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Artwork of a Kackle.
Artwork of Kackle
First appearance Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest (1995)
Latest appearance Donkey Kong Country 2 (GBA) (2004)
Variant of Kremling

A Kackle is a ghostly, skeletal Kremling in Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest and its Game Boy Advance remake. Kackles wear eyepatches and bandannas and hover around, not unlike Kloaks. Kackles appear in Haunted Hall only, where four appear, each in their own gated section. Every Kackle wears a differently colored bandana: the first Kackle's is blue; the second Kackle's is green; the third Kackle's is yellow; and the last Kackle's is red. All Kackles wear blue bandanas in the remake. When a Kackle's section is entered, a timer appears at the top of the screen, indicating that Diddy and Dixie have a limited amount of time leave the zone. The Kackles are all invincible, and will hover closer to the Kongs as the timer ticks down, but in the remake, Kackles maintain a distance. If time runs out, the Kackle becomes tangible and hurts the Kong. Nearly every Plus Barrel has to be activated to extend the timer along the way so that the Kackle does not attack, especially while avoiding Minus Barrels, since those decrease the timer. In the end credits, Kackles are classified as part of the Kremling Kuthroats.

Mr. X was an earlier version of Kackle created during the game's development.[1] Additionally, Kackles were placeholder enemies in Dream: Land of Giants during development (before it was finalized as Banjo-Kazooie).[2]

The official manuals reuse Kloak's description for Kackle, meaning it says he haunts many locations on Crocodile Isle, while the guide claims that he shows up at Krazy Kremland. In the game, Kackle only shows up in Haunted Hall in Gloomy Gulch.

Kackles are absent from Donkey Kong Land 2, since Haunted Hall was replaced with a regular rollercoaster level, Krazy Koaster.


  • Instruction booklet: These ghostly, Kremling spirits haunt many locations on Crocodile Isle.[3]
  • Player's Guide: This mean-spirited spooks are on the lookout for any hairy intruders into their domain! Kackle haunts the Kremland amusement park, while Kloak fades in and out of several different areas. Dealing while Kloak is especially frustating, since he sometimes conjures up Zingers to block paths or items.[4]
  • Instruction booklet (Game Boy Advance version): These ghostly Kremling spirits haunt many locations on Crocodile Isle.[5]


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese カックル

Italian Kackle
Spanish Kackle


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