Outmaway Valley

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Outmaway Valley
Outmaway Valley in Super Mario Bros. Wonder
World Fluff-Puff Peaks
Game Super Mario Bros. Wonder
Difficulty ★★★
Wonder Effect Causes a giant snowy hill to roll around the course
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Outmaway Valley is a course in Fluff-Puff Peaks of Super Mario Bros. Wonder. It marks the first appearance of the Outmaway. It is unlocked after beating Fluff-Puff Peaks Cabin and its hidden goal completion unlocks Break Time! Kick It, Outmaway, featuring the same enemy. This course houses three Wonder Seeds.


This level takes place in the snowy area of Fluff-Puff Peaks, and as such, features icy ground and ice blocks as its main obstacle.

Right at the start, Outmaway's main gimmick is shown, kicking an ice block and giving it to another Outmaway below, which then kicks it in the opposite direction, breaking once it hits the wall. Past that, a stack of two ice blocks and a ? Block containing a Fire Flower can be seen. Near a semisolid with an Outmaway on top, ice blocks constantly slide over to the left, which are being kicked by an Outmaway from an ice block generator, an object that will be used prominently throughout the level. Shortly after, Koopa Troopas have their first appearance, showing to the player that they cannot defeat Outmaways with a Koopa Shell, as they will kick it right back. Past that, bigger versions of ice blocks that are twice the normal size appear, which are being generated by bigger ice block generators. Given the size, this helps the player reach a semisolid with a ? Block on top, containing some coins and flower coins. After the Checkpoint Flag, another big ice blocks slides - this time to the right. This acts as a platform the player can stand upon and clear this section; however, it is balanced as staying on top is difficult given the slipperiness of the ice. The level continues showing various stacked ice blocks being kicked and sliding over pits, with one spawning from an interactive tulip, which when ridden on, can help the player reach the top of the Goal Pole and complete the course.

Wonder Flower[edit]

Under an area featuring various icicles and some yellow pipes, a giant ice block can be found. Ground-pounding it twice breaks the ice containing the Wonder Flower, and the Wonder Effect gets activated instantly, which causes the ground below to break and a giant snowy hill that rotates clockwise appears. This hill knocks down the Goal Pole, much like Bulrush Coming Through!, and after a half rotation, the Goal Pole appears upside-down with the third Wonder Seed on top.

Hidden goal[edit]

After getting the Wonder Seed from the Wonder Effect, continuing on from that point leads to the hidden goal.

10-flower coins[edit]

  • 10-flower coin 1: Found by pulling a handle where two Outmaways kick a large ice block back and forth.
  • 10-flower coin 2: Found by falling into a pit past a pipe leading to a secret area.
  • 10-flower coin 3: Floating past a pit. An interactive tulip must be activated to cause the coin to appear, and the player can use a moving ice block to reach it. ! Blocks make it easier to grab the coin.

Primary power-up[edit]


Talking Flower quotes[edit]

  • "What's with all the ice blocks?" (near the sliding ice blocks from the generator)
    • "They're kind of annoying"
    • "They're definitely getting in your way"
    • "They just keep coming..."
    • "What's a flower to do?"
  • "It's safe here!" (at the edge of terrain where more ice blocks slide)
    • "I...didn't mean you should hang out." (if idle)
  • "You can do it!" (near the ice block generator that helps the player get past a section)
    • "You're no fun..." (when the Outmaway is defeated)
  • "Way to go!" (after riding the ice block and getting the 10-flower coin)


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese こおりつるつるズンドコのたに
Kōri Tsurutsuru Zundoko no Tani
Icy Slippery Valley of the Outmaways
Chinese (Traditional) 冰塊滑溜溜足小子山谷
Bīngkuài Huáliūliū Zúxiǎozi Shāngǔ
Ice Cube Slippery Valley of the Outmaway
Dutch De ijsvallei van de Outmaways The ice valley of the Outmaways
French Patinoire Taptou Outmaway ice rink
German Rutschpartie im Platzda-Tal Glissade in the Outmaway Valley
Italian Scivolando tra gli Scalciotti Slipping between the Outmaways
Korean 얼음이 미끌미끌 뻥차의 계곡
Eol-eum-i Mikkeulmikkeul Ppeongcha-ui Gyegog
Icy Slippery Valley of the Outmaways
Portuguese (NOA) É fria no vale dos Chutalinos! It's cold in the Outmaways valley!
Portuguese (NOE) Gelo escorregadio no Vale Chutalino Slippery Ice in Outmaway Valley
Russian Гололед в Долине кышек
Gololed v Doline kyshek
Glaze ice in the Outmaway Valley
Spanish El valle helado de los Patapatís The Outmaways' Frozen Valley