Super Mario-kun Volume 2

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Super Mario-kun Volume 2
Super Mario-kun #2
Publisher Shogakukan
Label Coro Coro Comics
Artist(s) Yukio Sawada
Release date Japan November 28, 1991
France February 4, 2015
Spain February 21, 2017
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Super Mario-kun Volume 2 is the second volume of the manga series, continuing the Super Mario World story arc that began in the first volume, while the last chapter is a collection of quick stories about Mario's previous adventures (from Donkey Kong to Dr. Mario). In this part, Mario, Luigi, and Yoshi skip Vanilla Dome but go through the Twin Bridges and the Forest of Illusion, and ends with a search for a Star Road. The Koopalings Ludwig and Roy are encountered.

This volume's extras are 4-komas.


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Stage 1[edit]

Super Mario-kun manga volume 2 chapter 1 cover

変身カメック!! にせヨッシーで大活やく!? (Kamek's Transformation!! Fake Yoshi makes a big difference!?)

Yoshi finds a giant pile of Berries behind a rock. Yoshi informs Mario and Luigi that he's going to eat those, while the two brothers make snarky comments about his problematic hunger. Ignoring them, Yoshi goes to eat the Berries, but they turn into Koopa Troopas: it's a trap and Yoshi finds himself tied and hung to a block. Kamek appears and, congratulating the Koopa Troopas, transforms Yoshi's face into a Fuzzy, then disguises as him and returns to the Mario Bros.

The two brothers do question Yoshi's oddities, from his new glasses to his personality, but they have better things to think about, like a large troop of enemies that is coming to them. During the following battle, Mario and Luigi notice that Yoshi is yelling at the enemies for hurting him and become wary of him. Mario takes a bunch of Goombas and asks Yoshi to eat them. Kamek tries to avoid doing that by telling that he's full, but that makes the brothers grow more suspicious of him and forces the Goombas and a Pokey in his mouth. Then they ask him to breathe fire and Kamek tries to use a cardboard cutout to trick them, but fails.

Kamek manages to earn more time by pointing out to a Passin' Chuck, to which he almost speaks to. The Chuck kicks a giant football to them, but Mario grabs Yoshi by his tail and uses him as a baseball bat, pitching back the football and sending it back to the Chuck, defeating him and knocking out Yoshi. With Kamek out cold, his magic disappears, revealing the disguise to the brothers. The two run back to find their friend. They immediately find him: while they were fighting, Yoshi ate his Koopa and used the fat he gained to break the rope that restrained him, but still has a Fuzzy head.

Stage 2[edit]

Super Mario-kun manga volume 2 chapter 2 cover

大ピンチ!! 巨大メカクッパをやっつけろ!! (Big Trouble!! Defeat the Giant Mecha-Bowser!!)

Bowser is furious with his minions: they can't stop Mario and his friends, they try to calm him down by disguising like Princess Peach, while the real Peach mocks their failures. Full of rage, Bowser gets to know that Mario and his friends are just walking in the Vanilla Dome and give order to activate "it", making sure to press with all his might the ON button.

Inside the dome, Mario and Luigi are playing with the echo, until they hear a metallic sound getting closer and closer. Suddenly, in front of them, a gigantic robot shaped like Bowser, the Mekakuppa, appears and attacks them. The Mekakuppa tries to kick them, but the trio manages to dodge its feet and realizes that it's also slow, so the heroes try to leg it, but the Mekakuppa spits metal boogers at them from the nostril. Yoshi gets hit, but Mario grabs him and uses him as a club to hit the robot, making him dizzy. The robot then uses some arm-drills to hit the three, but (still dizzy) makes a hole in the ceiling of the cave.

The cave is flooded with water and Dolphins from the Vanilla Secret 3 level. While Mario is stopping Yoshi from eating the friendly Dolphins, he asks them to take them to the top of the dome, outside. The Dolphins help them rise the new waterfall and take them to the top of the dome, where Mario seals up the hole, trapping Mekakuppa in the flooded cave. As soon as Mario stops Yoshi from, once again, eating a Dolphin, the Mekakuppa emerges from the ground and returns to the attack.

With one fist swing, the heroes are knocked down. Mario grabs the only power-up he has, a Power Balloon, and becomes Balloon Mario, fleeing in the sky. Between the clouds, Mario finds a 3-Up Moon and, grabbing it, becomes Moon Mario. With his new powers, Mario flies at Mekakuppa, unfazed by its lasers, grabs a Cape Feather from the Item Stock and uses it to tickle Mekakuppa's nose. The robot sneezes, puking out all of its mechanical components, and shuts down. The Mekakuppa gets rebuild by Mario and his friends into a Ferris Wheel, while Bowser is crying for yet another failure.

Stage 3[edit]

Super Mario-kun manga volume 2 chapter 3 cover

食事禁止!? ヨッシー涙の減量(ダイエット)大作戦!! (No Food Allowed!? Yoshi's Tearful Big Diet Plan!!)

Mario and Luigi are once again complaining about Yoshi's hunger, but this time is for a good reason: by eating every single enemy they encounter, Yoshi has become a big fat butterball. However, no matter the obvious problem, they can't deny that Yoshi's stomach is the one that helps them survive, especially against the spiky enemies. The trio reaches Butter Bridge 1, a giant canyon that is full of Scale Mushrooms to help people cross it. A sign and a scale at the start of the level suggest the passerby to weight themselves in order to respect the Scale Mushroom weight limit. Yoshi gets on the scale, breaking it under his weight, then, when he tries to cross anyway, the Scale Mushroom quickly lower itself under him, towards the bottom full of pointy stalagmites. Scared, Yoshi admits that he needs to lose weight.

Mario and Luigi put Yoshi through a quick but efficient training, mostly based on running. Finally, Yoshi loses some weight (even if he still looks fat and barely respects the Scale Mushrooms' weight limit) and attempt to cross the level. Halfway through, Parabombs starts falling from the sky and land on the subsequent Scale Mushrooms, meaning that if the heroes step on the occupied Scale they'll go down for the extra weight, but if they try to shoot the Bob-ombs with the fireballs, they will make them explode and they'll get hurt.

With no chance of going back and with the clock (quite literally) ticking, Yoshi tries to help his friends and eats the Bob-ombs. The explosion's threat is no more, but Yoshi is no longer light enough and goes down with the Scale Mushroom. The Mario brother mourns the heroic death of their friend, but Yoshi re-emerges from the abyss, running on the Marios' Scale's stem. The trio safely reaches the other side of the cliff and, with all that running on the stem, Yoshi burnt the excess calories and return to his normal weight. Happy that his diet ended, Yoshi celebrates by eating a Berry, but he mistakenly eats a Power Balloon, becoming fat again.

Stage 4[edit]

Super Mario-kun manga volume 2 chapter 4 cover

大災害!? ジュゲムのハチャメチャ天気予報!! (Catastrophe!? Lakitu's Confused Weather Forecast)

Mario and Luigi are hungry, Yoshi offers them his canned enemies he's eating, but they decline. A floating Mushroom comes to them and Mario bites on it and realizes too late that it's tied to a fishing rod: Lakitu's. Back to get revenge for the Bowser snowman failure, having caught Mario to the "hook", Lakitu raises him up to his brand-new cloud which punches him until he loses the grip on the Mushroom.

After that, Lakitu starts trowing Spinies. Being full from all the canned enemies he just ate, Yoshi can't defeat the Spinies, but Luigi tosses to Mario a Grey P-Switch. Mario activates it and all the Spinies turn into Grey Coins, which Mario collects into a sack. Furious, Lakitu starts using all his gadgets in his cloud: falling rocks, rain, lightning bolts, wind, Bob-ombs and punches.

Mario grabs the Grey Coins sack and ties it to his head and flies at Lakitu, straight in his cloud, destroying it and hitting Lakitu in the process. The trio celebrates, but then it starts actually raining. To protect themselves from the rain, the three heroes make an umbrella out of Lakitu and his cloud and proceed in their journey.

Stage 5[edit]

Super Mario-kun manga volume 2 chapter 5 cover

恐怖の呪い!? おばけルドウイッグの逆襲!! (Curse of Terror!? Ludwig's Ghost Counterattack!!)

Mario just killed Ludwig in his castle. The heroes celebrate by trowing Mario into the air, but when he slams on the lowering spiked ceiling, they understand that they have to go, not noticing Kamek casting a spell on Ludwig's corpse. On the point of leaving the Twin Bridges region, the heroes are attacked by Ludwig's Castle, flying like a missile, that lands in front of them with one of its side carved like a tombstone. Kamek appears and summons the ghosts of all the fallen of the castle (that became Boos), including Ludwig's (which is a normal ghost).

Ludwig orders the Boos to attack the trio, but they continue to look at them. After Ludwig slaps his minions, the Boos get over their sight fear, and attack Mario and his friends. Luigi suggests defeating the Boos via exorcism rituals: he first tries with a ofuda but ends up angering the Boo, Yoshi tries with a cross, but, like the Boo says to him, "he's not Dracula". Ludwig laughs, but Mario uses a Buddhist bowl gong and that seems to do the trick: the Boos disappear. Mario invites Ludwig to give up, but the ghost summons Hitodamas to burn him and his friends, then he attacks Mario with his shell.

Mario tries to respond to the attacks, but can't hurt or touch a ghost, however he notices that Ludwig is near the leaves of a Fire Flower tree and toss a fireball to the tree. The big fire explosion that follows manages to purify Ludwig's ghost and, apparently, defeats him. However, Ludwig ghost is still present, but is no longer evil: Mario burned his evil part, leaving a pure ghost behind that keeps cuddling him, much to Mario, his friends and Kamek's dismay.

Stage 6[edit]

Super Mario-kun manga volume 2 chapter 6 cover

キラー一家の挑戦!! 親子でマリオと大激突!! (Bullet Bill's Family Challenge!! Mario and Family's Big Clash!!)

A Flying Goomba is ordered by Bowser to hire the Bill Family to off Mario once and for all. As soon as the Goomba is near their house, he gets hit by the two children, two cheerful young Bullet Bills (one that moves horizontally and the other one vertically), which are then scold by the submissive father, Bill Blaster, and the competitive and strong mother, Banzai Bill. The Flying Goomba explains that it's been offered to them 100 coins each for the death of Mario and his friends and, happy to be put to the test, Banzai Bill accepts for the whole family.

Mario and his friends stop for a break, when Banzai Bill emerges from the ground below Yoshi (almost making the trio believing he laid an egg). After placing her husband down, Banzai orders her boys to attack. Launched by Bill Blaster, the two Bullet Bills scratch Mario with their first attack, then Horizontal slams him to a rock. When Vertical comes, Mario jumps on him, blindfolds him with the cape and sends him against his brother, neutralizing them. With Bill Blaster too saddened by his children's defeat, Banzai Bill proceed to avenge her family, chasing Mario everywhere.

Mario finds a Pipe Cannon and stops Banzai Bill, asking her to settle this with a crashing duel: he'll get shot by the Pipe Cannon and they'll crash midair. If he survives, the Bill family must go away and never come back, otherwise, all of them three will accept to be their hunting trophies. Banzai Bill accepts, and Luigi and Yoshi don't hide their fear, but Mario reassures them that he has all under control. Mario gets shot and comes out victorious and undamaged by the crash. Luigi is surprised, but Mario shows him a slo-mo replay: one second before the crash, Mario made a funny face to distract Banzai Bill, grabbed a hammer and pounded her. Banzai Bill recovers and, slowly realizing that she just lost for the first time in her life, grabs Mario and pleads him to become her new husband to replace her useless and spineless husband, who's crying at these words.

Stage 7[edit]

Super Mario-kun manga volume 2 chapter 7 cover

いきなり裏ワールド!! マリオの敵はマリオ!? (The World's Suddenly Reversed!! Mario's Enemy is Mario!?)

Mario needs urgently to go to the bathroom and asks his friends to wait him while he'll urinate behind a rock. Done with his business, Mario notices above him an ON/OFF Switch and hits it, getting shocked and losing consciousness. Mario wakes up in front of a sign where is written that he's in the "Flipside World". Mario laughs at this joke and steps on something, Yoshi's tail. However, Yoshi is very different: he calls himself Ura Yoshi, is violent, has a tattoo and is fighting an army of enemies wearing a mask resembling Mario's face.

Mario understands that this isn't a joke and decides to fight against the masked enemies alongside Ura Yoshi which is not like his Yoshi, he's rude and doesn't want to do combined attacks with him. Mario finds a big and flattened Dragon Coin and decides to use it as a weapon. Raising it up, Mario slams the Dragon Coin on the ground. The shock wave defeats the enemies but also hits Mario that falls unconscious and wakes up in the normal world, where Luigi and Yoshi are looking at him, worried. Happy to be back in a world with a kind Yoshi, Mario decides to repay all the time Yoshi helped them by carrying him on his back. Luigi and Yoshi are surprised of such behavior, but don't complain about it.

Stage 8[edit]

Super Mario-kun manga volume 2 chapter 8 cover

裏ピーパックン出現!! 髪はわたしの命です!? (Jumping Pumpkin Plant Appears!! Hair is my life!?)

While camping for the night, Mario has a nightmare in which a Jumping Piranha Plant assaults him and bites him. When he wakes up, Mario realizes that it was caused by Yoshi sleepwalking and chewing his head. Next morning, Mario is in a grumpy mood and angry at Yoshi. When he explains the reason, that he had a nightmare about a biting Piranha Plant, Mario gets bitten by a Jumping Pumpkin Plant. Yoshi recognizes it as a rare and dangerous plant of the island and tells his friends to quickly distancing the Pumpkin Plant.

Before they can, the Pumpkin Plant summons some Munchers that bites the three. The Pumpkin Plant reveals its intentions of killing and burying Mario (he even prepared the tombstone and the shroud). Mario won't go down without a fight and jumps on the Pumpkin Plant. The Plant, however, puts a Pumpkin mask on him that turns him evil. Luigi and Yoshi save him by destroying, with a double kick, the mask. The Pumpkin summons then a Volcano Lotus, but it doesn't pose a real threat, shooting party-spheres instead of fireballs and failing to defeating the trio with a Kendama.

Mocked by Mario, the Pumpkin Plant grows root-tentacles from the head, grabbing Mario with one of them and creating a hairstyle with the rest. Luigi comes up with a plan and starts complimenting the Pumpkin Plant hairstyle. Vain, the Pumpkin shows off one hairstyle after another. When it creates a ponytail, Luigi signs Mario to do a cape twirl. Mario executes and cuts off the roots.

Furious, and being laughed off, the Pumpkin Plant spits acid to Mario, barely missing him, but dissolving his cape. Mario jumps in fear on top of Yoshi, making him pop an egg, from which a Yoshi Cloud comes out. Mario jumps on it and starts eating all the Bonus Coins, becoming the big-headed Nikoniko Mario. The sight of Mario's giant head, scares the Pumpkin Plant so much that it hides behind the panels. The battle is over and, in the time that it's needed for the Nikoniko Mario transformation to expire, Luigi and Yoshi uses Mario's big head as a sunshade.

Stage 9[edit]

Super Mario-kun manga volume 2 chapter 9 cover

水中面突入!! フィッシュボーンは骨のあるやつ!? (Rushing under the water's surface!! Fishbone's got a bone to pick?)

The trio is traversing a dangerous athletic level, constantly being attacked by flying enemies such as Super Koopas, but it's a simple Koopa Paratroopa that gets them and kicks them in the sea below. In the water, Mario pulls out a Frog Suit and uses it to swim faster. Luigi complains and ask for a suit for himself too. Mario gives him another suit, but it's a Tanooki Suit and Luigi sinks to the bottom in statue form. Mario accepts Luigi's request and removes the Frog Suit.

While swimming, the three see a Rip Van Fish and, not wanting to repeat the same mistake of last time, they carefully swim around it, but Mario's cape tickles Yoshi's nose, making him sneeze and waking the fish up. Just like last time, the Rip Van Fish calls his friends (multiple Cheep Cheeps, a Blurp and a Porcupuffer), but the Mario Bros. and Yoshi take care of all of them and, in a matter of seconds, they're all sushi.

One fish, late to the call, arrives: a Fishbone. No one is scared of its appearance, but Mario has to change his mind when the Fishbone eats his fireball and turns Luigi and Yoshi into skeletons. The Fishbone then shoots his fangs to Mario, pinning his cape to a rock. Seems to be the end, but a Bubble with a Super Star in it floats towards Mario. He grabs it, becomes invincible, and pound the Fishbone until it gets slammed to the rock and gets stuck in it like a fossil. Mario is victorious, but how can he revert his friends to their original form, now?

Stage 10[edit]

Super Mario-kun manga volume 2 chapter 10 cover

はじけるバブル!? 助っ人ハナチャン大奮闘!! (Burst Bubble!? Assistant Wiggler's Big Struggle!!)

Lost in the Forest of Illusion, the trio takes a break to eat. While Yoshi pulls out his instant Koopas, Mario notices a bubble that comes to him and traps him inside. Immediately after, a group of bubbled Goombas arrives and takes the bubbled Mario away. Yoshi tries to stop them, but one of the Goomba makes him catch a rock covered in spicy mustard with the tongue, neutralizing him. The Goombas take Mario to their boss, Roy, who calls his partner, Donkey Kong, to make him pound Mario to a pulp. DK tosses a barrel at Mario, but his bubble is too resistant that the barrel bounces back to DK's face, knocking him out cold. Mario laughs and take the chance of squashing the Goombas, but then realizes that, if not even DK managed to burst the bubble, then how he'll get out from there?

Meanwhile, Luigi and Yoshi are following the bubbles, and meets a friend of Yoshi, Wiggler, who helps them in their search for Mario by following his smell like a sniffer dog. They reach Roy on a mountain, where he's mocking Mario, and take their turn in trying to pop Mario's bubble, but with no success. While lying back to better enjoy the show, Roy hits Wiggler in the nose, making her lose the flower. Terrified, Yoshi screams to everyone to take cover while Wiggler explodes in rage.

Wiggler starts punching furiously Mario's bubble, and squeezes it enough to make it bursts. Mario is finally free, but is kicked by Wiggler into a Warp Pipe. Mario ends up in a Bonus area and starts collecting the 1-UP Mushrooms, then comes out and flies straight into Roy, avoiding his bubbles and punching him with the force of 5UP Mario. Roy is knocked down and Mario calms Wiggler by putting a Fire Flower on her head. Later, Bowser comes to see how his son is doing, only to find him full of bruises and trapped in one of his bubbles.

Stage 11[edit]

Super Mario-kun manga volume 2 chapter 11 cover

夏まつりのわな!? おばけやしきを突破せよ!! (The Summer Festival's Trap?! Break through the Ghosts!)

Freed by Bowser, Roy and his father put together a plan to stop Mario and prepare a trap filled Summer Festival. Mario and his friends falls for it without thinking twice and enjoy the stands. The trio's first stop is a goldfish scooping stand, but when they try to fish a goldfish, discovers that the tank has a Porcupuffer inside, but Mario has the upper hand, using Yoshi to fish it out of the tank, instead of using the paper scoop. The three then go to a ring toss stand ran by Lakitu. Mario tosses a ring to one of the poles (which are Bullet Bills), and scores, but the Bullet Bill flies off. Mario complains and Lakitu tosses a ring at his head and the ring shrinks, squeezing Mario's head. To save him, Yoshi farts on the ring, making Mario and the ring fall on the ground from the smell. Next stop is the Sumo Bro's mask shop, where a lot of Goomba masks are exposed. When Luigi asks why such unique products, the Goombas assault them, but Mario burns them with no problem.

Roy and Bowser are angry: not one of their traps has worked so far, but Roy reassures his father that the next attraction, the Ghost House, will do the trick. Inside, Mario and his friends are scared by the Dry Bones and other enemies dressed as ghosts and corpses, and try to find the exit faster, but they encounter a Big Boo. The Big Boo blocks their path and squashes them with his body. Mario tries to punch it back, but its soft body doesn't let him of hurting the Boo, who bounces all over the room. Yoshi, who briefly separated from the group, returns, showing off that he collected all the five Dragon Coins in the house. Mario yells at him for wasting time, but when the light reflects on the coins, the Boo is flashed by them and turns into a solid Boo Buddy Block. Being no longer soft, the Big Boo is picked up by Mario and tossed against a Trampoline, and the Boo crashes against the Ghost House walls and lands outside, right on top of Bowser and Roy, angry that their plan failed.

Stage 12[edit]

Super Mario-kun manga volume 2 chapter 12 cover

あやうしルイージ!! ソーダスターを探しだせ!! (Watch Out, Luigi!! Looking for the Soda Star)

The trio encounters a Volcano Lotus. Yoshi warns the Mario Bros. to be careful to its fireballs, but the Plant emits a gassy cloud. Yoshi fights back with the same means and farts on the plant, almost withering it. When the gas cloud disappears, Luigi is revealed to be turned into stone. The Plant explains that it accidentally released a toxic gas, however it doesn't work on "stupid people" (that's why Mario and Yoshi weren't turned into stones as well). Mario and Yoshi forces the plant to revert Luigi to his normal form, but the plant explains that the only way is with the Soda Star, that is found at the bottom of the Soda Lake.

The two reach the Soda Lake and dive in it. In the distance, they see a Blurp shoal, so they disguise as Bloopers, but one of the Blurps notices Yoshi's tail and bites on it, making him jump out from the costume. Using the cape and grabbing Yoshi, Mario escapes the shoal, and they find the Star, but another obstacle is placed in front of them: a Torpedo Base launching many Torpedo Teds at them. Yoshi explodes eating the Teds, while Mario tries to sneak past the Base, but it's grabbed by the mechanical hand. Yoshi finds a ? Block and finds inside a lot of Fire Flowers, that passes to Mario, transforming him in Hinotama Mario. With his fire aura, Mario burns the hand and takes the star.

The two return to the surface and Mario slaps the star on Luigi, but as the Volcano Lotus makes them notice, they took a normal starfish: the real Soda Star is still resting at the bottom of the Soda Lake.

Stage 13[edit]

Super Mario-kun manga volume 2 chapter 13 cover

ちびマリオ登場!? フターロード脱出作戦!! (Small Mario appears!? Hooter Road escape strategy!!)

The trio finds a sign pointing to the Star Road. Yoshi explains that the Star Roads are portals to the Star World, where they can take a shortcut to the Valley of Bowser. Happy, Mario run towards the Star Road, but crash on it. Looking better, many other Star Roads on the valley and a sign (probably Bowser's) saying "which one is the real one?". The three start checking all the Star Roads. When one of them finally teleports them, they are taken on Futā Road.

Exploring that world, Mario finds a Mushroom and eats it, but he gets shrunk down: he just ate a Poison Mushroom. Luigi goes to check for a Super Mushroom in a Rotating Block, but the Block punches him. The trio tries to ask for a mushroom then, but the block does not have a Super Mushroom. Upset, the trio leaves and looks for a way to go back to Dinosaur Land. A Keyhole is found, but a Sumo Bro appears and attacks the heroes.

Mario tries to fight him, but he's too small and the Sumo Bro eats him alive. Luigi immediately comes with a plan and offers the enemy a cake. The Sumo Bro accepts it, but after swallowing it he starts to feel strange. Luigi reveals he hid in the cream a block containing something. Mario, from inside the enemy belly, hits the block and a vine grows out from the Sumo Bro's mouth. While the enemy falls to the ground sick, Mario exits from his mouth with a key. The trio exit the level and gets off the Futā Road, returning to Earth. The chapter concludes with Luigi trying to bring Mario to his normal height by hitting him with a hammer (just like in the Issun-bōshi fairy tale).

Stage 14[edit]

Super Mario-kun manga volume 2 chapter 14 cover

マリオがいっぱい!! スーパーマリオひみつ百科!! (Mario is Full!! Super Mario's Secret Album!!)

Mario is reading a book and Yoshi grows curious of its content. Mario reveals it's not a simple book: it's a memory album of his life, and shows it to Yoshi:

  • 1980年 マリオ誕生!! (Mario was born in 1980!!): as a baby, Mario was already wearing his mustache and had a passion for mushrooms and coins, using those as pacifiers and toys.
  • ファミコンデビュー作「ドンキーコング (Famicom debut: "Donkey Kong"): back when he was dating Lady, Mario had to save her from Donkey Kong from the top of a Construction Site, from where the ape was trowing barrels. Mario ran to save her, but couldn't dodge the barrels, getting hurt by them. After reaching the top of 25 m, Lady was so scared of Mario bruised and bloody face that decided to date DK.
  • マリオブラザーズ」で最強コンビ結成 ("Mario Bros." formed the biggest duo): Luigi and Mario started working together, but instead of working their way in the turtles infested sewers like a team, they fought insulting their twin faces ("Maybe the worst duo was formed, instead").
  • スーパーマリオブラザーズ」大ヒット!! ("Super Mario Bros." is a big hit!!): Mario and Luigi went, for the first time, to rescue Princess Peach. Every Bowser they defeated it was revealed to be an impostor. After defeating the real Bowser in World 8, Mario ran towards the Princess, only to be revealed to be a Bowser Impostor too.
  • ゴルフ (Golf): playing golf, Mario sent his ball into a water obstacle. Caddie Bowser emerged from that water pond, taking his ball and nullifying Mario's shot.
  • アルバイト (Part-time jobs): Mario participated in many other sports and activities: he was a Tennis referee, a demolition man, a boxing referee and a cuttlefish.
  • スーパーマリオブラザーズ3」 龍大ヒット!! ("Super Mario Bros. 3" is another big hit!!): Mario had so much fun with all the transformations that adventure offered, that starts to list them all: Racoon Mario, Hammer Mario, Tanooki and Statue Mario, Frog Mario, Goomba Shoe Mario and Mari Mario ("Wait, I don't remember this one." adds Luigi).
  • ゲームボーイ スーパーマリオランド (Game Boy Super Mario Land): Mario went to rescue Princess Daisy of Sarasaland from the evil alien Tatanga. On the point of hugging her, though, Peach appeared and preventively punished Mario for "cheating" on her.
  • ゲームボーイ テトリス (Game Boy Tetris): while trying to position the falling blocks in the area, Mario got so stressed out for the falling speed that burned all the blocks in a rage.
  • ドクターマリオ (Dr. Mario): to cure an epidemic of Viruses, Mario and Peach dressed themselves as doctor and nurse to help the citizen. When the first one arrived, Mario prepared his tools. Scared by a saw, the patient ran away.
  • マリオ大活躍!! (Mario's big success!!): the page shows Mario, Luigi and Yoshi fighting a bunch of enemies while they try to reach Bowser's Castle, but then Mario interrupts, saying that for this story the reader can just read the manga.

After finishing reading, Yoshi compliments Mario for his successes. Happy, Mario boasts that his successes were so great that SimCity commissioned a big statue of him. But Luigi breaks the news to Mario: recently he heard that the statue broke while it was delivered to the city. Mario immediately starts building another one, making Luigi and Yoshi laughs at his ego.


ヨッシー大食い十番勝負 (Yoshi's 10 Gluttony Games)

  1. 質スイカのおいしい食べ方 (How to eat quality watermelon deliciously): Mario and his friends are taking a picnic, eating watermelons. Mario comments on how people are supposed to spit out the seeds, but then turns to face Yoshi, who's eating the watermelons without spitting seeds.
  2. ドッスン (Thwomp): Yoshi decides to eat a Thwomp, but he can't digest it.
  3. カロン (Dry Bones): Mario finds a big pile of Dry Bones, but they don't attack him. That's because those are the rests of the Koopa Troopas that Yoshi just ate.
  4. メットたち (Buzzy Beetle group): Yoshi encounters a group of Buzzy Beetles and eats them all. Only a Spike Top is left, and Yoshi uses it as a toothpick.
  5. コーラ (Cola): Mario is thirsty and Yoshi suggests drinking a cola with him. Mario accepts, but then Yoshi offers him a Kame Cola, a cola bottle up in a Koopa Shell.
  6. すききらい (Like it and hate it): Mario and his friend are eating at Peach's. Mario complains that he doesn't like the carrots and the peppers. Peach scolds him and point at Yoshi that he likes her vegetable soup, however Mario makes her notice that Yoshi loves to eat even the iron balls and the boots.
  7. これもたべて (Eat this too): Yoshi states that he likes everything, so Luigi challenges him to eat the garbage, making Yoshi upset that his friends really think he actually eats garbage too.
  8. はなび (Fireworks): Mario and Luigi are enjoying the fireworks, but then Winged Yoshi eats the last one, upsetting the brothers.
  9. ボム兵ごはん (Bob-omb rice): Yoshi offers to cook a rice bowl for Mario. He prepares the rice, then puts an ignited Bob-omb on top of it. While Yoshi calls this his recipe for preparing the takikomi gohan, Mario is shocked by such stupidity.
  10. ほんとの食事 (The real meal): Mario and Yoshi just finished having lunch, but Yoshi states that was just his appetizer and orders plates and plates full of cooked enemies, ready to dig in to "the real meal".


  • Even though Yoshi did not enter Iggy and Morton's Castles because (as Luigi points out) it is what he does in the game, Yoshi has no problem in entering Ludwig's Castle in this volume and in Wendy, Larry, and Bowser's Castles in the next volumes.
  • In the chapter 10 title page, there is a shot of Cookie Mountain in which the hill has a bandage, which the game shows is caused by Ludwig's Castle crashing into it, though this does not happen in the manga.
  • In chapter 11, to advertise his summer festival trap, Roy printed flyers explicitly mentioning Bowser's involvement, making him think that Mario will never fall for this trap, only to be shocked in seeing that he does. In volume 6, the same gag is used when a Monty Mole advertises the booby-trapped kart circuit with similar flyers.
  • The way Luigi tries to grow Mario by hitting him with a hammer is a nod to Issun-bōshi. This is later employed in the Mario & Luigi series for the Mini-Mario technique.