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Mario attacked by a Nattō
First appearance Super Mario-kun volume 1 (1991)
Variant of Buzzy Beetle

Nattō is one of the hypothetical new enemies that Mario encounters in Super Mario-kun volume 1, in a chapter dedicated to the possibilities in a "Super Mario Bros. 5". It is a Buzzy Beetle with nattō on its shell, making it as sticky as the aforementioned food.

Mario and his friends encounter it underground, where the former gets stuck in the Nattō's shell. Yoshi then jumps in and eats it, saving Mario.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ナットー
A word-play between「納豆」(nattō) and「メット」(Metto, Buzzy Beetle)
French Cuticule[1]


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