Donkey Kong Country: Rescue on Crocodile Isle

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Front cover of the novel Donkey Kong Country: Rescue on Crocodile Isle.
The novel's front cover.

Donkey Kong Country: Rescue on Crocodile Isle is a 1997 chapter book written by Michael Teitelbaum, illustrated by Leif Peng and published by Troll Communications. It is the third book in its series, preceded by Donkey Kong Country in 1994, and Donkey Kong Country: Rumble in the Jungle in 1995. Rescue on Crocodile Isle shares the same cover artwork and similar plot line as the game Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest. This is unlike Donkey Kong Country: Rumble in the Jungle, which shares cover artwork with the game Donkey Kong Land, although with several differences in the story and characters.


One sunny day, Donkey Kong is relaxing on a beach chair on one of the shores of Donkey Kong Island. He is interrupted by Cranky Kong, who scolds him for being a "big, lazy ape". Later that evening when Diddy Kong and Dixie Kong return to their treehouse, they find that Cranky and his wife Wrinkly Kong are worried about how Donkey Kong hasn't returned from the beach yet. They all travel there to investigate, and soon find that Donkey Kong's beach chair and sunglasses were smashed to pieces. The Kongs also spot Kremling footprints in the sand, and they understand that Donkey Kong has been kidnapped by Kaptain K. Rool, who had left a note that reads:

Illustration showing Wrinkly, Cranky, Dixie and Diddy Kong all reading a ransom note left by Kaptain K Rool.
Illustration showing the Kongs reading Kaptain K. Rool's ransom note.

To the yellow-bellied, landlubbing Kong family: Hah-arrrh! We got the big monkey on Crocodile Isle! If you want him back, you scurvy dogs, you'll have to hand over the banana hoard!

Diddy and Dixie immediately decide to go and rescue him, preferring that Cranky doesn't join them as they think he's had "enough adventures for one lifetime". Offended and doubtful that they will succeed alone, Cranky returns to the treehouse with Wrinkly. The following morning, Diddy and Dixie borrow a small sailing ship from the docks, and load it with food supplies and barrels. They set sail for Crocodile Isle, and Diddy Kong uses a compass and sea chart to navigate. Suddenly, Cranky Kong emerges from one of the crates, hiding there since before Diddy and Dixie arrived at the dock. Cranky Kong proceeds to tell them "many stories" of his youth, until an evening storm approaches the ship. The storm's gales grow stronger, and soon send them falling overboard.

Illustration showing Diddy and Dixie using crocodile heads to escape from the lava of Crocodile Cauldron. Cranky Kong is assisted by Squawks the Parrot.
Illustration showing Diddy and Dixie Kong using the crocodile heads to reach safety. Cranky Kong is assisted by Squawks the Parrot after he loses his balance.

While in the water, the Kongs see Shuri the Starfish and Lockjaw the Piranha approaching them, preparing to attack. Enguarde the Swordfish intervenes, giving the Kongs some "breathing barrels" which allow them to breathe underwater. Enguarde then attacks Lockjaw and Shuri with his swordlike nose, and then leads the Kongs back to their ship, which is now slightly waterlogged. Setting sail again, the tides grow stronger as the Kongs approach Crocodile Isle. They are pulled into Crocodile Cauldron, a lava-filled cove, and the ship bursts into flames.

Diddy suggests that they use the raised crocodile heads in the lava as stepping stones to reach safety (referencing the level Hot-Head Hop in Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest). Diddy and Dixie Kong quickly move over the crocodile heads, although Cranky has trouble keeping his balance, almost falling into the lava. He is saved by Squawks the Parrot, who deposits Cranky on the shoreline. Squawks then suggests that the Kongs go to Gangplank Galleon, K. Rool's old pirate ship, to look for Donkey Kong. The Kongs reach Gangplank Galleon floating in a cove. They swim to the ship, and Dixie distracts the Kremlings onboard by using her ponytail to sling an exploding barrel far out into the water, allowing them to sneak onboard and begin searching for Donkey Kong.

After searching the lower deck, the Kongs encounter Klomp the Kremling, who alerts the rest of the crew that there are "monkeys on board". Dixie uses several barrels to take out several Kremlings, except for Kaboing who bounces up to a high ledge. Dixie throws Diddy up high, and hands the "dumb" Kaboing an exploding barrel, which promptly blows up in his face. Klinger takes Cranky Kong hostage, however Cranky strikes him with his cane. After the Kongs defeat all the Kremlings, they safely search the ship. Donkey Kong is nowhere to be found, although Dixie Kong finds a map of the entire island. The Kongs realize that they need to reach K. Rool's Keep, a heavily guarded fortress.

Illustration showing Diddy, Dixie and Cranky Kong escaping from Kruncha in Krazy Kremland.
Illustration showing the Kongs about to fall off the roller coaster track, with Kruncha in close pursuit.

Led by Dixie, the Kongs head to a thick swamp called Krem Quay. They decide to use the underwater breathing barrels from Enguarde to cross the swamp, with the assistance of Glimmer to light the way. Underwater, the Kongs encounter a group of Neeks, which are overcome by using Dixie's ponytail and Cranky's cane to attack. After making it across the swamp, the Kongs reach a run-down amusement park called Krazy Kremland. A large Kremling called Kruncha confronts them, who is immune to the Kong's attacks and explosive barrels. The Kongs hide in a game booth until Kruncha thinks of searching it. They then run to another game booth, which involves throwing rocks at pretend monkeys climbing a plastic tree. The Kongs climb the tree and hold still, though Kruncha becomes bored and decides to throw a rock which hits Cranky Kong. Diddy Kong puts on a straw hat and poses as a carnival barker, handing Kruncha a stuffed Kremling as a prize. The Kongs then run away, looking for an exit.

Kruncha thinks to take a secret underground passageway, and he and the Kremlings emerge right next to the Kongs. The Kongs run to the "House of Mirrors", followed by Kruncha and the Kremlings. Inside, Diddy taunts Kruncha when he tries to attack Diddy's reflection, causing several mirrors to shatter. Among the "total confusion", the Kongs quietly slip out and continue looking for an exit. They decide to hide in an abandoned roller coaster. Kruncha and his group of Kremlings find them, and they give chase in several roller coaster cars (referencing the level Rickety Race from Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest). Ahead of them, the Kongs see that the tracks end in midair, high above the ground. As the car leaves the tracks, Dixie uses her helicopter spin with Diddy and Cranky holding on, to safely land on the ground. The Kremlings all soon fall from the great height to the ground, defeated.

Illustration showing Diddy, Dixie and Cranky Kong confronting Kaptain K. Rool, who has kept Donkey Kong hostage in K. Rool's Keep.
Illustration showing Diddy, Dixie and Cranky at the top of K. Rool's Keep, where they confront a "seething" Kaptain K. Rool. Donkey Kong is found bound in chains.

After leaving Krazy Kremland, the Kongs reach the "haunted" Gloomy Gulch. They encounter Kloak and Kackle, the "spirits of the woods". The woods become filled with unnatural darkness and strong winds, which blow out the Kong's Flare Barrel. After leaving the woods and returning to daylight, they reach K. Rool's Keep. They overhear the Kremling guards saying that Donkey Kong is chained up at the top of the keep. Cranky Kong tricks one of the Kremling guards to leave his post, saying that he has Donkey Kong's banana hoard nearby. Diddy then jumps from a tree and attacks the guard using a double jump. Entering the fortress, the Kongs begin at Chain-Link Chamber. They escape from Kannon, and soon encounter a Klobber disguised as a barrel. Diddy Kong uses a Smoke-screen Barrel, confusing Klobber who is sent rolling down a staircase. Higher in the keep, they are confronted by Krook and Kutlass. Diddy knocks Kutlass on the head, followed by a cartwheel attack. The Kongs swing Krook around while holding on to his hook, launching him far away.

The Kongs reach Toxic Tower, which they must quickly climb to avoid rising "green goop". Making it to the top of the keep, they find Donkey Kong bound in chains. Kaptain K. Rool is nearby, who's described as a "coward" when he threatens to destroy the keep to prevent them from rescuing Donkey Kong. He sets off a smoke bomb, and climbs to his croc plane. Diddy and Dixie pursue K. Rool, while Cranky stays to free Donkey Kong using small explosive barrels. Dixie Kong uses her helicopter spin to lift her and Diddy, allowing them to pursue the croc plane. Entering the cockpit, Diddy uses a smoke-screen barrel to hide the bomb-release controls. He then uses a cartwheel attack to send K. Rool falling out of the plane, and into the shark-infested sea below. Diddy, who had taken flying lessons from Funky Kong, safely lands the plane back on K. Rool's Keep, where Cranky and Donkey Kong were waiting. Cranky boasts about how the "youngsters" would never have done it without him. They all share a laugh as they fly back to Donkey Kong Island.


Donkey Kong[edit]

  • "Diddy! Dixie! Cranky! You came all this way to rescue me?"

Cranky Kong[edit]

  • "Just what in monkey business do you think you're doing, you big, lazy ape? Why, when I was your age, I didn't take any days off to hang around the beach. It was work, work, work. Rescue, rescue, rescue."
  • "Diddy? Ha! He's always off somewhere with that girlfriend of his."
  • "I guess we have to give Rool the bananas if we ever want to see that lazy ape again."
  • "Let me come along? Nobody lets me do anything! I've been doing what I wanted since I was knee-high to a salamander."
  • "Who are you calling old, Krem-bum? I'll show you!"
  • "I've still got a few good moves left in these old bones. You youngsters didn't do too so badly, either!"
  • "I had faith in these two youngsters all along. Of course, they never would have made it past the first Kremlings if I hadn't been with them!"

Diddy Kong[edit]

  • [Of who is going to rescue Donkey Kong] "I am. Donkey Kong would do the same for me! I'm going to Crocodile Isle."
  • [Of the Kremlings] "They're big and green and slimy and scaly. They're mean, but they're dumb – real dumb. That's what we have going for us."
  • "That's it, Gangplank Galleon. I recognize Rool's ship from my first banana-rescue mission with Donkey Kong."

Dixie Kong[edit]

  • "That must be the place where Rool is keeping Donkey Kong!"
  • "Let's use my helicopter spin. I know I couldn't lift all three of us. But I might be able to fly with just you and me."


  • "Word spreads quickly around Donkey Kong Country. Everyone heard about what happened to Donkey Kong.
  • [Of Lockjaw and Shuri] "Those two pests were following you. I decided to keep a close eye on them."

Squawks the Parrot[edit]

  • "My power has grown since then. I can now lift monkeys and transport them through the air for short distances."
  • "Even though the ship, doesn't travel the seas anymore, it's still manned by a scurvy Kremling crew!"


Klomp the Kremling had gotten his name because of the sound made by his one peg leg when he walked.
  • "Hey, everybody! We have monkeys on board!"


Kruncha, who was as dumb as he was strong.
Kruncha was in charge because of his muscles and his invincibility, not for his intelligence or leadership qualities.
  • "You can't hurt me! No one can!"
  • "You monkeys just keep making me madder and madder, so now it's time to put an end to you."

Kremling guard[edit]

  • "Why he wants bananas is beyond me. I can't stand the things. Give me strawberries for my cereal any day."


  • "You look like you could use a shave, old monkey."

King K. Rool[edit]

  • "I'll destroy this whole place before I'll let you free the big monkey!"
  • "Too late, monkeys! My bombs will destroy the keep and your two friends with it!"