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Not to be confused with Plurp.
A Toad from Paper Mario: Color Splash.
Sprite from Paper Mario: Color Splash
Species Toad
First appearance Paper Mario: Color Splash (2016)
“Whoa! I've got my color back! I gotta get to the old hangout spot pronto!”
Purp, Paper Mario: Color Splash

Purp is a character in Paper Mario: Color Splash, and is one of Piper's five friends, the first one to be found chronologically. Although he does not have a precise story to share, he does describe Piper's pleasant personality and plants the seed to start the sidequest. Later on, he, along with Bloo, Greenie, and Redd, travel to Marmalade Valley to recover the Rainbow Carnation. Once they have healed Piper's tree and reunited with Piper himself, the six friends head to the Crimson Tower, where they are seen for the remainder of the game.


Paper Mario: Color Splash[edit]

Mario may locate a colorless Toad in the blue district of Port Prisma, between the blue Mini Paint Star and the water wheel. This Toad turns out to be Purp. He quickly heads back to the meeting area - by the waterfall in the yellow district, on the other side of town.

From here on, Mario may head to the meeting area to find Purp standing by the pot. He tells Mario he and the other five used to meet there for good times, but eventually broke off to finish their own things. Suddenly, he received a letter from one of them stating they would meet there again when the flowers bloomed. He states Piper was the one who sent him the letter, and trails off, labeling his personality as magnetic and lovable. In the letter's envelope he had found a seed, which he plants in the pot. Over time, as more and more members of this group are reunited, the tree becomes lush and colorful.

If Mario returns to the meeting area after Yella has been found, a Toad looking after the tree explains the others set off to find the Rainbow Carnation in Marmalade Valley as medicine for the dry and withered tree. If Mario heads to Marmalade Valley following this, Purp along with the others can be seen scaling the mountain to retrieve the flower on top. Unlike the others, he seems to struggle a bit, requiring the others to pull him up. However, they all manage to get on, collect the flower, and leave.

Mario returns to their meeting in Port Prisma just in time to see the tree in full bloom as Yella arrives. When Yella informs them of Piper's "passing", Purp, along with the others, becomes visibly upset. Just then, the flowers fall off the tree as a nut falls out and cracks open, revealing a Ptooie Mario is prepared to battle. However, Purp quickly forms a line alongside the others in front of the Ptooie, telling Mario it is actually Piper. When Redd tells them he is exactly to finally be reunited and start making more memories together, Piper whistles, which Purp interprets as laughter. He follows the others out of the area, becomes nervous when Piper trips, and relieved when he gets back up. This performance is cheered on by a group of Toads below.

From here on, Purp, Piper and the others can be found in front of the Crimson Tower. Piper is shown blowing them into the air one at a time, to everyone's pleasure.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ムラっち
From「紫」(murasaki, purple) and「っち」(-tchi), an abbreviated form of honorific「~ちゃん」(-chan)

Italian Violino
Diminutive of "violet"
Portuguese Purpurino
From "purpura" ("purple" in Latin) and "-ino" (doublet of diminutive "-inho")
Spanish (NOA) Moreto
Derived from "morado" (purple)
Spanish (NOE) Lilo
Masculine form of "lila" (lilac)