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This article is about the world in Super Mario Bros. Wonder. For other subjects of the same name, see Special World (disambiguation).
Special World
Special World in Super Mario Bros. Wonder
Game Super Mario Bros. Wonder
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The Special World is a secret bonus world in Super Mario Bros. Wonder designed to test the player's skills. It is the only world in the game that does not contain a Royal Seed and is not required to access to complete the game. It is set in the sky and is made up of several floating flower-shaped platforms.

The Special World contains a special level for every other world that can only be accessed by finding a Propeller Flower exit in the corresponding world. It also contains three additional levels.

This world contains white Wonder Flowers and Wonder Seeds, and there is a total of 19 Wonder Seeds to collect.


The Special World contains 10 levels, a Poplin Shop and a Poplin house.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese スペシャルワールド
Supesharu Wārudo
Special World
Chinese 特殊世界
Tèshū Shìjiè
Special World
French Monde spécial Special World
German Spezial-Welt Special World
Italian Mondo speciale Special world; same as Special Zone
Portuguese Mundo especial Special World
Russian Особый мир
Osobyy mir
Special World
Spanish Mundo Especial Special World