Buzzy Beetle Gang

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Color Splash Enemy
Buzzy Beetle Gang
Location(s) Lighthouse Island
Type Shelled
HP 50
Attack 7
Defense 0
Strong Jump, Fire
Weak POW Block
Paint Red, Blue, Purple
Cards Type D

PMCS Buzzy Beetle Card.png


Usual: "Into the fire!" ~ "This ain't over yet!" ~ "There's still time to run!" ~ "We're just getting started!" ~ "Mm mm mm mm" ~ "Cowardice is the better part of valor!"

Buzzy Beetle Gangs are enemies in Paper Mario: Color Splash. They are gangs of Buzzy Beetles, and they appear in the parallel world on Lighthouse Island. They can be found at the bottom of the lighthouse, where they are encountered if Mario falls down from a higher up floor.

In battle, Buzzy Beetle Gangs attack ramming Mario with their shells, doing 6 HP of damage each. Jumps and hammers do very little damage to Buzzy Beetle Gangs, and they are resistant to Fire Flowers. Buzzy Beetle Gangs are weak to Ice Flowers, POW Blocks and Things.

Small Buzzy Beetle Gangs appear in Sacred Forest.