Chariot Bro

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Color Splash Enemy
Chariot Bro
Location(s) The Golden Coliseum
Type Shelled
HP 20
Attack 16
Defense 1
Strong None
Moves Hammer throw
Paint N/A
Cards Type



Usual: "NOPE! You can't touch our chariots!" ~ "DENIED! You can't touch our chariots!"

A Chariot Bro is a variant of Hammer Bro that appears in Paper Mario: Color Splash. Only one appears in the game, assisting Iggy Koopa and a Chariot Snifit in battle at The Golden Coliseum. Due to their chariots, any attack that Mario tries to use on them will be dodged. The only way to defeat the Chariot Bro is for Mario to use the Bone Thing. The Chariot Bro attacks by throwing a hammer at Mario, like a normal Hammer Bro.