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This is a list of quotes by Iggy Koopa.


Mario is Missing![edit]

  • "I see the dummer plummer. Bro is missing? What a bummer. Think the door will lead to him? Step on through--it's sink or swim!"
  • "If it's my destruction you desire, give up, it only works with fire."
  • "You locked the door, what a bore, now you'll try to lock some more. But Mario's gone and can't be found. Just give up now and get out of town!"
  • "Big B's mad, he's out there burning, 'Cause your puny luck is turning. Flower-fry me, I'll go poof! But Bowser, dude, he's fireproof!"

Mario Kart 8[edit]

  • "Iggy!" (when unlocked)
  • "Eh-haaa!" (when selected)
  • "Here we go-ho-ho!" (when airborne)
  • "Bla-hahahahaha!" (1st place)

Paper Mario: Color Splash[edit]

  • "AHAHAHA! You should see the look on your face! No, really. Can we get a mirror over here? Ah, forget it... Let's shred this paper pusher!"
  • "So anyway, I'm Iggy! I'll be your frustratingly overpowered opponent today!"
  • "Let's see what you're made of, pretty boy!"
  • "Come at me!"
  • "OK, so you're not a COMPLETE waste of paint."
  • "Eyes on the prize, boys. Let's show him the REAL power of our chariots!"
  • "AHAHAHA! I'll let my minions wreck you while I go for a leisurely drive!"
  • "NOPE! You can't touch our chariots!"
  • "DENIED! You can't touch our chariots!"
  • "AHAHAHA! These chariots were such a good investment."
  • "What's the matter, Mario? Battle Royal not going the way you thought it would? Well it's about to get even worse! Line 'em up, boys!"
  • "A pretend bone? OK, I'll pretend to lose! AHAHAHA!"
  • "No fair! Where'd you get that thing?"
  • "JUST KIDDING! Did you think it was over? That you could just win like that? AHAHAHA!"
  • "Now, unless you brought two of those things... I'll just go ahead and END THIS! Lights out, Mario!"
  • "AW MAN! The sales guy told me those chariots were invincible! I want a refund!"
  • "UGH! I lost on my home turf? That's embarrassing... Well, I guess you can take the Big Paint Star now... Shut it down! Show's over!"

Mario & Luigi series[edit]

Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam[edit]

  • "More! Fire more stuff!"
  • "You actually made it!"
  • "Can you believe it? Mario's here!"
  • "Yeah, me too! It's gonna be, like, SUPER destroyed!"
  • "I thought we were operating as a collective trust!"
  • "Lemmy! That was…CRAZY! Bahaha!"
  • "Bahaha! Looks like I win!"
  • "Forgive us... but DESTROY them!"

Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga + Bowser's Minions[edit]

  • "Bahaha!"
  • "Bahahaha! Prepare to be royally clobbered!"
  • "I switched your strengths, punks! BAHAHAHA, thank me later!"
  • "Bahahaha!"
  • "Baha…haha…"
  • "Huh? Oh, it’s just Larry."
  • "What do ya think you’re doin’? This is Iggy territory! Lord Fawful is gonna be maaaad at yoooou! Bahahaha!"
  • "What’s with that weird Goomba? Why’s he got a flag on his head?! Makes me wanna grab a golf club and go for a hole-in-one! Foooore! Bahahaha!"
  • "Larry! You need to smack some discipline into your underlings! Anyway, I’m gonna go take out the rest of the woodland creatures, baha. Later, losers!"
  • "Bahahahaaa!"
  • "Here we goooo!"
  • "So, you came to defeat me, eh? You should’ve just said so in the first place! You should know that I’m SUPER DUPER strong!"
  • "Bahahaha! Less chat and more splat!"
  • "I’m hitting a block now! WATCH!!"
  • "Huh?! What…was I doing?"
  • "Ahhh, is that so? Bahahaha!"
  • "Yeah… YEAH! Let’s look for Lord Bowser!"
  • "Ludwig was really trying his hardest too! Bahahaha!"

Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story + Bowser Jr.'s Journey[edit]

  • "Yeah… Let’s play!"
  • "Ahahaha! Wait, were you being serious?"
  • "Maybe they were, like, hypnotized or something…"
  • "I mean…just kidding, guys! Ahaha…ha…"
  • "And I will…also stay! I’m hungry for carrots! Bahahaha!"
  • "Good luck, guys."
  • "Bahaha…hrm. Looks heavy."
  • "I dunno either. Too bad we couldn’t ask Ludwig, Roy, Larry or Wendy… Bahaha!"
  • "Hey, so…we’re a little light on Koopalings lately… Bahaha!"
  • "You sure? I mean, I am in the mood for a long solo hike through unfamiliar and dangerous territory… See you later, I guess. Bahaha!"
  • "Whoa! Almost walked right off this cliff. That would NOT have been funny. Bahaha!"
  • "Larry? Kamek? Who was that?"
  • "Oh, it’s just you g-."
  • "Oopsie?! Eeep."
  • "Heya, sweet potato! Can ya sling me a sarsaparilla?"
  • "What do you cats want, anyhow?"
  • "I’m just lookin’ to wet my whistle, y’see?"
  • "I gotta stay sharp and salty. So if ya can’t help me out, I got no use for ya."
  • "Ya gettin’ the transmission?"
  • "I ain’t buyin’ what you gigglemugs are sellin’."
  • "I think these jokesters are tryin’ to start somethin’."
  • "You think they’re on the trolley? ‘Cause I’m about ready to fix ‘em a knuckle sandwich with extra pepper!"
  • "It’s been a real fizz-pop summer, ain’t it?"
  • "No way, gramps! This beach is aces. These wet rags can go chase themselves!"
  • "Ugh… What’s going on? What happened?"
  • "Oh, it’s you guys! What are we doing here? Let’s go get that onion thing!"
  • "What were you saying about my memories? I lost them? Bahaha! That’s great!"
  • "Huh? Who’s Charlie?"
  • "You think they’re my buddies? Well, my brain is still a bit addled, so I’ll go with it. Catch ya on the flipside, daddio! Bahaha!"
  • "Bahaha! Didn’t see that coming!"
  • "Man, this is wild. Bahaha!"
  • "Yeah! I’m always in for a butt-kicking!"
  • "Bahaha! You’re joking, right? And people say I’m the crazy one!"
  • "Oh…it hurts to laugh. But it’s still so funny!"
  • "Heh. That’s insightful, Morton."
  • "Guys! Come look!"

Television shows[edit]

The Adventures of Super Mario Bros. 3[edit]

Super Mario World[edit]

  • "Give us a chance! We’re doing an experiment even you’d be proud of! Yow!" - A Little Learning
  • "You mean it’s a holiday?" - A Little Learning


  • 「ウキャキャキャキャ。マリオ今頃緊張してんだろうな。ザマーミロ。それじゃあ、オイラが1人用ゲームを、ワールド1をにとって説明するからよーくいとけよ。」 ("Ukyakyakyakya. Mario and his friends must be getting very nervous now. Serves them right. So then, listen to me, I'll use World 1 as an example to illustrate how to play the one-player game.") - Super Mario Bros. 3 Japanese instruction booklet, page 14.
  • "Ha ha! Mario and his friends must be getting very nervous now. I can hardly wait to meet up with him!" - Super Mario Bros. 3 English instruction booklet, page 15.
  • "So what if I'm not as tough as my brothers and sister! I can still get you! C'mon, Mario (I think I'll try to get him with my speed and a double blast from my wand... yeah, that's the ticket!)." - The Super Mario Bros. 3 Nintendo Power Strategy Guide
  • "Don't be Stupid!" - "Super Mario Kun" Volume 1
  • 「まってたぜおバカども!!」 ("Hold up, you idiots!!") - Super Mario-Kun Volume 42 (page 30)
  • 「ボクの飼い犬がお相手するよ。」 ("My pet dog will be your opponent.") - Super Mario-Kun Volume 42 (page 31)
  • "I call it the Giant Likeness Outputting Machine. Or GLOM for Short." - Double Trouble