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This section is under construction. Therefore, please excuse its informal appearance while it is being worked on. We hope to have it completed as soon as possible.

This is a list of quotes uttered by the Talking Flowers in Super Mario Bros. Wonder; the quotes are listed by level.

Pipe-Rock Plateau[edit]

Welcome to the Flower Kingdom![edit]

  • "Onward and upward!"
  • "What a beautiful day." (after the first flower coin)
    • "Love a good breeze."
  • "That Goomba looks so serene." (next to a Goomba after the first Elephant Fruit)
    • "Well then." (if the player wakes up said Goomba)
  • "Mmm, refreshing!" (dipped in a pool of water)
  • "Ahaha!" (flying in the air next to a hidden block with a flower propeller)
    • "Oh!" (after the hidden block is hit)
    • "Would ya look at that!"
    • "Coiiiiins!" (when the cloud blocks from an above platform turn into coins)
  • "Heyyyy!" (after the Checkpoint Flag to the left of a sideways pipe)
  • "Hiiii!" (on the other side of that sideways pipe)
  • "Whoa..."
  • "Whoa!" (after the Wonder Flower appears)
    • "Whoa-whoa!" (said in a panicked tone after Mario grabs the Wonder Flower)
    • "Whoawa-whoa!"
  • "What's that?" (right before the Wonder Seed)
    • "Hey, you! What WAS that?" (after grabbing the Wonder Seed)
      • "Didn't you see something back there?"
      • "Are you just gonna leave?" (if the Wonder Flower is avoided)
  • "Bye-bye!" (on the pipes leading to the Goal Pole)
    • "So long!" (if the Wonder Flower is avoided)

Piranha Plants on Parade[edit]

  • "Wonder if you can get over there..." (near the red pipe that warps to the background, before entering said pipe)
    • "So you CAN get over there!" (after entering the pipe)
  • "Walking plants, huh?" (before the Checkpoint Flag)
    • "Almost as weird as talking plants."
  • "Ooh, that's a pretty flower." (near the Wonder Flower)
    • "Ummmm..." (after the Wonder Effect is activated)
    • "Are they...singing?" (said in a confused tone)
    • "They're singing." (said in a more panicked tone)
  • "Ouch!" (beside a set of Long ? Blocks after the player bounces onto it)
    • "Hey!" (after hitting it a second time)
    • "Agh!" (after hitting it a third time)
    • "Stop!" (after hitting it a fourth time)
    • "I said stop!" (after hitting it a fifth time)
    • "Wait a sec!" (after taking the Hidden goal route)
    • "How'd you get over there?" (after taking the Hidden goal route)
  • "You should come back sometime." (near the long row of Marimba Blocks leading to the Flag Pole)
    • "You don't see that every day." (after the Wonder Effect segment)
    • "Heeeey!" (after taking the Hidden goal route)
    • "What are you doing?" (said in a curious tone after taking the Hidden goal route)

Scram, Skedaddlers![edit]

  • "Love that sound!" (floating above the first Marimba Block bridge)
  • "Ya found me!" (inside a yellow block, inmediately after being freed)
    • "Did I surprise you?"

Bulrush Coming Through![edit]

  • "Bored, bored, bored." (on top of the second Ground Poundable tree)
    • "Wow!" (after rising to the secret area)
  • "Something" (near the location of the Wonder Flower)
    • "OooOOaaaAAH!" (when the Wonder Effect is activated)
  • "AaaaAAaaAAAH!" (when passing the first Goal Pole during the Wonder Effect)
  • "That was wild." (near the level's secret exit)
  • "Hey, someone to talk to!" (underneath the level's secret exit)
    • "Farewell, lonely days!"
    • "Ahaha!"

Here Come the Hoppos[edit]

  • "Heya!" (near the first semisolid platform)
    • "Boiiing!" (when a Hoppo is blocking the pit)
  • "Hi! (in the above-the-clouds subarea)
  • "How'd you get up here?!" (on top of the hard blocks)
  • "Ah, what a peaceful day." (on top of the semisolid platform near the Wonder Flower)
    • "AaaAAah!" (once the Wonder Effect is activated)
    • "Wh-what's happening?!"
    • "Waaaah!"
    • "There's so many of them!"
    • "Do something!"
    • "Phew!" (once the Wonder Effect has ended)

Rolla Koopa Derby[edit]

  • "Well done!" (upon defeating all Rolla Koopas in the bonus area)
  • "Zzz..." (on a large platform)
    • "Zzz--HUH?!" (when the player goes near)
    • "What is it?"
    • "Can't a guy get some shut-eye around here?"
  • "This is wonderful!" (during the Wonder Effect, lower right)
    • "So shiny!"
    • "Look at you--walkin' on air!"
    • "You should keep going!"
  • "Wheeeee!" (during the Wonder Effect, upper right)
    • "Clinky, clinky!"
    • "So many of them!"
    • "Make sure you don't miss any!"
  • "Ohhhh!" (during the Wonder Effect, top)
    • "What's this?"
    • "Never seen anything like it..."
    • "*sniff* *sniff* *sniff*"
    • "Ah..."
    • "Now, that's a good smell."

Swamp Pipe Crawl[edit]

  • "So many creepy-crawlies..."
  • "EyaaaAAaah!" (when the Wonder Effect is activated)
    • "'How is this happening?"
    • "Phew! I'm fine. Everything's fine."
  • "What ARE they?"
  • "Keep going!"
  • "Was it all a dream?" (after the Wonder Effect ends)

Angry Spikes and Sinkin' Pipes[edit]

  • "Score!" (if a Spike Ball hits the level's only glowing spot)
    • "That worked out."
  • "Love that sound!"
  • "Hey!" (after standing on the sinking pipe said Talking Flower is standing on)
    • "This pipe—it can't hold us!" (after the sinking pipe sinks further)
    • "I warned youuu!" (after falling into the secret area)
    • "Huh?" (after Wonder Effect is activated)
    • "What's this?"
    • "Oooh!"
    • "It's kinda catchy!"
    • "You ready?"
    • "Here we go!"
    • "OoooOOh!"
    • "Yeah!"
    • "Ohhhh..."
    • "my!"
    • "Aaaaall..."
    • "right!"
    • "Hehe. That was fun." (after the player obtains the Wonder Seed)

Bulrush Express[edit]

  • Huh? (close to the normal goal)
    • Why'd you come this way?
  • Nice job! (close to the secret exit)
    • You came the cool way!

Sproings in the Twilight Forest[edit]

  • "Here I am!" (hidden at the start of the level)
    • "I'm surprised you found me."
  • "What a pretty sunset..."
  • "So, did you have a good day?"
  • "Wonder if I'll be tall someday too..." (near the Sproing guarding the Wonder Flower)
    • "What happened to you?!" (during the Wonder Effect)
  • "*yawn*" (in a narrow passage)
    • "I might call it a day soon."
    • "You're all small again!" (after collecting the Wonder Flower and crouching)
  • "Quiet days can be nice too." (near the end of the level)
    • "Well, that's new!" (during the Wonder Effect)
    • "Life's full of surprises." (after collecting the Wonder Seed)
    • "Like, uh, tallification?" (after collecting the Wonder Seed)

Cosmic Hoppos[edit]

  • "Heya!"
  • "Yeehaw!"
  • "Ha-HA!"
  • "The party's just gettin' started!"
    • "Hi, again!"
  • "Wheeeeeee."
  • "Getting kinda dizzyyy..."
  • "Byyye."
  • "I'm falliiiing!"
  • "Phew"

Pipe-Rock Plateau Palace[edit]

  • "Ew..." (at the start of the level)
    • "What am I looking at?"
  • "See ya later!" (after obtaining the Royal Seed)

Fluff-Puff Peaks[edit]

Outmaway Valley[edit]

  • "What's with all the ice blocks?" (near the sliding ice blocks from the generator)
    • "They're kind of annoying"
    • "They're definitely getting in your way"
    • "They just keep coming..."
    • "What's a flower to do?"
    • "Peace at last!" (after the Outmaway is defeated from the generator)
  • "It's safe here!" (at the edge of terrain where more ice blocks slide)
    • "I...didn't mean you should hang out." (if idle)
  • "You can do it!" (near the ice block generator that helps the player get past a section)
    • "You're no fun..." (when the Outmaway is defeated)
  • "Way to go!" (after riding the ice block and getting the 10-flower coin)

Jump! Jump! Jump![edit]

  • "Yay!" (right before the Goal Pole staircase)
  • "What?!" (in the area below the stage)
    • "Where'd you come from?!"

Fluff-Puff Peaks Flying Battleship[edit]

  • "Unh... Where— Guess I'm on an airship. That's weird." (after being freed from a crate)

Fluff-Puff Peaks Palace[edit]

  • "This place is intense..."

Shining Falls[edit]

The Hoppycat Trial: Hop, Hop, and Awaaay[edit]

  • "Timing is key..."

The Midway Trial: Hop to It[edit]

  • "Oooh!" (reacting to the fireworks)
    • "Ahhh!"
    • "The fireworks were so good!"
    • "I hope they happen again!"
    • "I loved the fireworks!"

The Sugarstar Trial: Across the Night Sky[edit]

  • "So many shooting stars!"
    • "They say they bring good luck!"

Sunbaked Desert[edit]

Ninji Jump Party[edit]

  • "One... Two... Three... Jump!" (said by four flowers sequentially to the rhythm)
  • "Yeah!" (near the Wonder Seed to the rhythm)
    • "Hah!"
    • "Go!"
    • "Woooo!"
    • "That's that..." (After the Wonder Seed is collected)

Bloomps of the Desert Skies[edit]

  • "A full moon..."
    • "Could be quite a night!"

Fungi Mines[edit]

Upshroom Downshroom[edit]

  • "Whoa!"
    • "Wasn't expecting company!"

Light-Switch Mansion[edit]

  • "Wheeeee! Hahahaha! I love this ride!" (said by a flower riding on the first row of spiraling invisible blocks)
  • "Well? Were you scared?" (said by a flower at the end of the Wonder Flower area, after the Wonder Effect ends)

Operation Poplin Rescue[edit]

  • "*gasp*"
    • "Everyone!"
    • "Someone's here to save you!"
  • "The adventure continues!"
  • "I'm so sorry this happened... again." (if the player revisits)

Deep Magma Bog[edit]

Where the Rrrumbas Rule[edit]

  • "Roll! Roll! Rolllll!"

Hot-Hot Hot![edit]

  • "This place might be the end for me..."
    • "My poor withered roots..."
    • "You'd share your water with me?!" (when the player give it water)

Wavy Ride through the Magma Tube[edit]

  • "All aboooard!" (at the start)
  • "Look at me! I'm the Wonder Flower!" (if freed from a roulette block)
    • "Eep, hot!" (after touching lava)
  • "AaaaAAaaAAAH!" (when the Wonder Flower is obtained)
    • "Look out!"
    • "Infernooo! Hot! Hot!"
    • "Aaaaah!"
    • "Phew!" (after the Wonder Seed is obtained)
  • "You made it! Good for you!" (at the end of the long cave)

Dragon Boneyard[edit]

  • "Yikes!" (at the start of the level)
    • "Watch your step..."
  • "Here! Take this coin!" (on the dragon fossil where the second 10-flower coin is)
    • "I'm rooting for you!"
    • "Good luck!"
  • "Aaaaah!" (when the dragon fossil rolls down the lava slope)
  • "Such an intriguing fossil..." (close to the fossil where the Wonder Flower is)
    • "Wait-" (after the Wonder Flower is collected)
    • "Hang on."
    • "What?"
    • "No waaaay!"
    • "Hi, again!" (when the player returns after the Wonder Effect ends)
  • "That. Is. AWESOME!" (floating during the Wonder Effect)

Petal Isles[edit]

Leaping Smackerel[edit]

  • "Ahhh, smell that salt air!"
  • "Ugh, and the fish..."
  • "ACHOO!"
  • "Am I allergic!"

Robbird Cove[edit]

  • "Aaaaah!" (when Robbirds dive in the water)

Jewel-Block Cave[edit]

  • "*exhale*" (said by the first flower trapped in a Jewel-Block, immediately after being freed)
  • "*gasp*" (said by the second flower trapped in a Jewel-Block, immediately after being freed)
    • "*I'm freeeeeeee*" (said by the same flower)
  • "*exhale*" (said by the first flower trapped in a Jewel-Block in the first secret room, immediately after being freed)
    • "*pant*" (said by the same flower)
  • "Way to go!" (said by a flower right after the Wonder Seed)

Maw-Maw Mouthful[edit]

  • "Gah..." (after a Maw-Maw eats a Goomba)
  • "Don't let 'em see you!"
  • "I've discovered a new species!" (during wonder effect)
    • "Wonder what you taste like..."
  • "I wonder what Goombas taste like..."

The Final Battle! Bowser's Rage Stage[edit]

  • "Oh hey! It's you."
  • "Hanging in there?"
  • "You've really come along way."
  • "Chaaaaarge!"
  • "One! Two! Three! Jump!"
  • "You're gonna be amazing."

Special World[edit]

The Final Test Wonder Gauntlet[edit]

  • "Congratulations!" (said by five flowers at once at the finish)

The Final-Final Test Badge Marathon[edit]

  • "Go for it!"
  • "Ready to ride?"
  • "Thank you for riding with us"
  • "Show me what you can do!"
  • "Focus... Take a breath."
  • "Crouch, then jump!"
  • "Woah. Great!"
  • "Jump against the wall, then jump again!"
  • "You've got it!"
  • "Practice makes better."
  • "If all else fails, you just gotta..."
    • "Jump! Jump! Jump!"
  • "I always believed in you!"
  • "Keep going..."
  • "Yeahhhh!"
  • "Mid! Air! Spin!"
  • "Focus... Take a breath."
  • "Impressive!"
  • "Jump, then unleash the vine!"
  • "Deep breaths..."
  • "Don't give up!"
  • "See ya!"

KO Arenas[edit]

  • Whatcha gonna go with? (at the starting area, Pipe-Rock Rumble)
  • Whatcha gonna pick? (at the starting area, Fluff-Puff Kerfuff and so on)
    • Tough choice... (if the player waits)
    • Why not take both? (Pipe-Rock Rumble)
    • Why not pick your favorite? (Fluff-Puff Kerfuff and so on)
  • Congratulations! (said by five flowers at once at the finish)

Break Time![edit]

  • "Love that sound!" (during music levels)

Break Time! Hurry, Hurry[edit]

  • "Go, go, go!" (at the start of the level)

Break Time! Pop Up, Hoppo![edit]

  • "Way to go!" (once the player gets to the top area)

Break Time! Cloud Cover[edit]

  • "Heya!" (said by the only flower in the course)

Break Time! Zip-Go-Round[edit]

  • "Ha-HA!" (after spawning from the ? Switch)
    • "Woo!"
    • "Way to go!"

Break Time! Revver Run[edit]

  • "Yeehaw!" (said by the only flower in the course when the Revver's leash is pulled)

Break Time! Lights Out![edit]

  • "Hello!"
    • "Oh no no no no no no no!"

Badge Challenges[edit]

Badge Challenge Parachute Cap I[edit]

  • "Go for it!" (found before the first jump)
  • "Float while in midair!" (found after the first jump)
  • "Keep going..." (near the circling Lifts)
  • "All right! This way!" (floating on top of the horizontal-moving Lifts)
  • "Impressive!" (on top of a green semisolid platform)
  • "Last jump!" (near the goal pole)

Badge Challenge Wall-Climb Jump I[edit]

  • "Go for it!" (on top of the first barricade)
    • "You can do this!"
    • "Jump against the wall, then jump again!"
  • "Deep breaths..." (on the yellow rotating block)
  • "You've got it!" (on the four-color block bunch)
    • "Impressive!" (after collecting the third 10-flower coin)

Expert Badge Challenge Jet Run I[edit]

  • "Go for it!" (floating at the start of the course)
  • "Great!" (in the first row of sloped semisolid platforms)
  • "Yeahhhh!" (at the last sloped semisolid jump)

Badge Challenge Dolphin Kick I[edit]

Badge Challenge Wall-Climb Jump II[edit]

Badge Challenge Floating High Jump I[edit]

Expert Badge Challenge Spring Feet I[edit]

Badge Challenge Dolphin Kick II[edit]

Badge Challenge Crouching High Jump I[edit]

Badge Challenge Boosting Spin Jump I[edit]

Badge Challenge Parachute Cap II[edit]

  • "It's time to fly!"

Badge Challenge Crouching High Jump II[edit]

Expert Badge Challenge Invisibility I[edit]

Badge Challenge Grappling Vine I[edit]

Badge Challenge Floating High Jump II[edit]

Badge Challenge Boosting Spin Jump II[edit]

Badge Challenge Grappling Vine II[edit]

Expert Badge Challenge Jet Run II[edit]

Expert Badge Challenge Invisibility II[edit]

Expert Badge Challenge Spring Feet II[edit]

Wiggler Races[edit]

Wiggler Race Mountaineering![edit]

  • "Wow, zippy!" (at the first Zip Track)
    • "You got this!"
  • "Go, go, go!" (at the first Marimba Block bridge)
    • "Dash, dash!"
  • "You got this!" (at the first Marimba Block bridge)
    • "Daaash!"
  • "Zooooom!" (at the second Marimba Block bridge)
    • "You can do it!"
  • "Look at you go!" (at the second Marimba Block bridge)
    • "Dash, dash!"
  • "Woooooo!" (at the last Zip Track section)
    • "Hurry! Hurry!"
  • "Woo-hoo!" (next to the goal if the player wins the race)
    • "Ohhh! Give it another go, eh?" (if the player loses the race)

Wiggler Race Swimming![edit]

Wiggler Race Spelunking![edit]

Search Party[edit]

  • "Oh!" (near the start, said in a surprised tone)
    • "Hi!" (said in a more welcoming tone)

Poplin Houses[edit]

Badge House in Pipe-Rock Plateau[edit]

  • "This way!" (inside the Poplin house)
    • "Wearable powers! Who'd've thought!" (when revisiting the level)
  • "Press R Button in midair!" (on the red Semisolid Platform)
    • "What is R Button, anyway?"
  • "See ya later!" (by the Arrow Sign next to the exit)

Fluff-Puff Peaks Cabin[edit]

  • "Pretty please!"

Master Poplin's House[edit]

  • "I believe in you!"

Royal Seed Mansion[edit]

  • "Bravo!"
    • "I believe in you!"

Sunbaked Desert House[edit]

  • "It's sooo hot..." (said by a flower outside)

Loyal Poplin's House[edit]

  • "Got the place all to myself."
    • "It's kinda lonely..."

Deep Magma Bog Observatory[edit]

Deep Magma Bog Observatory 1

  • "All guests are required to pull that handle." (potted flower outside)
  • "Help! Help!" (potted flower inside, upon entering for the first time)
    • "Thanks!" (after clearing the palace and talking to the Poplin)

Deep Magma Bog Observatory 2

  • "Scraggly..." (potted flower inside, before receiving the Wonder Seed)

Deep Magma Bog Observatory 3

  • "I believe in you!" (potted flower inside, before receiving the Wonder Seed)
    • "Ahaha!" (after clearing the palace and talking to the Poplin)

Deep Magma Bog Observatory 4

  • "We entrust it to you." (potted flower inside, before receiving the Wonder Seed)
    • "That was scary!" (after clearing the palace and talking to the Poplin)

Angler Poplin's House[edit]

  • "All for you!"


  • "Wooooooooo!" (said by the flower upon first entry)
  • "Woo-hoo!" (said by the first flower upon revisit)
  • "You've had quite the journey!" (said by the second flower upon revisit)
  • "You're a wonder!" (said by the third flower upon revisit)
  • "Thank you for playing!" (said by the fourth flower upon revisit)

Bonus: Coins Galore![edit]

All Talking Flowers chant the quotes in the rhythm of the music.

  • "Aw yeah!"
  • "Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey!"
  • "Woo! Woo!"
    • "Yeah!"



  • "Hey there!"
  • "Where's the party?"
  • "Oooh! So exciting!"
  • "So many visitors today."
  • "Have a great time!"
  • "I believe in youuu!"


  • "And we all lived happily ever after. Come back again sometime, yeah?"

Super Star[edit]

  • "Sparkly!"
  • "Wow!"
  • "Go! Go!"
  • "Dazzling!"


  • "Great!"
  • "Well done!"
  • "You did it!"
  • "Good job!"
  • "Great job!"
  • "Nice work!"
  • "Doing great!"


  • "Well then."
    • "Ughh!"
    • "You good?"
    • "Uh oh."
    • "So long!"


  • "Maybe it's time for a break. I'm not one to rush."
  • "What's the matter? You tired or something?"
  • "*yawn* I'm tired... How 'bout you?"
  • "Sometimes it's nice to space out. I'm a big fan myself."
  • "ACHOO! Am I allergic!"


  • "Oh! Was it something I said?" (if the flowers' voice is disabled in the options menu)
  • "Thank you!"
  • "That trunk sure is useful, huh?"