Operation Poplin Rescue

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Operation Poplin Rescue
World Fungi Mines
Game Super Mario Bros. Wonder
Wonder Effect Turns the player into a Wubba
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Operation Poplin Rescue is the final level in Fungi Mines in Super Mario Bros. Wonder. This level has no 10-flower coins, but contains one Wonder Seed and one Royal Seed.


The player must touch a Wonder Bud to make the blocks in front of them disappear, to collect the Wonder Flower, which turns them into Wubbas. More Wonder Buds appear, which makes surrounding blocks disappear, allowing the player to progress. Once they collect the Wonder Seed, the player reverts to normal, and the Poplins are saved. The player is rewarded with a Royal Seed upon completion of this level for the first time along with a Propeller Flower exit that brings the player back to Petal Isles, while a Propeller Flower exit that leads to Fungi Mines Special Dangerous Donut Ride is unlocked upon completion for the second time.

Talking Flower quotes[edit]

  • "*gasp*" (Talking Flower by the entrance)
    • "Everyone!"
    • "Someone's here to save you!"
  • "The adventure continues!" (Talking Flower at the end after obtaining the Royal Seed)
    • "I'm so sorry this happened... again." (after the player revisits)


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese たすけをつポプリンたちの採掘場さいくつじょう
Tasuke o matsu Popurin-tachi no saikutsu-jō
Mining site of Poplins waiting to be saved
French À la rescousse des Poplins To the rescue of Poplins
German Poplins in Not Poplins in Need
Italian Operazione Soccorso Poplin Operation Poplin Rescue
Portuguese (NOA) Resgate dos Poplins mineiros! Rescue of the mining Poplins!
Portuguese (NOE) Resgate na mina dos Poplins Rescue at the Poplins' mine
Spanish Poplins atrapados en la mina Poplins Trapped in the Mine