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Surfing Kinopio
Blue Chosen Toad sprite from Paper Mario: Color Splash.
Species Toad
First appearance Paper Mario: Color Splash (2016)
“There's got to be some great destiny out there for me. Some way I can change the world!”
Surfing Kinopio, Paper Mario: Color Splash

Surfing Kinopio[1] is one of the three Chosen Toads in Paper Mario: Color Splash. He first appears in Bloo Bay Beach, but later moves to the Crimson Tower and stays there for the rest of the game.


Bloo Bay Beach
Surfing Kinopio uses his powers to stop a wave.

Surfing Kinopio is first seen getting ready to set sail for parts unknown in order to find his true calling, vowing to sail to the ends of the planet to do so. However, when Mario and Huey manage to get the Yellow Mini Paint Star and returning to the beach, Surfing Kinopio is found shipwrecked, far away from the beach and embarrassed about his failure, hanging onto some flotsam from his ship. Mario then uses his cutout ability and the Fan Thing to produce to a giant wave. At first, it seems to swallow Surfing Kinopio whole, but when the wave rises he is surfing it with the greatest of ease and it is here that he awakens as a Chosen Toad.

As Surfing Kinopio is talking about his legend as the greatest surfer, Mario, Huey, and the other Toads notice the incoming tidal wave which he manages to stop with his superpowers. After Huey mentions the Crimson Tower's gate, the blue Toad finally realizes his true destiny as one of the Chosen Toads and heads off to the Crimson Tower's gate.

Even after gathering the three Chosen Toads together, it turns out their job is not quite done yet. In order to open the gate, Mario needs to hammer them into their keyholes. After Mario does this, the gate opens and it appears that they are gone. However, this is not so; they are still alive and are able to communicate through the small holes on the gate. They then encourage Mario to go after the Red Big Paint Star. They are seen again at the Port Prisma festival after Mario defeats Morton Koopa Jr. and reacquires the red Big Paint Star, and once more after the defeat of Black Bowser at the Port Prisma celebration.


  • "Quiet! This isn't about finding a pretty place or being cool! I'm embarking on this long, foolish, potentially deadly journey in order to discover my destiny!"
  • "I don't have time for your silly festivals! It's time to discover my destiny!"
  • "I'm heading to the margin of the world to find my destiny!"
  • "Hey, that WAS pretty cool, huh?! That's it! I've found my destiny! I am the greatest surfer in the history of forever!"
  • "Relax, guys. You act like you've never met a surf legend before."
  • "Wait... I'm confused. Should I stick to surfing or not? Whatever, I can't swim anyway. But you said my head might fit the gate to the Crimson Tower?!"
  • "Of course! How did I not see it before! Legend has it there are three Chosen Toads who are meant to open that sacred gate. Until this very moment, I never knew what to do with my life or my oddly shaped head! But it all makes sense now! I'm one of the Chosen Toads, and my destiny is to open the gate to the Crimson Tower!"
  • "Wait... I'm confused. Should I stick to surfing or not? Ugh... I have this awesome power, and I have no idea what to use it for! There's got to be some great destiny out there for me! Something that I alone can do to change the world!"
  • "There's got to be some great destiny out there for me. Some way I can change the world!"
  • "All right. Let's do this quick before I get bored and lose all interest. Hurry up and find the other Toads with keys on their heads so we can open this thing up!"
  • "Mario, we've been waiting!"
  • "Uhh... Nothing's haaaaaappening!"
  • "Hurry up and smack me already! It's my destiny!"
  • "DAOWWW!"
  • "We're still alive. You were really just going to smoosh us and leave?"
  • "Good luck, Mario."
  • "Good work, Mario!"
  • "You're doing great work, Mario! Even we're hearing about it!"
  • "Hey, thanks for coming to visit! I was worried you'd forgotten about us."
  • "I must admit, I'm getting a bit tired of being in this gate. But you can't change destiny! Still, I wish this place had a bathroom. I've been holding it for a while now..."
  • "You've found five Big Paint Stars! If my math is right, that means there's only one left!"
  • "A dazzling six-colored light streaming into the heavens from Port Prisma! It can only be Rainbow Road!"



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