Break Time! Raise the Stage

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Break Time!
Raise the Stage
The Break Time! Raise the Stage course in Super Mario Bros. Wonder
World Sunbaked Desert
Game Super Mario Bros. Wonder
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“Jump in time with the rhythm! Try to stick to the beat as you progress through the level.”
Loading screen tip, Super Mario Bros. Wonder

Break Time! Raise the Stage is a Break Time! level in Super Mario Bros. Wonder.


The level contains a dancing stage under a long ? Block and is dark at first. When the player gets on the stage, the level gets lit up and dancing Ninjis appear. The player must jump to the beat to raise the stage until they hit the long ? Block. Then, coins will spawn, followed by the level's Wonder Seed. Collecting it ends the level.


Audio.svg Secret Course - The secret course theme from Super Mario Sunshine, which plays in Raise the Stage.
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The music is a direct reuse of "Secret Course" from Super Mario Sunshine, which plays in the secret levels in the original game. The music loops on the first second indefinitely until the long ? Block is hit, at which point the rest of the song plays.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ジャンプのおだい
Janpu no otachidai
Jumping dancing platform

French Montée scénique
Stage rise
German Hoch die Bühne
Raise the stage
Italian Sali... sul palco!
Hop... on stage!
Spanish Salto al podio
Platform Jump