Papercraft King Boo

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Papercraft King Boo

Papercraft King Boo is the fourth Papercraft boss in Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam. It is fought upon reaching the front door to Bowser's Castle, and is piloted by Morton and Lemmy.


Papercraft Yoshi is used for the battle. Before taking on Papercraft King Boo, Papercraft Yoshi must navigate its way through a course, defeating several Papercraft Dry Bones, Papercraft Goombas, and Papercraft Boos on the way. At the start of the battle, three Papercraft Dry Bones assist Papercraft King Boo, and after the latter loses half of its HP, Morton and Lemmy summon two Papercraft Boos. Papercraft King Boo attacks by rolling itself into Papercraft Yoshi's direction all the way to the edge, where Papercraft Yoshi can push Papercraft King Boo into the lava to deal extra damage and cause it to land further into the arena where Papercraft Yoshi can safely use a ground-pound attack on it. Papercraft King Boo's other attack is by simply launching itself on top of Papercraft Yoshi, making a minor shockwave upon hitting the ground. While it is not attacking, Papercraft King Boo may quickly spin around. If timed right, Papercraft Yoshi can use its tongue to grab Papercraft King Boo's back and knock it off its stand.

Papercraft King Boo reappers during the Papercraft battle in Neo Bowser Castle, where it is treated as a normal enemy, does not have anyone piloting it, and is assisted by two Papercraft Boos. Papercraft King Boo has the same attacks, although two of Papercraft Fire Mario's fireballs can be used to make its back vulnerable.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
French Titancarton Roi Boo
Papercraft(Titancarton) King Boo