SFC Controller Nunchaku

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SFC Controller Nunchaku
Mario holding a SFC Controller Nunchaku
First appearance Super Mario-kun volume 1 (1991)

The SFC Controller Nunchaku is a weapon Mario uses in the second chapter of Super Mario-kun. It is a normal nunchaku that has two SNES Controllers instead of wooden sticks.

After being trapped in a circle of Warp Pipes by some Piranha Plants, Mario pulls out the SFC Controller Nunchaku, which he first uses to deflect some seeds the Piranha Plants spit at them like bullets, accidentally sending them against Luigi and Yoshi. Immediately after, after some well-placed swings, Mario defeats all of the Piranha Plants, but while prancing with his friends, he nearly chokes himself while spinning the weapon.

While fighting the Muteki Kyodai Pakkun, Mario attacks with the SFC Controller Nunchaku, but he fails in inflicting any damage to it. While the Muteki Kyodai Pakkun prepares a punch, Mario presses the Start Button button on one of the controllers, pausing the adventure, impeding the Muteki Kyodai Pakkun from making any movements outside of talking, though this also freezes the heroes' movement, forcing Mario to unpause and receive the punch to the head.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese SFC コントローラー ヌンチャク
SFC Kontorōrā Nunchaku
SNES Controller Nunchaku
French Nunchaku Manettes Super Nintendo[1] SNES Controller Nunchaku


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