all flowers are turned over at the same time, they might produce coins. Flat slabs can also be flipped over, and might even have items such as coins underneath.

This attack is also commonly used in the Doop Doop Dunes Grotto by hitting a cacti plant, sending the segments flying toward a target. If this move is used in range of any non-aerial enemies, the shock will stun them for a few seconds.


Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam[edit]

  • Instruction manual bio: "Press A ButtonB ButtonY Button with proper timing for a powerful hammer attack that can even destroy huge rocks."

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese トリオハンマー
Torio Hanmā
Trio Hammer