Loyal Poplin's House

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Loyal Poplin's House
World Fungi Mines
Game Super Mario Bros. Wonder
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Loyal Poplin's House is a Poplin house in Fungi Mines in Super Mario Bros. Wonder. When the player enters, Loyal Poplin is not present; instead, a note is left behind. After reading the note, the player and Prince Florian decide to help Loyal Poplin, and obtains a Wonder Seed from the chest.

This Poplin House unlocks the following courses:


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese 仲間なかまおもいのポプリンのいえ
Nakama omoi no Popurin no ie
Friend-caring Poplin's house
Chinese (Traditional) 重視同伴的苞普林之家
Zhòngshì Tóngbàn de Bāopǔlín zhī jiā
Friend-valuing Poplin's House
French Maison du Poplin inquiet Worried Poplin's house
German Freundlicher-Poplin-Haus Friendly Poplin's house
Italian Casa di Poplin minatore Poplin miner's house
Portuguese Casa do Poplin Leal Loyal Poplin's House
Spanish Casa de Poplin Valiente Loyal Poplin's House