Uho'uho Daishizen Gag: Donkey Kong

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Uho'uho Daishizen Gag: Donkey Kong
Uho'uho Daishizen Gag: Donkey Kong volume 1's cover
Publisher Shogakukan
Label CoroCoro Comic
Artist(s) Makoto Hijioka
Volumes 2

Uho'uho Daishizen Gag: Donkey Kong is a manga published by Shogakukan and serialized by CoroCoro Comics between 2000 and 2001, created by emergent manga artist Makoto Hijioka. It is based on the animated series of Donkey Kong Country, with elements from other games of the franchise.


The plot of the manga follows the same one of the animated series: on Donkey Kong Island, Donkey Kong is in possession of the mystical Crystal Coconut, which makes him the king of the island. King K. Rool, the Kremling ruler, wants the Crystal Coconut for himself and to rule over the island.

Differently from the show, the manga introduces more characters from the games to the cast: Tiny Kong, Chunky Kong, Lanky Kong, and Kiddy Kong, alongside many of the enemies. Beside having some chapters directly based on the show's episodes, the rest of the manga has original stories in line with the both the game and television's franchises.


Volume # Chapters content Date of release Image
  1. Adaptation of "Bad Hair Day".
  2. Adaptation of "Ape Foo Young".
  3. Candy proposes to settle DK and Bluster's rivalry with a flying race.
  4. DK, Diddy, Cranky and Lanky ends up in a subterranean temple, while King K. Rool is exploring the temple looking for cursed treasures.
  5. General Klump's robot is terrorizing the mountain region, which everyone thinks is the work of Eddie the Mean Old Yeti.
  6. In order to impress Dixie, Diddy embarks on an adventure to retrieve the Heart Banana.
  7. Semi-adaptation of "Baby Kong Blues", with Kiddy Kong replacing Baby Kong.
  8. A giant Necky kidnaps Tiny Kong and leads her to a remote rock in the middle of a lake.
July 25, 2000[1] Uho'uho Daishizen Gag: Donkey Kong volume 1's cover
  1. DK accidentally kicks the Crystal Coconut right into K. Rool's clutches, starting a mine cart chase to retrieve the relic.
  2. Semi-adaptation of "Booty and the Beast": Kaptain Skurvy is back to retrieve his lost family treasure, the Crystal Coconut. Using Lanky as hostage, he takes the Coconut and flees with the prisoner, getting chased by the Kong crew.
  3. Continuation of the previous chapter: after rescuing Lanky and the Coconut, Skurvy starts to bombard the Kongs to not let them escape.
  4. Tired of Bluster bragging to be a professional at bowling, DK challenges him.
  5. K. Rool starts sending the mountain's snow to the valley to freeze his enemies.
  6. During a drought, Chunky finds the last standing banana tree and convinces everyone to take care of it, instead of harvesting it.
  7. Candy is kidnapped by the Kremlings and forced to bake a poisonous cake for DK.
  8. Lanky bets with his pals that they cannot deflate him while in Baboon Balloon form. The Kong crew tries to prove him wrong.
June 25, 2001[2] Uho'uho Daishizen Gag: Donkey Kong volume 2's cover


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Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ウホウホ大自然ギャグ ドンキーコング
Uhouho Daishizen Gyagu Donkī Kongu
Ook-Ook Nature Gag: Donkey Kong


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