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Made in Wario
The introductory splash page of the manga Made in Wario, depicting Wario on his bike colliding with Yoshi and Luigi.
Publisher Kodansha
Label Comic BomBom
Artist(s) Kei Aoki, Mikamaru
Release date Japan March 2005

Made in Wario (メイドインワリオ, Meido in Wario) is a special episode of Dr. Mario-kun published in the March 2005 issue of the manga anthology Comic BomBom. The 16-page manga was illustrated by Kei Aoki and Mikamaru. The first half of the manga features Yoshi and Luigi play-testing Dr. Crygor and Mona's Nintendo DS games, while the second half features Yoshi and Luigi experiencing Sakebu Made in Wario, Wario's rollercoaster park.

For a limited time on December 14-30, 2021, the manga was freely available for viewing in Kei Aoki's blog as part of a campaign to get Dr. Mario-kun reprinted.[1]


The final panel of the Made in Wario manga; the foreground depicts Dr. Crygor, Mona, and Wario, while the inset depicts Dr. Mario looking over Luigi and Yoshi, unconscious.Mona: Another big hit!!Wario: WarioWare, Inc. will turn anything into a game!!Dr. Crygor: If you have any good ideas, tell me!!Dr. Mario: What happened to you two?Yoshi: Oh, I'm so tired of games...!
The final panel of the manga, depicting Wario, Mona, Dr. Crygor, Dribble, and Spitz. The inset has Dr. Mario checking on Yoshi and Luigi.

The manga begins with a one-page prologue, where Luigi and Yoshi break the fourth wall. As the limelight flashes upon them, they state that they are the main characters of the story. Suddenly, Wario with his bike hits the two, as the title drops.

In Diamond City, Luigi and Yoshi arrive at WarioWare, Inc., and Wario enlists them to make microgames. The next day, Dr. Crygor and Mona arrive at the headquarters, showing them their games. Dr. Crygor first demonstrates a game called Niō Made in Wario, which has scent chips embedded inside it. Yoshi play-tests the game and succeeds at a microgame, making the chips dispense a banana scent. However, when he fails at a microgame, a sudden stink (depicted as excrement with Wario's nose and mustache on it) greets Yoshi, making him pass out. Next, Mona presents another game, Kinisawaru Made in Wario, which makes snarky comments in order to discourage Luigi from playing it. If he makes a mistake in the game, it curses Luigi. Soon, the snarky comments and curses get the better of Luigi, and he slumps to the ground, crying.

Luigi and Yoshi try to sneak a way back home, but Dribble & Spitz arrive, with the former using a steering wheel akin to a Wii Wheel; and they knock Luigi and Yoshi out. Dribble & Spitz then ask if Wario has made something. In response, Wario escorts Luigi and Yoshi to his car and takes them to a rollercoaster park, Sakebu Made in Wario, where players can experience microgames in real-life. Luigi and Yoshi board the ride, shaped like a capsule, and Wario activates the power box. Out of contempt, Yoshi uses his tongue to wrangle Wario into the ride. They soon approach a runny nose, and by repeatedly pressing the A button on the ride's control panel, they succeed in making the nose suck up the mucus drip. Next, they approach a revolving nose, which they have to pass through. They then dodge a stomping foot, escape an erupting volcano, and encounter a looping track. At this point, Dr. Crygor, Mona, Dribble, and Spitz, witness the capsule ride, worried. Dribble & Spitz even burst into tears, stating that they cannot let the trio go.

Finally, Wario, Luigi, and Yoshi reach the last nose, but it dispenses a mucus ball from its nostril, which rolls towards them. Wario tries to stop the ride by mashing all buttons, but fails. As a last resort, he turns off the ride's power, ejecting and throwing them into the goal sign. As Mona happily exclaims that Sakebu Made in Wario will be a big hit, she, Wario, and Dr. Crygor celebrate. Wario then claims that his company will turn any object into a game, asking for any further suggestions. The manga concludes with Dr. Mario checking on Luigi and Yoshi, who are both incapacitated from the rollercoaster ride.


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