Rescue V: Fearless Color Defenders

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Logo for Rescue V: Fearless Color Defenders
The logo

Rescue V: Fearless Color Defenders is a video series and comic that covers the gameplay of Paper Mario: Color Splash. It is a thematic parody of Japanese superhero shows, with its opening being based on Denshi Sentai Denziman. The series features all five captains of the Rescue Squad and their chief. The captains try to prove that they are the real protagonists of the Paper Mario: Color Splash, rather than Mario, by detailing the various ways they help him throughout his adventure. The web series consists of seven episodes, while the comic is an adaptation of the first two episodes. At the end, it prompts the reader to watch the rest of the episodes.


  1. So Many Missions! - The Colorful Crusaders of Rescue V
  2. Move Out! - Sheer Cliffs on a Red Road
  3. Infiltration! - Secret Base on the Blue Sea!
  4. Super Smash! - The Yellow Coliseum
  5. Illusion! - Showtime in the Green Woods
  6. Grand Voyage! - The Foggy Purple Sea
  7. Final Episode - Swear Upon the Orange Sun Rescue V Will Never Die!




Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese イロドリ戦隊 レスキュー
Irodori Sentai: Resukyū Faibu
Color Squadron: Rescue Five (a reference to the Super Sentai series)