Papercraft Bowser

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Papercraft Bowser
Papercraft Bowser

Papercraft Bowser is the final Papercraft boss in Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam. Its creation is first hinted at after Papercraft King Boo is destroyed in Bowser's Castle, and later appears in Neo Bowser Castle where it burns down all of the previous Papercrafts that Mario, Luigi and Paper Mario used. Papercraft Bowser is fought after the Mario trio collect enough Fire Ore to create a new Papercraft that can stand up to it. It is piloted by Bowser and Paper Bowser.


Papercraft Fire Mario is used for the battle. Before reaching Papercraft Bowser, Papercraft Fire Mario must go through a course, defeating all of the previous Papercraft bosses on the way. Papercraft Bowser is immune to charge attacks and fireballs from behind due to its spiked shell. Papercraft Bowser's primary attacks are turning around and attempting to hit Papercraft Fire Mario with its spiked shell, or by breathing a stream of fire in a circular direction. After using the latter attack, Papercraft Bowser overheats, making it vulnerable to Papercraft Fire Mario's attacks. To knock Papercraft Bowser off its stand, Papercraft Fire Mario must hit it with three consecutive fireballs and then ram into it from the front. After losing half of its HP, Papercraft Bowser spins wildly all around the arena, which knocks Papercraft Fire Mario off its stand if hit. If Papercraft Fire Mario avoids this attack for long enough, Papercraft Bowser launches itself at Papercraft Fire Mario.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
French Titancarton Bowser
Papercraft Bowser
Italian Modellone Bowser
Bowser Papercraft