Angler Poplin's House

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Angler Poplin's House
World Petal Isles
Game Super Mario Bros. Wonder
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Angler Poplin's House is a Poplin house level in Petal Isles in Super Mario Bros. Wonder. Upon entering, Angler Poplin complains about how they can no longer fish. Prince Florian decides to help, so Angler Poplin gives them a Wonder Seed that they "reeled in a long time ago".


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese きのポプリンのいえ
Tsuri suki no Popurin no ie
Angling-loving Poplin's house
Chinese (Traditional) 喜愛釣魚的苞普林之家
Xǐhuān diàoyú de Bāopǔlín zhī jiā
Poplin who likes fishing's house
French Cabane du pêcheur Fisherman's hut
German Haus des fleißigen Fischers Diligent fisherman's house
Italian Casa di Poplin pescatore Fisherman Poplin's house
Portuguese Casa do Poplin Pescador Angler Poplin's House
Spanish Casa de Poplin Pescador Angler Poplin's House