Boo 10-Stack

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Color Splash Enemy
Boo 10-Stack
Boo 10-Stack Idle Animation from Paper Mario: Color Splash
Location(s) Lighthouse Island, Fortune Island
Type Stack
HP 1 (per Boo)
Strong None
Weak None
Moves Attack (4 per Boo), Blowback Attack (20)
Enemy Class ENEMY_ZAKO_LV1
Card Probability 3
A Boo card from Paper Mario: Color Splash

Stack: "Ahahahahahah!" > "Ahahahahaha!" > "Ahahahahah!" > "Ahahahaha!" > "Ahahahah!" > "Ahahaha!" > "Ahahah!" > "Ahaha!" > "Ahah!" > "Ha!"

Dropped Items
Hammer Scraps 10
Red Paint 2
Yellow Paint 2
Blue Paint 2
Orange Paint 1
Green Paint 1
Purple Paint 1

Boo 10-Stacks are a type of enemy appearing in Paper Mario: Color Splash. A stack of Boos forms when multiple Boos group up, forming a stack. Their health is represented by the number of Boos left in the stack. Boo 10-Stacks appear in the parallel worlds of Lighthouse Island and Fortune Island.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese テレサ10
Teresa 10
Boo 10
German 10er-Buu Huu 10-Boo
Portuguese Pilha de 10 Bus Stack of 10 Boos
Russian Пачка из 10 бу
Pachka iz 10 bu
Pack of 10 Boos