Super Mario-kun Volume 1

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Super Mario-kun Volume 1
SMKun 1.jpg
Publisher Shogakukan
Label Coro Coro Comics
Artist(s) Yukio Sawada
Release date Japan July 27, 1991
France December 3, 2014
Spain November 29, 2016
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Super Mario-kun Volume 1 is the first volume that opens the Super Mario World story arc, while the last chapter revolves around a supposed "Mario 5". It features Mario, Luigi, and Yoshi as the main characters. In this part, Mario and his friends pass through Yoshi's Island and the Donut Plains, defeating Iggy and Morton.

This volume's extras are 4-komas.



Stage 1[edit]

Super Mario-kun manga volume 1 chapter 1 cover

ピーチ姫を救え!! 新冒険開始!! (ニューアドベンチャースタート) (Save Princess Peach!! The Start of a New Adventure!! (New Adventure Start))

Mario, Luigi, and Princess Peach are enjoying a vacation on Yoshi's Island. On the beach, Mario pulls a prank on Luigi by pretending to drown. Luigi runs to the rescue, only to realize that Mario is wearing a Frog Suit. Mario awaits joyfully for the arrival of Peach in a bikini, but a Goomba with Peach's wig arrives instead. The Goomba places a small Bowser toy speaker, from which Bowser himself explains to Mario and Luigi that he kidnapped Peach (again) and now has a new legion by his side. Mario, enraged, is about to punch the toy speaker, but Bowser informs him that, by doing so, the speaker will explode, so Mario sends his punch into Luigi's face. Right after, the toy explodes anyway, having served its purpose.

After recovering from the explosion, the Mario Bros. begin their journey to Bowser's Castle to save Peach. On their way, the two find an injured dinosaur. Mario, wearing his doctor clothing, treats the dinosaur with a giant Capsule, which he hardly manages to swallow. Cured, the dinosaur presents himself as Yoshi and explains that Bowser conquered the Dinosaur Land with the help of his minions and kids, then stole his eggs to use them as hostages. The Mario Bros. promise to save the eggs in their journey as well and continue on their way.

The brothers are attacked by two Super Koopas. Mario tries to use his fire power, but since he didn't use it for a long time, he cannot shoot a fireball. So, Luigi plugs a gas tank into his bottom, charging him and helping him burn the first Super Koopa, which disappears, leaving behind a Cape Feather. Mario grabs it and becomes Cape Mario but has no idea how to use his new cape. Mario tests the cape on the second Super Koopa: first he tries to use the cape for magic tricks, then he wraps it on the enemy to make a teru teru bōzu. Furious, the Super Koopa charges at Mario, but with a jump, he avoids the attack and learns that the cape makes him fly, while the Super Koopa crashes on the rock behind Mario. Mario continues his travel by flying, followed by Luigi, upset that he does not have a cape to fly as well.

The two meets another dinosaur, a Dino-Torch, and mistake it for a friend of Yoshi. Mario is burnt and his cape no longer works, but Luigi tapes the Dino-Torch's mouth, impeding the fire breath, but not the hot smoke that comes from behind the Dino-Torch. Running away, the brothers face a Chargin' Chuck armed with a giant football. Mario tires to catch the ball, but it is too big for him and he gets squashed by it. Luigi grabs Mario, turns him into a ball, and launches him at the Chargin' Chuck, but with a shoulder tackle, he shoves Mario straight down a cliff.

Immediately after, Yoshi (who followed them) dives to save Mario. Yoshi grabs Mario, but then realizes that he had not come up with a plan to survive the fall. He spots a blue-shelled Koopa Troopa on a ledge and eats him, while Mario watches him in horror, not knowing why Yoshi is "having his last meal". Meanwhile, Luigi is looking down the cliff while the Chargin' Chuck is preparing to toss him down as well. Right at that moment, Mario, riding Winged Yoshi, emerges from the abyss. The Chargin' Chuck prepares an attack to send all of them down, but Mario and Yoshi, with a combined fire attack, fry the Chargin' Chuck (and Luigi), defeating him. Mario welcomes Yoshi into the party and continue their journey together to save Dinosaur Land and Peach. Meanwhile, Bowser is spying on them and wishes Mario good luck for the obstacles they will have to face.

Stage 2[edit]

Super Mario-kun manga volume 1 chapter 2

ドカンと一発!! 合体技炸裂!! (One-Shot Bang!! Skill-Combining Explosion!!)

Mario, Luigi, and Yoshi are traversing Yoshi's Island when they finally see in the distance Iggy's Castle. Above the castle, there is a sign written in strange doodles: Yoshi reveals that it is their language, which humans can read by covering the middle part of the doodle to reveal two lines of dialogue ("It's not a language, it's a kid puzzle!"): the sign reads "Help me", meaning that an egg is being held captive in it. However, before the trio can take another step, multiple pipes fall from the sky and land around the heroes in a circle. From one of the pipes, a hologram of Bowser explains that this is his new trap. Mario laughs and tries to jump over the pipes, but a Jumping Piranha Plant blocks him and bites him back into the pipe circle, while many other Jumping Piranhas pop out from the rest of the pipes.

Led by an apparently normal Piranha Plant, the Jumping Piranhas are instructed by Bowser to not let Mario get past them, and the hologram shuts off. Mario sends Yoshi to eat the Piranha Plant, but it is too voracious for him. Mario then tries with the fireballs, but the Jumping Piranhas wet them with watering cans. The Piranha Plant orders its minions to surround the heroes from above, biting them every once in a while. While thinking of a solution, Mario pulls out his SNES Nunchaku (a nunchaku with SNES controllers as the sticks) and uses it to reflect the seed the Piranha Plants spit at them. After getting the hand of it, Mario finally manages to defeat all the Piranha Plants with his weapon, but the normal Piranha Plant rises up and reveals itself to be an invincible Big Piranha Plant.

This time, Mario's nunchaku skills can do nothing: he even tries to immobilize the Piranha Plant with Start Button and pausing the story, but this also immobilizes the protagonists. Without the nunchaku, Mario tries to bribe the Piranha Plant, who is disgusted by the fact that the hero has resorted to bribing (but does take the money, however). After another lethal move, the Piranha Plant prepares the finishing blow and laughs, revealing a sticker in his throat reading: "weak point". After Mario and Yoshi perform a big jump, they begin to rotate and dive head-first into the Piranha Plant's mouth, drilling its head and finally kill it. Luigi celebrates and cheers for Mario and Yoshi, who are now tangled to each other and very dizzy from all those rolls, promising themselves to never do that attack again.

Stage 3[edit]

Super Mario-kun manga volume 1 chapter 3

コクッパ・イギー!! カレイなる頭脳戦!? (Koopaling Iggy!! The Magnificent Mental Fight!?)

The trio reaches the castle, and Yoshi decides to stay outside to cheer for their victory. Mario is enraged, but Luigi reminds him that "this is what he does in the game." As Luigi enters, a Pillar falls down on him from the ceiling, but he manages to avoid being crushed. However, Mario notices some bones under the pillar. The bones shake and recompose themselves into many Dry Bones, then the Dry Bones fuse together into a giant octopus. After shooting some bones, the Dry Bones roll towards Mario, who cowers on the ground, making the skeletons trip on him and break down on the floor.

By running and fighting, the Mario Bros. reached Iggy's floating arena on the lava, where he and the captive egg await. Luigi kicks Mario onto the platform. Iggy retracts his head into his shell and spits fireballs at Mario, whose own fireballs cannot hurt him. Iggy puts his head out and laughs, but Mario takes out his "ultrasonic weapon": a glass to scratch, making a chilling sound. Iggy retracts his head again, and Mario pulls out a big tube of glue and covers the shell's head hole, preventing Iggy from popping his head out. Luigi comes to the platform to help Mario retrieve the egg, but the blind Iggy trips and falls on top of the glue tube, making it squirt everywhere and freezing everything and everyone in place. Mario and Luigi call out for Yoshi, who is still waiting outside, asking himself why are his friends are taking so long.

Stage 4[edit]

Super Mario-kun manga volume 1 chapter 4

最強の魔法使い (マジシャン)!? カメックあらわる!! (The Strongest Magician!? Kamek Appears!!)

At Bowser's castle, Bowser is flirting with Peach, offering her a wedding ring that not only she doesn't want, but doesn't even fit her, being so big to be used as a hula-hoop ring by her. Peach yells at Bowser that she will never marry him and that Mario will, as always, come to save her. Bowser decides to fix this problem and calls his wizard, Kamek. Kamek appears while he is trying to bend a spoon with his mind, after 3000 years of failure. Bowser is not happy of such scene, but the wizard assures his king that he's just warming up and shows to him is powerful magic by transforming Bowser's head into a kappa's. Angry, Bowser sends Kamek to the Donut Plains to stop Mario and his friends.

Kamek appears in front of Mario, Luigi and Yoshi, presenting himself with a silly song. Mario does not take him seriously, but Kamek casts a spell on some Rotating Blocks, making Goombas out of them. With no issues, Mario fries them (and Yoshi eats them) then tries to burn Kamek too, but he gets freeze by an ice spell. Yoshi, using his fire breath, melts the ice. Kamek then enchants a pile of blocks and creates Burokkun, a giant golem made out of blocks. The trio starts to run away in fear, only to realize that Burokkun cannot move.

The heroes laugh at this failure of a spell, but Kamek pushes the block monster, which topples on top of the trio, apparently squashing them. Kamek dances from the joy of managing to kill Mario, but him and his friends are safe and sound in a hole, but are still trapped under Burokkun's chest. Yoshi starts eating slowly the blocks and, in one of them, finds a Super Star. Riding it, the trio breach out from Burokkun and then strike Kamek, defeating him with the Star's sparks. The trio is about to continue their journey, but Kamek casts one last spell and transforms their heads (even the Star's) into Kappa's, much to Bowser's amusement.

Stage 5[edit]

Super Mario-kun manga volume 1 chapter 5

寒~い水中面!! マリオはお熱いのがお好き!? (Cold Underwater Stage!! Does Mario Like Warmer Places!?)

A strong wind is blowing on the Donut Plains and each one of the heroes is trying to keep himself warm: Mario is warming himself with the warmth of a Fire Flower, Yoshi is carrying a lot of stoves and heaters, while Luigi complains the lack of strength of his friends, only to reveal a lot of thermal bags in his overalls. Their path comes to a halt when they arrive to a cold river. Mario proposes to follow the river until they find a way to cross it, but two Flying Goombas push the three into the river in order to give the "guys down there" some fun.

Getting used to the freezing cold water, the trio decides to swim to the other side. On their way, they notice a Rip Van Fish and, to avoid waking him up, Mario asks his friend to swim slowly, but Yoshi drops a fart and wakes the fish up. The Rip Van Fish calls his friends, multiple other Rip Van Fishes and an Urchin, to give the three a lesson, but Yoshi eats them all (but spits out the Urchin due to its spikes).

Luigi finds a key and Yoshi explains that, putting it in a keyhole, will open a secret passage to another area. Mario finds the hole and put and turn the key, but to his horror, he discovers that he just put a key in a Porcu-Puffer's anus. Furious, the spiky fish attacks the trio, which tries to escape from its sharp fangs and spikes. Having found a hiding spot behind a rock, Yoshi starts to have stomachache and, thanks to all the fishes he ate, lays a big egg. From the egg, a multitude of Fire Flowers come out and latch themselves to Mario.

The Procupuffer finds them and invites them to come out and fight. Mario is powered-up by the Fire Flowers and becomes Hinotama Mario and, covered in flames, fly straight towards the fish, punches it and thus makes it explodes. The real keyhole is found and Mario grabs his friend (burning them in the process) and flies in it. The heroes are teleported to the surface, where the cold wind has stopped, much to the dismay of the burnt Luigi and Yoshi.

Stage 6[edit]

Super Mario-kun manga volume 1 chapter 6

マリオ対ジュゲム!! 史上最大の雪合戦!? (Mario vs. Lakitu!! The Biggest Snowball Fight Ever!?)

The trio has reached a snowy field, which is strange since Yoshi states that it does not snow on the plains. Luigi finds this suspicious, but Mario and Yoshi are already playing with the snow, ignoring him. Suddenly, a giant Snowball lands on them and a Lakitu appears, laughing at the trio. Mario realizes that he is the responsible for the strange weather change, but Lakitu ignores his accusations and, by snowing on a spot, creates a giant Bowser snowman. Mario and Luigi are impressed by the snow sculpture, but laughs at its crooked eyes. Offended, the statue dares them to repeat the insult, scaring them.

While the heroes recover from the shock, Lakitu explains that the statue is made to, not be just a copy of Bowser's appearance, but also of his personality. The Bowser snowman attacks the trio. Mario suggests combining all their fireballs to melt him, but the fire gets froze by the Bowser snowman's breath, who then proceeds to freeze Luigi and Yoshi. Mario survives protecting himself with the cape, then he tosses a snowball to the statue, but this only makes it stronger due to its snow affinity. With a cape twirl, Mario finally destroys the Bowser snowman, but Lakitu controls the Snowman to recompose itself, even if no body parts are in the right place.

The Snowman rolls towards Mario. Backing up, Mario hits, with the back of his head, a rotating block and a vine sprouts from it. The cape entangles on one of the leaves and Mario is rose up, avoiding the crashing rolling statue. Mario climbs the vine and arrives above Lakitu, realizing that his cloud cannot change altitude. Mario executes a fast dive and a body press on Lakitu, defeating him and making him fall off his cloud. The Snowman stops moving, and Luigi and Yoshi are now free from the ice. Lakitu pleads for his life and Yoshi suggests being nice with him, since it is New Year's Eve. Mario accept and does not punch him, instead he ties Lakitu to a kite a plays with it. Meanwhile, Luigi is having fun making a snow statue of himself with Lakitu's Cloud and Yoshi is eating the motionless Bowser snowman.

Stage 7[edit]

The cover for Chapter 7 from Volume 1 of Super Mario-kun

ようこそ地底へ!! モグラたたきのあまいわな!? (Welcome Underground!! Are You Good At Whack-A-Mole?)

Mario, Luigi and Yoshi find Peach, who claims to have escaped from Bowser. Mario runs to her to hug her, but Peach is revealed to be a Goomba in disguise. Angry that he has been fooled, Mario jumps on Yoshi and chase the Goomba, leaving Luigi behind. The two lose the Goomba's tracks by a pipe. Near the pipe, a sign states that it leads to the "Rich Land". Yoshi rightfully thinks it could be a trap, but Mario is already ready to collect as many coins as possible and jumps in the pipe, followed by Yoshi. Hid in a nearby bush, the Goomba laughs.

In the underground, Mario and Yoshi find a giant pile of coins, but they are suddenly attacked by a group of Monty Moles, the owners of the coins. Mario gets hammered by their mallets and then tries to escape by flying, but hits his head on the ceiling: he cannot escape by flying in the underground. So, Yoshi starts eating the Moles, until no one is left. But the troubles are not over yet, as the leader of the Monty Moles, a Big Monty Mole, emerges, ready to avenge its minions.

Mario tries to flee on the wall (thanks to a Triangular Block), but the Big Mole punches him, and he crashes against a ? Block. From the block, multiple Fire Flowers appear and Mario uses their power to burn the Big Monty Mole. The cave gets filled with smoke and Mario and Yoshi immediately exit. Luigi, who has reached the pipe, sees two black monsters popping out of the pipe and starts hammering them with a mallet, only to realize that it is his brother and Yoshi blackened by the smoke.

Stage 8[edit]

Super Mario-kun manga volume 1 chapter 8

カメック再登場!! 究極の大魔法合戦!? (Kamek Returns!! Ultimate Battle of Magic!?)

At Bowser's Castle, Peach is bashing on her chambers' door, attracting the attention of Bowser who receives a boulder to the face when he comes in. Peach orders Bowser to let her go to Mario, but Bowser will not listen to her and calls Kamek again, still trying to bend the spoon. Before Bowser can order him, Peach asks Kamek to make her see Mario again, but the wizard first makes appear a ball with a furry tail ("Hairy and round, just like Mario."), then gives Bowser a Mario's costume. Before losing his patience, Bowser orders Kamek to kill Mario.

Kamek appears in front of Mario and his friends and turns the ground into ice. The heroes slip and slide on the ice, but Mario grabs on to a block that Kamek then turns into a prickly Pokey. Then he transforms other blocks in Goombas, but Yoshi, armed with salt and ketchup, eats them all. To make this over with, Mario flies and tries to off Kamek with a cape twirl, but he teleports elsewhere and Mario ends up hitting his friends.

Kamek then passes to Yoshi an ignited Bob-omb that explodes at their faces. Mario tries again, but Kamek becomes invisible and start punching him from everywhere. Mario falls into a bush, where he finds a Dragon Coin. Using it to reflect the sunlight, Mario locates, and briefly blinds, Kamek. With a body press, Mario defeats Kamek and steals his wand. Mario then tries to undo Kamek's ice spell, but accidentally turns Luigi and Yoshi into blocks.

Stage 9[edit]

Super Mario-kun manga volume 1 chapter 9

弱虫インディ!! 炎の池で最後の挑戦!? (Scaredy-Cat Mega Mole!! Final Challenge in the Flame Pool!?)

The trio is traversing a labyrinthine underground. After a while, the trio finds a sign with the map of the cave system. Mario calls the founding of the sign a "good thing" and Yoshi misinterprets that the sign is good to eat and devours it. The Mario Bros. are furious and, after trying to make him spit the map, they grab a saw to open his belly. Yoshi runs in fear, chased by the Marios, and they all fall down a slippery cliff. They softly land on something and they discover that it is a Mega Mole. The trio cowers on the ground in fear, and so does the Mega Mole.

The Mario Bros. laugh to the idea that a big enemy is scared of them, upsetting the Mole, who present himself as a coward Mega Mole that is always left behind by his companions. Yoshi tries to butt in the conversation, but the Marios start arguing with him, still angry for the map. Meanwhile, Mega Mole falls in a pond and panics, since he cannot swim. Mario grabs the Frog Suit to help him, but it is too worn out to work, so Luigi tosses at the brother a Power Balloon. Using Balloon Mario as a lifesaver, Mega Mole reaches land and, to thank them, offers to escort them to the cave exit on his back. During the ride, Mario bashes his head on some stalactites.

Mega Mole arrives to a river of lava and explains that the exit is on the opposite shore, and they can easily reach it with the Lava Lift. The first part of the trip proceed quietly, but then a Blargg emerges from the lava and insults Mega Mole for betraying the Koopa Troop, revealing that he also got the order to kill him too. The Blargg spits fire, and Mega Mole shields himself from the flames using Mario. Mario is not happy to be used as a human shield, but also will not give up for his friends: he tries to burn the Blargg with a fireball, but of course it only makes him stronger and Luigi angrier since Mario did not learn his lesson from the Bowser snowman fight.

Luigi suggests to use liquids, but the only one at their disposal is mucus. Mario then asks Mega Mole how to defeat a Blargg, but he finds, in the Super Mario World guide, that Blarggs cannot be defeated. The Blargg attacks with more fire breath and, preparing the finishing blow, Mega Mole finally finds some courage and jumps on the Blargg, diving straight in his mouth and clogging it. The Blargg falls back into the lava and Mario, Luigi and Yoshi mourns their friend's death, admiring that he did not die as a coward. That makes Mega Mole happy: much to his friends' joy, he did not die. Being near shore, Mega Mole quickly got out from the lava, with the Blargg's mouth (whose tiny body is revealed) still stuck to his head, pleading to be put back into the lava.

Stage 10[edit]

Super Mario-kun manga volume 1 chapter 10

強敵アッパレ!! ハンマーなんてこわくない!? (Formidable Enemy Amazing Flying Hammer Bro!? Hammers Aren't Scary!?)

In the Hammersmith's workshop, Amazing Flyin' Hammer Brother is commissioned to destroy Mario and his friends and, being in possession of this chapter's scheme, he knows that Mario will pass near his workshop. For his plan, which he explains to his talking Flying Platform's blocks, he prepared a giant hammer (that falls on him) and many little hammers. Mario, Luigi and Yoshi are making their way defeating hoards of enemies that gets eaten by Yoshi, until he eats and then spits a flying hammer. As Mario realizes, a Hammer Bro is near and the Hammersmith appears, riding his talking platform.

The Hammer Bro tosses the big hammer at the trio, but does not squash them, and the heroes laugh at this "failed attempt". However, Hammer Bro uses a whistle and the big hammer's head opens, spitting out the mini hammers which pound to unconsciousness the trio and then trap them inside the big hammer's head. Happy that his plan worked, Hammer Bro grabs the big hammer and instructs the platform to take them to Bowser's Castle. On their way, the platform's blocks start feeling tired, due to the extra weight of Mario, Luigi and Yoshi. Hammer Bro mushes them to move up and not ruining his moment of glory, but the blocks rebel and drop their boss and his hammer-prison on the ground.

While the Hammer Bro, angered with his transportation, fights with the blocks, Mario and his friends exit from the opened big hammer's head. Mario tries to stop the fight, trying to remind Hammer Bro and the blocks that friends should not fight, the three realized they just lost the prisoners and make peace. After avoiding some hammers, Mario tries to attack the enemy with a new self-taught attack: a boomerang shaped fireball that return back before hitting the Hammer Bro, landing right on Luigi. Hammer Bro, then, pulls out a homing hammer that follows Mario around. Mario tries to outrun it and climbs a tower made out of ! Blocks, but the hammer reaches him and hits him so much to plant Mario into the top block, then, following the order of Hammer Bro, it destroys the tower and Mario falls on the ground.

Luigi and Yoshi laughs and Mario, upset by it, punches his friend on the head after pulling out legs and arms from the block. Using this block form, Mario decides to use it like an armor, retracting in it to avoid the hammers, and reach the Hammer Bro from his platform. Incapacitated from using the cape, Mario uses a trampoline to reach the Hammer Bro and put his plan in action, but too many hammers are tossed at him and his block armor breaks from too much pounding. Inside the block, Mario finds a Dragon Coin. Yoshi, hoping that it is a chocolate coin, eats it and, much to his surprise, is transformed into Shield Yoshi. Luigi suggests retrying Mario's plan, but this time using Shield Yoshi to parry the incoming hammers. His plan works and Hammer Bro resorts to use the big hammer, but it gets stuck in Yoshi's mouth. Mario finally reaches the enemy and punches him unconscious, finishing him. Yoshi returns to normal (with the big hammer still stuck in his mouth) and Mario and Luigi grab the other hammers for a later use, but Yoshi screams that he does not want to hear the word "hammer", after this.

Stage 11[edit]

Super Mario-kun manga volume 1 chapter 11

純情ロマンス!?クッパくんのある愛の詩!! (Naive Romance!? Koopa-kun's Love Song!!)

At Bowser's castle, Bowser is yelling to Amazing Flyin' Hammer Bro for his failure, and instructs some Goombas to punishing him and torturing him. Bowser then receives news that Peach wants to speak with him. Happy, Bowser enters in Peach's chambers and gets bombarded by beans by the princess. Peach then explains that it is Setsubun, so they should follow the tradition to toss beans to the householder, disguised as an oni, to wish a lucky year. Bowser is all in, especially considering he was born to play this role, since he is also known as the "Demon King".

However, Peach does not have any more beans to trow at him, but Bowser reassures her that she can throw at him anything she wants. That being said, Peach throws biting Koopa Troopas and exploding Bob-ombs. That angers Bowser, who takes all out on his minions for hurting him. Peach is not impressed by this scene and says that a true king and head of the family should not complain about such injuries. Having to prove to her to be a worthy Demon King, Bowser calls his minions and explains his plan: Kamek will turn him into a block, and they have to hit him, but they must feign their hits so that he can impress the princess.

Kamek turns Bowser into a block, and he exclaims to his minion to "go all out on him". The minions, however, misinterpret this as a change of plan and actually go all out on him: after getting burned, stung, pounded, shot, shocked and smashed, Bowser reverts to his normal form and punishes his minions for not following the plan. His punches and yells destroys the castle garden and all the Piranha Plants in it. Peach yells at Bowser and forces him to replant the flowers of his garden. Mario, meanwhile, has seen everything from a video call, and asks himself how this chapter was a "love story".

Stage 12[edit]

Super Mario-kun manga volume 1 chapter 12

でぶマリオ!? パワーバルーンでモートンをたおせ!! (Chubby Mario!? Defeat Morton With the Power Balloon!!)

Using the F-Zero's Fire Stingray, Mario and his friend reach Morton's Castle. Once again, Yoshi stays outside and kicks the Mario Bros. inside the castle. Inside, the two easily avoid a Thwomp, commenting on how it is easy to avoid them due to her linear pattern, but the Thwomp reveals that there is a new type of Thwomp, a rolling variant. However, the rolling Thwomp get dizzy by all the rolls and the Mario proceeds.

Using Mario's cape, Mario and Luigi try to fly pass the rest of the tower. They encounter a Dry Bones that, after recomposing himself from Mario's cape twirl, starts to trow bone after bone to the Marios, until he realizes that he has no more bones to trow, nor a body. Mario smashes his head with a hammer and continues to climb the tower, getting hit by Ball 'N' Chains, stung by Spike Traps and crushed by moving walls, but they finally reach Morton's room.

After blocking the exit, Morton starts fighting: he runs on the walls and ceiling and then dives on top of Mario. Luigi, reading the game guide, discovers that they just need to avoid his dives and hit him in the head, but the Koopaling is too fast for them. Luigi then, trows at Mario a Power Balloon and he inflates so much to trap Morton between him and the wall, then Luigi proceeds to keep feeding the brother with many more Power Balloons until he explodes, deafening and defeating Morton. Mario and Luigi, from the window, informs Yoshi that Morton is defeated, so he proceeds to activate the explosive he put around the fortress, hurting his friends and killing Morton.

Stage 13[edit]

Super Mario-kun manga volume 1 chapter 13

またまたカメック!! 遊園地は地獄だ!? (Kamek !! The Amusement Park is Hell!?)

The trio finds the entrance of a Yoshi themed amusement park. As always, Luigi is diffident but accepts to follow Mario and Yoshi and enjoy an hour of entertainment. The three run towards the entrance gate, but it is revealed that it is a painting and they break through it. Over the painted entrance, the heroes finds themselves in an athletic level, full of platforms and a ubiquitous abyss under those. Kamek appears and revels that this is his master trap and cast a spell on the comic panel border to create an autoscrolling level, then he disappears, leaving Mario and his friends to their doom.

Mario tries to pass the level by flying, but Luigi will not let him leave them behind. They find a Roulette Block and Luigi intends to use it to obtain another Cape Feather for himself, but they all hit the block at the same time asking for a different power-up each, and a useless hybrid power-up comes out from the block. Continuing the level, they each decide to traverse it differently: Mario and Yoshi jump on two platforms on tracks, getting hit by incoming Chainsaws and Fuzzies, while Luigi holds himself to a rope, hitting the blocks. To avoid any more obstacles, they all jump onto a platform that breaks under their weight, landing on top of a Mushroom Platform.

An extendable pipe now blocks their path, and Mario bashes his face on it, cursing at it. The pipe talks back and is revealed to be a disguise wore by the Teenage Mutant Ninja Koopas. They first attack the trio with Kamenoko Shurikens that Mario avoids using Yoshi as a human shield, then orders him to eat them, but the Ninja Koopas tape his mouth. Mario and Luigi try to attack them but, using their disguise technique, the Ninja Koopas transform themselves into four Princesses Peach. Unable to hit the princesses, even if they are fake, Mario and Luigi let them pet and caress them, until they notice that the princesses still have the shells on their back. Not tricked by this "imperfect copy", Mario defeats the Ninja Koopas with a cape twirl.

Riding another tracked platform, the heroes finally see the Giant Gate, but one last obstacle opposes to them: a duplicating Splittin' Chuck. Promising a Super Famicom to the real Chuck, Mario locates the real one and tries to burn him, but it is not enough. With some shoves and a spiky football, the Chuck kicks them away. Mario hits a Rotating Block and a Super Star comes out of it. Mario tries to reach it, but it is too injured to take another step, so he tosses the cape on the star. The Cape comes to life and, using Mario as a projectile, it slings him to the Chuck, defeating him. Finally, the level is over but, angry that it got insulted by Mario before, the cape snaps at his butt, forcing him to finish by himself the "infernal athletic level", instead of riding it like a magic carpet, like he was going to.

Stage 14[edit]

Super Mario-kun manga volume 1 chapter 14

炎のつっぱり!? どすこいK、K、すもう勝負!! (Attack of the Flames!? Sumo Wrestling Contest With Sumo Bro!!)

Mario is constantly dreaming of Peach, but he is always interrupted by anything, especially his friends. After facing a biting Koopa Troopa, Bowser, riding his Koopa Clown Car with Peach inside, arrives to mock them, protecting himself from Mario's fireball with a protective shield. Bowser flies away, leaving behind a minion to take care of Mario: a Sumo Brother. The buff Koopa invites Mario on the Mushroom Platform for a sumo fight, where the loser will fall down a fire lake created by his lightning stomps.

Mario, scared, especially because Yoshi cannot wait to eat the roasted loser, is already losing after a shocking blow from the Sumo Bro and the second one makes him fall from the arena. Before landing in the fire lake, Luigi reminds Mario to use his cape and Mario manages to save himself and, with a flying punch, defeats the Sumo Bro. Mario wins the duel and Yoshi eats the fried Sumo Bro.

Stage 15[edit]

Super Mario-kun manga volume 1 chapter 15

どうなる!? マリオ5おどろき大予想!! (What Will Happen!? Surprising Great Expectations for Mario 5!!)

The author is already thanking the reader for reading the manga, but the protagonists, who are walking in a forest (likely the Forest of Illusion), remind him that there is still one chapter left. The trio ends up in a clearing full of "holes of expectations": pipes, manholes, chimneys, toilet, caves, black holes and toilet paper rolls. Checking one of the pipes, the author grabs them and forces them inside it. The trio finds themselves in the Mushroom Kingdom.

Mario sits on a rock, and the rock complains about it, revealing to be a person cursed by Bowser, named Isshī. By what he explains, Mario and his friends realize that they are in an alternative future to have a sneak peek to "Super Mario Bros. 5". Mario decides to help Isshī breaking the curse, defeating Bowser and freeing the Princess. On their way, the company meets the first new enemy: a Bone Goomba. Defeating him, Mario obtains the Hone that transforms him into Skeleton Mario for three minutes.

Other enemies appear: a Flying Goomba, a Koopa Paratroopa and a Para-Beetle, but instead of wings they all have white and red flags. Mario is also capable of flying by taking said flags to become Hata Mario. Mario uses the flags to first instructs the flagged enemies to imitate his action, and soon enough, Mario stops raising the flags, making them fall to the ground. Mario then flies, followed by Isshī who's carrying Yoshi and Luigi, until they are stopped by a wall that forces them to go underground thanks to another power up that transforms Mario in Mogura Mario. In the underground, Mario faces a Nattō, a Buzzy Beetle whose shell is made out of sticky nattō. Yoshi eats the Natto and the heroes finally exit the underground.

They reach Bowser castle, now a pagoda, and after surpassing the deadly traps, they face Bowser, driving a Koopa Clown Car full of gadgets such as cannons, burners, drills, knifes, claws, saws, hammers and boxing gloves. Mario succumbs to Bowser's gadgets, but Isshī passes him a Bēda Capsule that transforms him in Mega Mario. After Mario squashes Bowser (and destroys half of the castle), Mario and his friends run to the Princess's chambers, but, contrary to Mario's expectations, he discovers that he just spent all this time to save Princess Watermelon, that has a big watermelon for a head.


スーパーマリオくん スペシャル4コマ劇場 (Super Mario-kun Special 4-Koma Theater)

  1. キラー (Bullet Bill): Mario and his friends are trying to walk past a stage full of Bullet Bills, but they are too fast, so Mario places a traffic light and the Bullet Bills stop at the red light, finally letting the three pass.
  2. ブイブイ (Reznors): Mario is facing against the Reznors and is not scared, stating that he just needs to hit their platform from below to defeat them. The Reznors speed up their platforms, making them harder to hit, but the speed makes them dizzy, and they fall on the ground by themselves.
  3. アトミックテレサ (Big Boo): Mario notices that the Big Boo will not attack him if he keeps watch him. Using this, Mario puts on the back of his head a mask of his face and manages to avoid any troubles from the Boo, not amused from this efficient trick.
  4. マントガメ (Super Koopa): Mario has defeated so many Super Koopas that he does not know what to make of the multiple Cape Feathers, so he decides to sell them and make money.
  5. K.K.のカミナリ攻撃 (Sumo Brother's lightning attack): a pestering Sumo Bro is blocking the path with his lightnings. Mario has a plan and gives Yoshi a hat. Yoshi is happy, but he soon discovers that it is a pointy metal helmet, so to use him as a lighting rod.
  6. ジュゲム (Lakitu): Lakitu, furious of being humiliated, is preparing an ambush for Mario, hiding in a pipe, but he does not notice that the pipe is already occupied by a Jumping Piranha Plant who bites him.
  7. フィッシングジュゲム (Fishin' Lakitu): Lakitu is preparing a second trap by tying a mushroom on his fishing rod. Someone takes the bait but, much to his horror, is Yoshi, who is slurping the rod and Lakitu like a noodle.