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Super Mario-kun Special Selection
Cover of Super Mario-kun Special Selection
Publisher Shogakukan
Label Coro Coro Comic
Artist(s) Yukio Sawada
Release date Japan April 28, 2023[1]
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Super Mario-kun Special Selection is the second collection of "best of" chapters from Yukio Sawada's Super Mario-kun. It includes single chapters (called "stages") from other volumes based on various games.

The stages are split into three sections: "Early CoroCoro Comic series reprint" (コロコロコミック連載初期 復刻掲載), "Episodes selected by Mr. Sawada" (沢田先生が選ぶ厳選エピソード), and "Treasured episodes not included in the comics" (コミックス未収録 超秘蔵エピソード).

Part 1: Early CoroCoro Comic series reprint[edit]

Stage 1[edit]

Super Mario-kun Special Selection chapter 1 cover

第1面 別冊コロコロコミックスペシャル 1991年スプリング増刊号掲載 (Stage One: Published in Bessatsu CoroCoro Comic Special 1991 Spring Issue)

Stage 2[edit]

第2面 月刊コロコロコミック 1990年11月号掲載 (Stage Two: Published in Monthly CoroCoro Comic November 1990 Issue)

Stage 3[edit]

第3面 月刊コロコロコミック 1990年12月号掲載 (Stage Three: Published in Monthly CoroCoro Comic December 1990 Issue)

Stage 4[edit]

第4面 別冊コロコロコミック 1991年第43号掲載 (Stage Four: Published in Bessatsu CoroCoro Comic 1991 #43)

Part 2: Episodes selected by Mr. Sawada[edit]

Stage 5[edit]

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第5面 どうするマリオ! ヨッシーいかりの家出!! (Stage Five: What should Mario do? Yoshi runs away from home!!)

Stage 6[edit]

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第6面 がんばれルイージ! (Stage Six: Good luck Luigi!)

Stage 7[edit]

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第7面 激闘に終止符! マリオVSクッパ!! (Stage Seven: The Fierce Fighting Finale! Mario VS Bowser!!)

As armies collide, a chaotic battle ensues. King Bob-omb takes on multiple enemies at once, but is eventually damaged by a Bullet Bill. Yoshi proceeds to eat many of the enemies, but is then bitten himself by a Chain Chomp, who in turn is eaten by Dorrie who is being ridden by Whomp King. With the minor enemies dealt with, Whomp King urges them to proceed to the top of the mountain to challenge Bowser.

Wiggler, equipped with new tread-style feet, gives Mario and Yoshi a ride, leaving Luigi behind. As they ascend, a Lakitu dumps a basket of Banana Peels in their path, making Wiggler spin-out. They are immediately attacked by a fleet of Snufits and Spindrifts. Mario draws the Spindrifts into the Snufits' line of fire, but Wiggler entered a cocoon after spinning-out, giving the others no escape route from the airborne attack.

Suddenly, the cocoon opens and Wiggler emerges as a Flutter, who goes into a blind rage and begins decimating Bowser's army. With Flutter on their side, the tide turns in Mario's favor. As they approach Bowser, however, he surrounds himself with powerful stone enemies, including Thwomps and Eyeroks, and claims that Mario cannot break through his stone defenses. But Mario's army becomes metal after using Mario's Power Stars to acquire green blocks and easily destroy the stone enemies and rescue Peach. The metal power wears off before they can deal with Bowser, but he is still outnumbered and facing certain defeat.

Bowser suddenly apologizes and starts crying. But Mario assures him that he fought well and that they had a nice fight, and offers him a handshake. When Bowser accepts the handshake, he squeezes Mario's hand too hard on purpose and they start bickering again. In the end, Peach makes cake for everyone while Mario and Bowser tug on each other's faces and hair.

Part 3: Treasured episodes not included in the comics[edit]

Stage 8[edit]

第8面 マロ参戦!? クッパ城で大バトル!! (Stage Eight: Mallow joins the battle!? A big battle at Bowser's Castle!!)

Stage 9[edit]

第9面 クッパ城がのっとられた!? 新たな敵はカジオー!! (Stage Nine: Bowser's castle has been taken over!? The new enemy is Smithy!!)

Stage 10[edit]

第10面 今日はなんの日!? マリオとレッツパーティー!! (Stage Ten: What day is it today!? Let's party with Mario!!)

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese スーパーマリオくん スペシャルセレクション -


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