Cannonball Chuck

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Cannonball Chuck
Cannonball Chuck
BP/SP/CP needed 9
Location Doop Doop Dunes
First appearance Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam
Paper Jam description Press A to begin spinning, then A again when you're ready to launch. Aim straight ahead! Once your cannonball is in the air, you can steer left and right using the Circle Pad. You can also fly higher by sliding down and lower by sliding up on the Circle Pad. When aiming for tall enemies, slide down on the Circle Pad to fly high and topple them!
Cannonball Chuck
Mario spinning the cannonball.

Cannonball Chuck is one of Mario's Bros. Attacks in Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam. It costs 9 BP. This move is obtained when the player clears the Nabbit Multiplication mission for the first time.

After initiating the attack, Mario and Luigi will run into the foreground, with Mario taking out a giant cannonball. At this point, after pressing A Button again, Luigi will jump on top of the cannonball and Mario will start spinning it around, similar to when he throws Bowser in Super Mario 64. After then lining up the shot, the player must press A Button to toss the cannonball towards the enemies. Should Mario swing the cannonball 10 times before pressing A Button, he will lose grip and send Luigi shooting off in a random direction, failing the attack.

After the cannonball is thrown successfully, the Circle Pad can be moved up to send it downwards, or down to send it higher into the air, like an airplane. Similarly, moving the Circle Pad left will move it left, and vice versa. The player must now aim the cannonball so it comes down on top of or next to the enemies, with an Excellent rating being received if the cannonball lands on (and squashes) at least one of the enemies.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ブンなげテッキュウ
Bunnage Tekkyū
Throw Iron Ball

French (NOE) Lancer de boulet
Cannonball Chuck
German Kanonenkugelstoßen
Cannonball Chuck
Italian Lancio della bomba
Bomb throw
Korean 철퇴 툭
Cheoltoe Tuk
Mace Bonk

Spanish Lanzabala
From lanzar (throw) and bala (bullet)


  • Similar to the Trio Shuriken, if the player achieves an Excellent, the cannonball will fly off into the background, carrying Luigi with it.
  • If the enemy attacked has multiple layers (such as a Biddybud or Big Pokey/Tower Power Pokey in their Battle Ring rematch), hitting them directly with the cannonball itself (a hit that will score an Excellent) will attack all layers. The secondary wave attack doesn't hit multiple layers, however.