Big Bony Beetle

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Big Bony Beetle
A Big Bony Beetle, from Puzzle & Dragons: Super Mario Bros. Edition
First appearance Puzzle & Dragons: Super Mario Bros. Edition (2015)
Variant of Bony Beetle
Big Buzzy Beetle

Big Bony Beetles are giant varieties of Bony Beetles in Puzzle & Dragons: Super Mario Bros. Edition. They are Dark/Dark-attribute enemies found primarily in towers and castles, first appearing in World 5-PDSMBE-Castle.png. They can also appear by transforming a Bony Beetle in the player's party with six Boo Mushrooms.

As an enemy, a Big Bony Beetle is fought by itself. It attacks by tucking its head into its shell, then releases a three-spiked energy attack on the screen that inflicts Dark damage. Its first Skill, Light Bind, immobilizes any teammates on the player's team that has Light as their main or sub-attribute for three turns. Their second Skill, Beetle Protection, protects the Big Bony Beetle from all status defects (such as defense reductions and turn delays) for twenty turns. When defeated, it may occasionally drop a Super Dark Block containing a Bony Beetle, but will always drop a Rare Fruit when defeated with a 10+ combo attack.

Big Bony Beetles can be found in the following courses: World 5-PDSMBE-Castle.png, World 6-PDSMBE-Fortress1.png, World 6-PDSMBE-Fortress2.png, World 6-PDSMBE-Castle.png, World 7-PDSMBE-Fortress2.png, World 8-PDSMBE-Fortress1.png, World 8-6, World 8-PDSMBE-Fortress2.png, World 8-11, World 8-PDSMBE-Fortress3.png, and World 8-PDSMBE-BowserCastle.png (normal world only).

As teammates, Big Bony Beetles have an HP rating of 6/6, an ATK rating of 4/6, and a RCV rating of 2/6. Their Beetle Protection Skill greatly reduces the damage received for one turn, and their Awoken Skill, HP Boost, raises the HP of the player's entire team. Big Bony Beetles use Fruit and Rare Fruit to raise their Skill levels.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese でかほねメット[1]
Deka Honemetto
Big Bony Beetle


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