Four Weddings and a Coconut

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Donkey Kong Country episode
"Four Weddings and a Coconut"
Season 3
Episode 6
Airdate USA March 3, 2000
Writer(s) Martial Harivel
Terry Saltsman
Song(s) "Yes Means No"
"The Banana Do-si-do"
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"Four Weddings and a Coconut" is the thirty-second episode of the Donkey Kong Country television series and the sixth episode of season three. It was the thirty-third episode to air in North America. Donkey Kong receives pressure from Candy Kong to prove his love by marrying her. The title is a pun on the British romantic comedy Four Weddings and a Funeral.

Plot synopsis[edit]

The episode starts at Bluster Barrelworks, where Candy Kong can be seen working. Bluster Kong arrives and states that the factory could be in her possession. She pushes him to the ground, and tries to finish her job early to have lunch with Donkey Kong. After arguing with Bluster Kong, he challenges her to be sure if Donkey Kong will marry her. Candy Kong is sure that Donkey Kong will want to marry her, and she slaps her fingers in front of Bluster Kong to trap him in a barrel.

Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong later arrive in the factory to ask Candy Kong if Donkey Kong can go fishing with Diddy Kong instead. Donkey Kong says he and Diddy Kong have "very important business" to attend to, and Candy Kong wants to ask something from DK to return the favor. She asks to be wed with Donkey Kong, which shocks him. He runs away from the factory, leaving Diddy Kong and Candy Kong there. Bluster Kong then taunts Candy Kong inside a barrel. Diddy Kong later notices Donkey Kong on a tree in the jungle, and he leaves the tree when he confirms that Candy Kong is not there. He thinks that the Crystal Coconut can help him to solve the question.

At Cranky's Treehouse, Donkey Kong learns that nothing can prevent his marriage with Candy Kong, which causes him to collapse. In the jungle, Diddy Kong talks to Donkey Kong about the things he will not need after marrying Candy Kong, but Donkey Kong is instead trying to find a good manner to ask Candy to marry with him. General Klump and Krusha hear the conversation from behind a bush and later tell King K. Rool about it, making him very excited about it, since he loves weddings.

Meanwhile, Diddy Kong wants Donkey Kong to ask Candy to marry him and pulls him into the entrance of Bluster Barrelworks, and they start to sing. After being convinced by Diddy Kong that Candy Kong is not being serious, Donkey Kong enters the factory. Inside, Bluster Kong tries to convince Candy Kong to marry him. Donkey Kong arrives and he and Bluster Kong begin to argue while Candy Kong is becoming angry. Donkey Kong tries to ask Candy Kong to marry him, but he is too nervous. He tries to kiss Candy Kong's hand, but he ends up kissing Bluster Kong's hand. Later, Donkey Kong proposes to Candy Kong, and she accepts the proposal, causing Donkey Kong to collapse.

Donkey Kong then tells Diddy Kong that Candy Kong really wants to marry him. Candy then overhears this and despite her sadness, she tells him that he can always change his mind. However, Donkey Kong decides to marry Candy Kong. Sometime after this, Cranky Kong uses a hologram to tell Donkey Kong that he found a way to prevent his marriage. He says that the future ruler of the Kongo Bongo can only marry with permission from Inka Dinka Doo. After hearing this, Donkey Kong rushes to Inka Dinka Doo's Temple.

At the temple, Donkey Kong tells Inka Dinka Doo what happened, but he allows Donkey Kong to marry Candy. Donkey Kong then walks in the temple, but he falls in a trapdoor. Donkey Kong is surrounded by many pointed wooden stakes in the trap and crouches while asking for help. Meanwhile, Funky Kong is delivering wedding invitations to various characters, including the Kremlings and King K. Rool. On the next day, Diddy Kong learns that Donkey Kong may still be in the temple, and looks for him. At the same time, Donkey Kong is rushing inside the temple, but he stops and leans on a brick in the wall, making a trapdoor appear in the roof. He accidentally steps on another trap and the temple turns upside-down, causing him to drop inside the trapdoor.

Candy Kong is in a wedding dress and waits for Donkey Kong, but after discovering that he did not get out of Inka Dinka Doo's temple, she becomes very sad. Bluster Kong then tries to go back to his factory, but Candy Kong stops him and wants to marry him, shocking Cranky Kong, Diddy Kong, and Funky Kong. After finding a ring, Donkey Kong manages to exit the temple. In the treehouse, Cranky Kong starts the ceremony while Donkey Kong is running through the jungle, but he is surrounded by General Klump, Krusha, and King K. Rool. Cranky Kong continues to proceed with the wedding while King K. Rool and General Klump sneak into his treehouse.

Donkey Kong starts to sing and teaches Krusha and the Kritters to dance, distracting them and allowing him to rush to the treehouse. At the ceremony, Cranky Kong almost finishes the wedding, but Donkey Kong suddenly shows up and jumps at Bluster. Cranky Kong's scepter is later hit on the floor, causing the Crystal Coconut to appear and get stolen by the Kremlings. Cranky Kong orders Donkey Kong to stop them, but he refuses to go anywhere until the ceremony is over. Hearing this, Cranky Kong proceeds with the ceremony quickly, but Candy Kong stops him and tells Donkey Kong to save the Crystal Coconut.

King K. Rool and General Klump run in the jungle, though they realize Krusha and the Kritters are dancing instead of trapping Donkey Kong. Donkey Kong soon arrives and sings and Krusha spins onto King K. Rool, causing him to throw the Crystal Coconut back to Donkey Kong. Back at the treehouse, Donkey Kong is back, but Diddy Kong is disappointed because there will not be a wedding party anymore. Donkey Kong tells him to cheer up and they all decide to have a normal party.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ドンキーの結婚
Donkī no kekkon
The Wedding of Donkey

Dutch De bruiloft
The Wedding
French Quatre mariages et une noix de coco
Four Weddings and a Coconut
German Die verpatzte Hochzeit
The Botched Wedding