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This article is about the novel Donkey Kong Country. For other uses of the name "Donkey Kong Country", see Donkey Kong Country (disambiguation).
Front cover of the Donkey Kong Country novel.
The novel's cover.

Donkey Kong Country is a 1994 chapter book written by Michael Teitelbaum and published by Troll Communications, based on the video game of the same name. The book spawned two sequels named Donkey Kong Country: Rumble in the Jungle and Donkey Kong Country: Rescue on Crocodile Isle, loosely based on Donkey Kong Land and Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest, respectively.


On a dark and stormy night, Diddy Kong takes over from Donkey Kong in guarding their banana hoard from the Kremlings. As Donkey Kong goes to sleep, Diddy is assaulted by a group of Kremlings led by Klump and sealed inside a barrel, which Klump promptly kicks across the jungle.

The next morning, Donkey Kong wakes up and notices that Diddy and the bananas are gone. His panic wakes up Cranky Kong, who insists on tagging along to find Diddy. Donkey Kong grabs his backpack filled with a variety of mini-barrels before setting off. While exploring, the Kongs are ambushed by a pair of Kremlings, but Rambi arrives to bash away the Kremlings and Cranky finds Diddy in a barrel the Kremlings were using as a weapon. Rambi then explains that the Kremling's factory is polluting the island's air and soil and must be destroyed.

The Kongs travel through the abandoned Tree Top village, but Cranky's whining alerts the Kremlings cannon gunners stationed there. As the group is bombarded by barrels, Rambi manages to dislodge the gunners by charging into a tree. The group leaves the Tree Top Town and Rambi leaves the Kongs at the bottom of the mountain. The Kongs initially have difficulty braving the blizzard, but they are soon rescued by Expresso who leads them to an ice cave. As the Kongs explain to him their mission, Necky and Mini-Necky attack by spitting coconuts. After Donkey Kong drives off the vultures by shooting them with the mini-barrel cannon, Expresso shows to the Kongs they can reach the factory through the abandoned mines.

In the mines, the apes soon encounter Squawks, who shows them a shortcut to the factory via a mine cart. The Kongs enter the factory and overhear its two employees, Zinger and Klap Trap chatting about King K. Rool's absence. They soon notice the Kongs' presence, but the apes easily defeat the employees and demolish the factory using TNT barrels.

The next morning, the Kongs walk to the shoreline and meet Enguarde, who guides them to the Gangplank Galleon. The Kongs board the ship as King K. Rool announces to his underlings the destruction of the factory and his intention to launch a "full-scale attack" on their home. The Kongs attack and K. Rool flees the ensuing brawl. The Kremlings soon abandon ship and the stolen bananas are loaded onto a giant improvised raft created by Cranky. The apes then congratulate themselves on a job well done.


“I am the brave Diddy Kong. Show yourself, if you are friendly. If not, then get ready for the fight of your life!”
Diddy Kong
“"I'm with the youngster!" Cranky said. "Let's give those Krem-bums a good old-fashioned monkey-barrel full of trouble!"”
Cranky Kong
“"You guys look like you could use a hand. Actually, a foot. Well, really, two feet-wearing my sure-grip sneakers.”


Fansite Donkey Kong Universe did a MSTing of Donkey Kong Country, which mocked the novel's poor dialogue and plot holes.[1]

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