Rocket Blast

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Rocket Blast
Screenshot of the Rocket Blast Bros. Attack in Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam
BP/SP/CP needed 5
Location Doop Doop Dunes
First appearance Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam
Paper Jam description The rocket will take Mario and Luigi high up in the air before they jump off. To stomp, press each character's button just as he lands on the enemy. If both bros stomp the enemy, the rocket will fire at the end. Aim the rocket by sliding left and right on the circle pad. Do one loop, and then aim right in the middle of where your enemies are standing!

Rocket Blast is the second available Bros. Attack Mario can use in Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam. Mario obtains this Bros. Attack after the player clears the Catch Nabbit! mission for the first time. It costs 5 BP.

Immediately after initiating this attack with A Button, Mario will pull out a Mini Rocket, he and Luigi will jump on it and it will set off. One of the Bros. will then fall on the selected enemy. The player must press the appropriate button depending on which brother lands first. The second brother will land soon after, with the player pressing either B Button or A Button, depending on the brother as well. That second brother will be carrying the Mini Rocket and after the landing, it will be damaged and set off again. At this point, the player must use the Circle Pad to control the rocket and the hit the enemy again. The rocket will explode upon impact and deals area of effect and fire damage to enemies.

Timing the first two hits correctly will yield "OK!" and "Good!", when the rocket cannot hit all the enemies it will yield "Great!", and if it hits all of the enemies it will yield "Excellent!".

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ふっとびロケット
Futtobi Roketto
Blow Away Rocket

French (NOE) Décollage fusée
Rocket Launch
German Raketenabschuss
Rocket Launch
Italian Razzo pazzo
Crazy rocket
Spanish Ataque Cohete
Rocket Attack


  • If Paper Mario is in the Trip state and the Mini Rocket hits him directly, he instantly recovers.