Shiny Buzzy Beetle

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Sticker Star enemy
Shiny Buzzy Beetle
Shiny Buzzy Beetle PMSS.png
Location(s) Rumble Volcano
Max HP 8
Attack 5
Defense Halves all damage
Moves Shell Toss (5)
Stickers N/A

Shiny Buzzy Beetles are a stronger species of Buzzy Beetle that appears in Paper Mario: Sticker Star. Shiny Buzzy Beetles do not appear in the overworld, but rather assist Bony Beetles, Fire Piranhas and Spike Tops in battle. They look like normal Buzzy Beetles except with an added sheen, similar to those of shiny stickers. Like their normal counterparts, Shiny Buzzy Beetles attack by throwing their shell at Mario.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese キラメット
Kira Metto
Shiny Buzzy Beetle
Chinese (Simplified) 闪闪钢盔甲虫
Shǎnshǎn Gāngkuī Jiǎchóng
Shiny Buzzy Beetle
Chinese (Traditional) 閃亮鋼盔龜
Shǎnliàng Gāngkuī Guī
Shiny Buzzy Beetle
German Glitzer-Käfer Glitter Beetle
Italian Nella lucente Shiny Buzzy Beetle
Spanish (NOA) Buzzy brilloso Shiny Buzzy Beetle
Spanish (NOE) Buzzy Beetle brillante Shiny Buzzy Beetle