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This is a list of quotes from the game Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest, applying to both the Super Nintendo Entertainment System and Game Boy Advance versions.

Cranky Kong[edit]

Story intro (GBA version)[edit]

  • "Well, well... What do you think you're doing siting around all day?"
  • "They won't get much of a game out of this, will they? I thought you were supposed to be a big star!"
  • "I didn't! Whisking off maidens and chucking barrels, seven days a week I was!"
  • "That's how I got where I am today, you know. Hard word. There was none of this lazin' around on a beach!"
  • "Hah! He's off somewhere with that girlfriend of his. But still, I can see when I'm not wanted..."

  • "Look, a note!"
  • "Give me a chance! I'm not as quick as I used to be. It says:"

  • "Well, I suppose we'd better give him the bananas. Hadn't we?"
  • "Arrrrgh! This story's even worse that Donkey Kong Country's."
  • "They're really scraping the bottom of the barrel this time!"
  • "Have you any ideas how to get DK back?"
  • "I'm sure as spit not gonna do it, not that I'm past my prime, mind you."
  • "I could still do a better job than the rest of you put together."
  • "But I wouldn't be seen dead in a game that scrolls and has bonus levels and end bosses!"
  • "We will meet you there. Come and see us if you need any help!"

Entering the Monkey Museum[edit]

  • "Say hello to your old grandpappy Cranky. I'm back by popular demand to offer my wealth of gameplay wisdom for this unnecessary sequel." (first meeting)

  • "What sort of name is Dixie anyway? In my day, you were lucky to have a name at all!"
  • "I'd sort out old K. Rool for you real quick, but I'd be spoiling the limited fun you're trying to get out of this shoddy product!"
  • "I don't even get two screens to stand in! I'm sure K. Rool will have two, so why can't I? Pah!"
  • "Look at all this junk in here! Treat my home like a trash can they do! No respect for their elders, that's the trouble..."
  • "Haven't sold a single thing in weeks! If this junk was out of one of my games, the customers would be begging to get in!"
  • "Where's Expresso? A clumsy spider and a fat parrot, is that the best they can think of?"
  • "Girl heroes in video games, pah. I can't believe it! The main character should be really muscle-bound and carry a gun, not twirl their hair round!"
  • "Need more help do we? Pah! If tell you much more, I might as wall play the game for you!"
  • "Don't you ever knock? I know you're desperate for help, but remember your manners next time!"
  • "I knew it! You've come to beg for my help again, haven't you! Well, I'm not going to tell you anything this time!"
  • "Come on in! Have yourselves a look 'round and buy some of this trash, why don't you?"
  • "I'll box your ears if you don't listen this time!"
  • "Back so soon? I thought you'd complete at least another level before you came crying to me!"
  • "See, you're back again! Evebody like old Cranky. I bet my ugly, old wife doesn't get half as many visits!"
  • "You think your fancy graphics and sound will work again! I think not. You'll be lucky to sell 10 copies this time!"
  • "Have you been to see the other members of the Kong family? They're not as useful as me of course, but they might be able to help."
  • "You're looking a bit fat there, kid! Look at me, I'm at my physical peak. I could show you a thing or two!"
  • "Oh, it's you again. I thought it might be a real video game hero..."
  • "K. Rool is gonna whup your hides this time, whippersnappers! I'd better take over before you embarrass yourselves!"
  • "For just five bucks, you can buy my memoirs. What a dynamic and exciting life I've led. You'll be lucky to star in half as many games as I been."
  • "Shouldn't Dixie just be a token female princess waiting to be rescued, instead of a main character?"
  • "Team up? I've never heard such rubbish in my life! When I played, I was on my own. I had no fancy backup!"
  • "I hate being stuck in this shabby barrel. I want to sit outside like last time!"
  • "Give up now before the kids realize you're not as popular as Donkey Kong was!"
  • "Just 'cos DKC sold few lousy copies, I have to be included in another ludicrous adventure! It's the last time, I tell you!"
  • "I'd have collected far more tokens than that by now! What's wrong, got holes in your pockets?"
  • "Diddy, I thought you were a cheap character in DKC, but Dixie's even worse! It should be me on my own, that it should!"
  • "Surprise, surprise. Well if it isn't the so called video game heroes! I hope I'm getting paid for all my help!"
  • "Howdy, young 'uns! Gather round and I'll give you some much needed advice!"
  • "You spend as much time in here as I do!"
  • "Look! They've even taken my chair from me. It's disgusting how they treat old video game heroes these days..."
  • "After my starring role in DKC, I thought I'd be the main character this time, not stuck in this gloomy shed!"
  • "I bet this here Killer Instinct game is rubbish too! It hasn't got me in it, so it must be!"
  • "I was hoping for more frames this time, but no! Don't let old Cranky do anything. Just give him some third rate stand frames!"
  • "I don't know why I help you so much. you don't appreciate me!"

  • "O.K., which of these would you like?"
  • "Take a look at this lot!"
  • "Here's a fraction of my enviable knowledge!"
  • "Go ahead, test my amazing knowledge!"
  • "I can recommend the really expensive ones, actually."
  • "Enough talk, let's see your tokens!"
  • "Pick a subject! I know everything about this game!"
  • "I reckon you should spend all your tokens here."
  • "Gaze in awe, as you appreciate my knowledge!"
  • "Feast yer eyes on my menu!"
  • "What do you want this time?"
  • "This stuff is cheap at half the price!"
  • "Here's what I've got to offer."

Not enough Banana Coins[edit]

  • "You must be joking! You'll never have enough for that!"
  • "It's not a charity! I want more tokens for this!"
  • "Find some more tokens, you useless monkey!"
  • "You'll have to play better to buy that, sonny!"
  • "You'd better stick to the free ones, whippersnapper."
  • "Not enough? Well, get lost then."
  • "Hey! If you ain't got any tokens, you can buzz off!"
  • "That's not enough. I've got ney frames to pay for y'know!"
  • "Keep yer grubby hands off if you can't afford it!"
  • "My knowledge doesn't come that cheap!"
  • "You ain't got enough tokens for that, cheapskate!"
  • "I'm not giving this stuff away you know!"
  • "That one is too good for you."

Leaving the Monkey Museum[edit]

  • "That's enough help for now. I need some rest."
  • "Now, go and sort out those stupid crocodiles!"
  • "I gotta go now, my wife is visiting any moment!"
  • "Yawn! I'm getting tired. Go away and don't disturb me again!"
  • "Now, buzz off and let me work on my new game design."
  • "Guess I'd better tidy this miserable dump up a bit."
  • "It should be real easy for you now!"
  • "I'm off to spend my tokens!"
  • "When you need more advice, which you will, I might help again, if you're lucky."
  • "Don't be surprised if I'm gone next time. I'll be in a real game!"
  • "Time for a couple of games on this here Killer Instinct."
  • "Even you can finish this silly game now!"
  • "Remember, I'm the most useful of the Kongs, and the cheapest!"
  • "Don't come back without a sackful of tokens!"

First victory[edit]

  • "I knew you'd do it, Diddy m'boy, but how could you fail having learned all you know from old Cranky here?"
  • "Well done, Diddy, m'boy! Who'd have known you'd be able to rescue that lazy grandson of mine and dump K. Rool in his own filthy swamp? Not bad for a novice! Of course, if I'd have been playing, I'd have made sure that K. Rool never tries a cheap trick like this again!"
  • "I reckon I'd found all the Kremkoins and completed the so called 'Lost World'. Oh well, can't expect everything from our first game, can we?"
  • "One more thing, how many of my special Video Game Hero Coins did you find? A real player, such as myself, would have found plent I'm sure."
  • "Let's see how well you did, eh?"

  • "Well, I've got a second screen, and it's about time too. Now, shut up everyone while I read the eagarly awaited results of my prestigious Video Game Hero Awards...."
  • "Hmmm... Not too good at finding my coins, are you, sonny? You might be a hero, but you've got a lot of catching up to do, yes siree!"
  • "If you want to look at your limited progress on this screen, press the left and right buttons while you are on any of the map screens."
  • "Now buzz off and see if you can find some more of my coins, which I very much doubt you will."

  • "Hey! What are you waiting for? There's no secret stuff hidden here, sonny!"
  • "There is, however, a couple of special options on the game selection screen though I'm sure they're of little use."
  • "To find these silly options, press down lots of times, but if I were you, I wouldn't bother."
  • "Now, go ahead and switch that cartridge off, so I could get some sleep! I reckon I've earned it!"

Lost World[edit]

  • "Well, well, well, if it isn't our trainee hero! I didn't expect you to find this place, sonny. You must have got luck. Now that you're here, I'd better tell you about it."
  • "This here's the Kremling's 'LOST WORLD', and that big crocodile head in the middle is where you need to get to if you're going to finish this silly game properly."
  • "But to get there, you have to beat Kaptain K. Rool and complete all the bonus levels as well, a task I'm sure is well beyond a whippersnapper like you!"
  • "I don't know why I'm doing this, but here are some ridiculous cheap hints for this world, which I'm sure you'll be needing as well."

Last victory[edit]

  • "N-n-nice going k-kid! I-I reckon only a t-t-true video g-game hero would h-have f-f-finished it all!"
  • "L-let's get out of t-this miserable d-dump, and g-get back t-t-to D-Donkey K-K-Kong Island!"

  • "Back to see me again, eh, sonny? Let's see if you've improved your hero status, shall we?"
  • "I'm not afraid to admit it, Diddy m'boy. Even I'm wrong occasionally. You're as big a hero as they come. You must take after me and Donkey. Well Done!"

Boss defeats[edit]

  • "Well done! You sure showed that feathered freak."
  • "I can't wait to see how you get on in Crocodile Cauldron."
  • "Go on then, go! What are you waiting for!"

  • "You sure took you time beating that rusty old sword. Let's get out of here."
  • "My fur is about to catch alight."
  • "Now head for swamp Krem Quay."

  • "This all seem too easy. I hope you aren't cheating! You have to keep moving."
  • "DK is depending on you!"
  • "Off you go to Krazy Kremland."

  • "Where does K. Rool keep getting these giant Zingers from?"
  • "Come on, let's go to Gloomy Gulch."
  • "You don't have time to play on the shooting gallery now!"

  • "Oh no, not the same boss, but as a ghost! Ooh! I was so scared."
  • "You are doing really well; only K. Rool's Keep to get past."

  • "Well done! I sure didn't expect that. Go to K. Rool's airship and rescue DK."

  • "Good work, but we have to rust bucket before it crashes."

  • "I can't believe my eyes!"
  • "Once again you have beaten that lizard-faced freak."
  • "DK is back with us, and the world is safe once again."

Diddy Kong[edit]

  • "Read it, then!"
  • "After all we did to get them back last time?"
  • "DK would go crazy if he lost his hoard again!"
  • "No, we must go now. Enguarde will take us."

Dixie Kong[edit]

  • "Hurry, Cranky, what does it say?"
  • "Let's go over to Crocodile Isle and rescue DK."

Donkey Kong[edit]

  • "Even video game heroes get time off."
  • "Why don't you go pester Diddy or something!? Just leave me in peace for once!"

Funky Kong[edit]

Story intro (GBA version)[edit]

  • "Wait 'til tomorrow, and we will all go."

First meeting[edit]

  • "Lookin' good, dudes! I'm Funky the main monkey, and my new Funky's Flights can take you anywhere on Crocodile Isle, provided you've already checked it out of course!"
  • "Cruise on over to the barrel man, and ride the skies!"

Entering Funky's Flights II[edit]

  • "Jump in my jet n' jive, Clive!"
  • "Everything is cool guys. You're lookin' ready to ride and catch some clouds!"
  • "Drop in on the other Kongs, dudes. We're all here to help you guys!"
  • "All flights cleared, dudes. Choose and cruise!"
  • "Way cool! Pick a flight and you're outta sight!"
  • "Wicked! She's all tuned up and ready to go!"
  • "Awesome playing, Kongs! Go get that K. Rool. He just ain't cool!"
  • "Pick it and kick it, Kongs! You're A-Okay!"

Not enough Banana Coins[edit]

  • "Uncool! That's costly cruisin' and you ain't in the picture guys!"
  • "Tough break, Kongs. She's too cool for you pocket!"
  • "What a bummer, eh? Try to find a few more tokens, y'know!"
  • "Sorry, dudes. That one costs more to run than you've got!"
  • "Not enough, man! I got a new surfboard to pay for!"
  • "Aw no! Looks like you're gonna need to score some more to tour!"

After paying[edit]

  • "Cool! She's all yours dudes. Catch y'later!"

Leaving Funky's Flights II[edit]

  • "Take it easy, Kongs!"
  • "Catch y' later, dudes!"
  • "Check me out again, huh?"
  • "Remember, Funky's the Monkey!"
  • "Stay loose, guys!"
  • "I fly 24 hours y'know!"
  • "Call again, good buddies!"

Kaptain K. Rool[edit]


  • "I'll make sure DK never messes up my plans again."
  • "You lot, go down to DK Island and bring that pesky primate to me."
  • "You are never going to see your friends or DK Island again. Awha ha ha!"


  • "I've kidnapped that lumbering fool Donkey Kong and you will never see him again! Har-har-har-har-har!" (SNES)
  • "Hah-arrrrh! We have got the big monkey! If you want him back, you scurvy dogs, you have to hand over the banana hoard!" (GBA)

Calling Kerozene (GBA version)[edit]

  • "You didn't think it would be that easy, did you? Let's see if you can get past Kerozene!"

First defeat[edit]

  • "You Kongs think you are so clever, don't you?"
  • "Come to my lair in the Lost World if you think you can really beat me!"

Last defeat[edit]

  • "I'll get you yet, you stupid monkeys."
  • "Next time there will be no stopping me. Awha ha ha!"
  • "Blast you pesky apes! I'll get you next time!"


First meeting[edit]

  • "Now' ear this, landlubbers! Me name is Klubba an' to cross me bridge is gonna cost yer many pieces o' eight!"
  • "An' if yers don't pay up, I'll run yer through like the scurvy dogs ye are, A-harrr! It costs 15 Kremkoins to cross over, mateys."

Entering his kiosk[edit]

  • "Stop right there ye scummy swabs! Step on me toll bridge an' I'll throw ye overboard!"
  • "Avast there! Touch me horde o' gold 'ere' an' I'll slice ye in two!"
  • "Splice me mainbrace, it's the monkeys I hope yers got enough booty this time, or ye'll walk the plank!"
  • "It's twenty lashes wi' the cat o' nine tails for ye if I don't get me booty this time, y' filthy apes!"
  • "A-harrrr! 'Tis the flea ridden gorillas again! Pay the toll, or ye'll suffer a plenty, I promisse ye!"
  • "Let's see yer dubloons, ye mangy apes!"
  • "Shiver me timbers! Where's me loot? Cos if I don't get none, ye don't cross over, mateys!"
  • "Scurvy chimps ahoy! C'mon ye yellowbellies. Try an' cross Klubba's bridge without payin. I dare ye!"

Not enough Kremkoins[edit]

  • "Get lost and fetch me lots more treasure, y' scurvy dogs!"
  • "I'll wrap me club around yer moth eaten heads if yer don't pay every last one!"
  • "Har! Har! Har! Y'must be jokin if I'm gonna let ye across fer that lousy loot!"
  • "That's not enough, y' banana-scoffing, scummy landlubbers!"
  • "Try that again an' it's Davy Jones's locker f' ye! A-harrh!"
  • "What's wrong with ye? Our bonus rooms must be too hard for y' flea bitten chimps t' find."
  • "Ye'll taste me club if yo don't get some more!"
  • "Ye'll 'ave t' find me more n' that to pass!"

After paying[edit]

  • "Feel free t' use me barrel when ye like, mateys!"
  • "Thanks for the booty. Yer me best mateys now!"
  • "'Tis me ape mates! The barrel is all yours!"
  • "Step this way, friends! I've polished the bridge just for ye!"
  • "Ahoy there me monkey mateys! Fare ye well on this fine day!"
  • "If yers get into any trouble, Klubba 'ere will 'elp ye out!"
  • "Over here, Kongs! The Kremling 'Lost World' awaits ye!"
  • "Kap'n K. Rool treats us rotten. I hope yer scupper his plans!"

Leaving the kiosk[edit]

  • "Come back and face me, yellow bellied dogs!"
  • "Don't come back, y' scurvy dogs!"
  • "I'll be waiting right 'ere, y' flea bitten monkeys!"
  • "I hope I never see you again!"
  • "Come back when you want a beating. Har! Har!"
  • "You'll never beat us Kremlings this time!" (GBA version)

Swanky Kong[edit]

First meeting[edit]

  • "Give them a big hand folks! Good evening, I'm Swanky Kong and you're tonight's contestants on my Bonanza! It's easy to play! Just pick a game and you're away!"

Entering Swanky's Bonus Bonanza[edit]

  • "Come on, let's have a round of applause for them!"
  • "Welcome back! You've joined us as the Kongs are about to choose their game. No help from the audience, please."
  • "Hi there, Kongs! I've got some amazing star prizes just waiting to be won!"
  • "What do you do for a living? Video game heroes you say? Well, that's great! Hit the button and let's play!"
  • "It's great to see you back! I wish you could win everything. I really do!"
  • "Don't be nervous. We all want you to win, don't we folks? That's right, they're all behind you!"
  • "Right this way! I've got three wonderful games just for you! Take your time and make your choice!"

Correct answer[edit]

  • "Alright! Onto the next round..."
  • "Well done! Let's have another..."
  • "Good answer! Here we go again..."
  • "You clever little monkey! Now, listen carefully..."
  • "Yesssss! Let's play on..."
  • "That's correct! Here's the one..."
  • "O.K., try this one..."
  • "That's what I'm looking for! Next one please..."

Incorrect answer[edit]

  • "Oh no.... I thought you'd know that!"
  • "I'm sorry, but that's not the answer I've got here."
  • "Good try, but that's wrong."
  • "Sorry, that's not what I'm looking for."
  • "Close, but no close enough I'm afraid."
  • "That's not quite right. Better luck next time!"
  • "I can't believe how stupid you... er, I mean, hard luck."
  • "Awww... I'm afraid that's not correct."

Winning a prize[edit]

  • "I knew you'd win this time!"
  • "Well done! You got them all right!"
  • "All correct, folks! Didn't they do well?"
  • "Three out of three, you're pretty good at this!"
  • "We have a winner here tonight!"
  • "Alllll-right! The little monkey is a winner!"
  • "Nice going guys. Here's your prize!"
  • "Well played! Here, you deserve this!"

Not enough Banana Coins[edit]

  • "Too bad, I really wanted you to play that game."
  • "Hard luck folks, you haven't got enough to play that game."
  • "Not enough I'm afraid. Y'know what tokens make! Prizes!"
  • "Go and fetch some more tokens and come back next week."
  • "Awww, that's real shame. You must collect some more."
  • "I'm really sorry, but you need more tokens."

Leaving Swanky's Bonus Bonanza[edit]

  • "Everyone is a winner here!"
  • "See you next week!"
  • "Until the next time, here on Swanky's Bonus Bonanza!"
  • "I hope we'll see you back next week!"
  • "You've been great contestants!"
  • "Didn't they do well!"
  • "If you fancy a game, you know my name!"

Completing all quizzes (GBA)[edit]

  • "Well done. You have cleared me out. The only thing I have left is this tatty old photo. Here, you might as well have it."

Wrinkly Kong[edit]

Story intro (GBA version)[edit]

  • "I thought we'd seen the last of that old rascal."

First meeting[edit]

  • "Hello, dearies. I'm Mrs. Wrinkly Kong, headmistress here at Kong Kollege."
  • "I'm available to teach courses on how to play this game, or you can just pop in when you want to save your little old game. Now then, how can I help you?" (SNES version)
  • "I'm available to teach courses on how to play this game." (GBA version)
  • "Use ↑ and ↓ on the +Control Pad between the options on my menu." (GBA version)
  • "Now then, how can I help you?" (GBA version)

Entering Kong Kollege[edit]

  • "Well! Just look at those sums those Kremlings have done. Disgraceful!"
  • "Come on in and sit down, children. I'm sure all that running around has made you tired."
  • "When you see Kaptain K. Rool, can you ask him if he has done his homework?"
  • "Have you been to see my husband Cranky? He complains a little, but he does know everything about this island."
  • "You're looking a little weary dear. Would you like to save your game?"
  • "I hope you're better behaved than those reptiles. Why, I even caught one sharpening his sword in class yesterday!"
  • "Hurry along! School is nearly finished! You need to study a little more if you're going to beat the Kremlings!"
  • "Those nasty Kremlings must have all the tokens! Go and grab some and come back later."
  • "Those naughty crocodiles! All they want to learn is how to fight and squash monkeys, Tsk!"


Gangplank Galleon[edit]

  • "A gold coin with a bunch of bananas on it, collect these and spend them in the various Kong Family locations found throughout the island." (about Banana Coins)
  • "Press the B Button Button to swim. Pressing Up or Down on the directional keypad while swinging or floating will affect the speed that you sink or swim." (about swimming)
  • "Jump on the target to finish the level. If you jump from a sufficient height, you will win the displayed prize." (about the End of Level Target)
  • "Press and hold the A Button button to power him up, then release it for his Supercharge. Use this to destroy enemies and break open hidden doors!" (about Rambi's Supercharge)
  • "When you have both characters, press the A Button button to team up. You can throw your partner to defeat enemies and reach inaccessible features. Press A Button again to split up." (about Team Up)
  • "Throw Krow's eggs back at him. He won't like it!" (about Krow)

Crocodile Cauldron[edit]

  • "To make your snake buddy jump in mid air, walk off an edge and press the jump button as he falls." (about Rattly)
  • "Press and hold the Y Button button when you are on the ropes and you will climb up and down them faster than normal." (about climb in ropes)
  • "Collect all four of these on a level to earn an extra life!" (about KONG letters)
  • "To create a web platform, press the A Button button or either of the top L Button and R Button. Press the button again to stop the web and form a platform in the desired position." (about Squitter's web platforms)
  • "For every bonus level complete, you will get one of these. Collect a lot and you can use then at Klubba's Kiosk." (about Kremkoins)
  • "When you hit Kleever, quickly get across to the other side before he gets angry." (about Kleever)

Krem Quay[edit]

  • "Jump in these to transform into the animal shown on the side of the barrel." (about Animal Barrels)
  • "If you hold the jump button down while jumping on an enemy, you will bounce higher and further than normal." (about jumping on enemies)
  • "There are three types. Red is worth 1 life, Green is worth 2 lives and the rare Blue balloon is worth 3 lives!" (about Extra Lives Balloons)
  • "Press the A Button button to power him up, then release it to access normally unreachable areas." (about Rattly's Superjump)
  • "A very large coin with 'DK' on it, each level has one, cunningly hidden by Cranky. Collect these to increase your status as a video game hero." (about DK Coins)
  • "When Kudgel lands, he'll shake the screen and immobilize you! Be careful!" (about Kudgel)

Krazy Kremland[edit]

  • "Doors are hidden on the sides of walls and can be broken into by throwing objects at them or using your animal buddies." (about secret doors)
  • "Press Y Button to roll off and edge, then press B Button to jump as you fall. You can increase your jumping distance this way." (about the roll jump)
  • "Destroy the small Zinger and his drones quickly, or they'll reappear after a while." (about King Zing)

Gloomy Gulch[edit]

  • "Walls that look solid could contain secret passages that you can use to access hidden areas or shortcuts." (about secret passages)
  • "Each level has between one and three of these. Complete all the bonuses on a level to gain 1%." (about Bonus Areas)
  • "Jump on the different colored Mini-Neckys to gain the necessary objects to fight the ghost of Krow." (about Kreepy Krow)

K. Rool's Keep[edit]

  • "Finding these aren't necessary but they will be useful if you can. Items become visible when you touch them." (about invisible items)
  • "Press the A Button button to power him up, then release it for his Superstab. Use this to break open hidden door!" (about Enguarde's Superstab)

The Flying Krock[edit]

  • "All but one of my lessons are useful in your quest."
  • "Make sure you have plenty of lives!!" (about Kaptain K. Rool)

Advice (GBA version)[edit]

  • "You want a homework project, do you? You are good children. Well, I have the very thing."
  • "Here, take this empty book. I want you to fill it with pictures of all the strange creatures you encounter."
  • "How do you get the pictures? Well, it is simple. Just look out for any bad guys with a camera above their heads."
  • "When you defeat them, you will be awarded a picture. I have heard there are also a few cameras lying around on the levels, just waiting to be picked up."
  • "For each page you fill with pictures, I will give you one of these strange Hero Coins that my husband left lying around."
  • "You haven't got enough pictures to fill a page yet. Come back when you have gained more pictures."

Not enough Banana Coins[edit]

  • "My, that is a lot isn't it? Try to find some more tokens."
  • "Oh dearie me! That's not quite enough, is it?"
  • "Oh dear, I'm afraid you'll need a few more for that."
  • "Education is not chap these days. I'm sure you'll find a few more tokens if you look!"
  • "Those nasty Kremlings must have all the tokens! Go and grab some and come back later."
  • "Sorry dear, but I've got to pay for a new blackboard."

Leaving Kong Kollege[edit]

  • "Don't be a stranger now."
  • "Try to make it to my next class."
  • "Come back if you've got any problems now."
  • "Goodbye, dearies."
  • "Good luck, children."
  • "Take care, dearies."
  • "I'll be here if you need me."
  • "Be careful now, Kongs."