Ruddy Road Paint Guy

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Ruddy Road Paint Guy
The sad Paint Guy in Paper Mario: Color Splash.
Species Paint Guy
First appearance Paper Mario: Color Splash (2016)
“OK, you got me. I give up. I regret my life choices.”
Ruddy Road Paint Guy, Paper Mario: Color Splash

The Ruddy Road Paint Guy is a particular Paint Guy in Paper Mario: Color Splash. He has stolen a good amount of paint from the red Mini Paint Star in Ruddy Road. He is caught by Mario and Huey, who chase after him to the dead-end area, at which point he gives up. Interestingly, he seemingly changes his ways, agreeing to restore the Mini Paint Star and even suggesting Mario look after him to ensure nothing goes wrong.


Upon exploring a majority of Ruddy Road, Mario and Huey come across the red Mini Paint Star. Only once Mario has tried striking it from below does Huey realize it is inactive due to having a good portion of its color drained. Huey becomes angry and notices a Paint Guy hopping nearby. He realizes has been caught and runs off to the right, with Huey vowing to make him pay for what he did.

Although Mario can easily find the Paint Guy by continuing to the right, he may also follow the trail of small red blobs of paint along the road. The Paint Guy is spotted sitting down alone at one of the tables in front of Barista Toad's stand. Realizing he has been caught again, he picks up his bucket of paint sitting on the table and runs off again.

The Paint Guy is caught a final time at the end of this section. All the way to the right of this area, Mario finds a caution sign with a noticeably realistic Shy Guy on it. There is a bucket of red paint next to the sign serving as a clue. Mario must hammer the front of the sign to get the Shy Guy to fall off, admitting he is the Paint Guy.

Interestingly, he claims to have seen the error of his ways, stating he regrets his life choices. He reluctantly follows Mario back to the Mini Paint Star. As he hops up the steps toward it, he advises Mario to supervise him to make sure nothing else happens. Staying true to his word, the Paint Guy tosses what remains in his paint bucket onto the Mini Paint Star, filling in the colorless spot and activating it. He asks Mario if he is forgiven or if it is the end of the road for him, jokingly. However, as Mario approaches the steps leading to the Paint Guy, still holding his bucket, a gang of Shy Guys start folding up the road, pushing him away. The Paint Guy is last seen panicking in the background before he goes out of sight, not to be seen or heard from again.


  • "Beware the Incredibly Handsome Paint Thieves!"
  • "OK, you got me. I give up. I regret my life choices."
  • "I'll return the paint I stole. It's like they say: you can't fight city hall. Or city plumbing."
  • "C'mon - let's head back to that Paint Star thing. After you, I insist."
  • "Take me back to the Paint Star, and I'll repaint it. I'll follow you."
  • "OK. I will now...un-slurp the paint from the Paint Star."
  • "You'll probably want to supervise me to make sure I don't try anything funny."
  • "There. Good as new."
  • "So, am I free to go?"
  • "Or is this...the end of the road? Heh..."


  • If Mario speaks to the Paint Guy as he is on the sign, as though reading the text, he states, "Beware the Incredibly Handsome Paint Thieves!" as opposed to the usual message - "Beware the Paint Thieves!"
    • Additionally, as the Paint Guy is stuck to this sign, Mario may hammer his bucket of paint sitting nearby as a temporary unlimited source of red paint.